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    How likely do you think Donald Trump will try to rig the election?

    Either by stealing votes, or rig it so he win regardless?

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    Yahoo Comments fake reasons for pulling it. ?

    When I tried to reason why Yahoo pulled their comment section away from their frontpage I saw their reasoning for it and felt a punch to my gut.  Because who the hell cares what other peoples opinions are. Or do they?  Hmm...  I think people do want to read other's opinions on subjects are just as I do.  But now that I gathered my own evidence about Yahoo's pathetic reason as to why they removed it, I realized that they can't be transparent and still control the narrative.  Think about it, has Yahoo ever said one pro-Trump verb, adjective, or noun about him? Have you ever heard anything negative about Biden, even though his son was caught with a red herring in his pocket?   They need to ensure that salt stays in the wounds by removing any feedback. There are so many Yahoo articles that require a cold slap in the face that it pains me that the public was spat in the face when it came to a end.  But I did find out that Yahoo controls the monopoly.  Edge uses MSN, which also favors left wing rhetoric.  For example, ex mayor Rudy Giuliani has evidence that the Biden's are crooked. But instead his proof is being censored in the left wing news and the left are pulling out all the stops to involve him in a character assassination made up scandal. 

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    If California becomes independent, will that affect the political climate of the rest of the United States?

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    Well, if such a loophole existed (it doesn't currently) California would not be the only state to leave.  I predict that it is possible for all 3 Pacific Coastal states to leave and form a new country or possible join Canada as I know there are friends and family up there that would enjoy this.  In addition it is likely that Hawaii would also use this method to leave the union as well.  It is also possible that at least one, if not more, of the northern states may elect to leave and, in some cases, join Canada.  Alaska, considering that the Trump administration has made threats about them even though they are Republican could possibly leave as well.

    The end result would be a much smaller US, not just in land mass but economically and, on the international scene, have even less influence than it currently has.  The military might of the US would be badly curtailed as they would have no access to the Pacific Ocean unless they could make arrangements to rent space from the new countries.  As for future Federal Elections basically it would not affect them as much although you would obviously see a much smaller voter turnout and a reduction in the number of electoral college votes.

    The person most likely to cause this is Donald Trump if he were to take the actions he claimed he can, namely rewriting the US Constitution as, if he did, the very document that created the country would be voided and every state in the union could, if it wished, either become independent or part of a new country of which there could be several.

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    Would Lamar Jackson receive less hate if he wasn't a black quarterback ?

    He won mvps on a lottery team that got first pick, lead a bunch of nobodies to the playoffs. Without elite wide receivers Aaron Rodgers, and drew brees are nobodies.  They owe their career to black men like devonte Adam's and Michael thomas who do hard labor catching their girl throwing passes .  What has Tom Brady done without elite offensive line where he can chill and stay in the pocket all day. Lamar Jackson has garbage offensive line and wide receivers and still win ingredients. 

    14 AnswersFootball (American)3 days ago
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    Why do bad things happen to good people?

    Of course, even the bad think they're good

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    Would you like to live in New York City ?

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    I don’t like anything about New York City. Looks like Puerto Rico and Africa rolled into one.

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    How come black people countries have very little coronavirus cases compared to white people countries like usa?

    You look at black people countries like caribbean ,Africa very little covid19 cases. White people supposedly have high IQ yet this there is a record number of cases. What is impressive is Britishand french stole most of the resources from black people countries and they have such low cases. 

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    Is liberalism a suicide cult?

    They want to get rid of police. Police are literally the only thing standing between liberals who taunt hard-working Americans, and certain death.

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    Anyone annoyed having to wear a mask still?

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    I'm so over everything even related to this so-called "pandemic", I wish things would just go back to normal.

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    Obviously the "polls" are rigged in Biden's favor. Where is Biden's VISIBLE support to back up these polls?

    Biden can't draw a 100 people, neither can Obama. Trump has tens of thousands of rally attendees and tens of thousands viewing the rallies online. The nightly news last night said Biden is surging. Obviously he isn't, Biden has no VISIBLE support ANYWHERE. Looks to me like the obvious lying liberal MSM soldiers are teamed up with the DNC to try and pull off massive Democrat voter fraud. How else would you explain the beaming "news" coming out everyday Biden is in the lead in the "polls" and at the same time the Biden campaign is completely absent of ANY VISIBLE MASSIVE support that Trump proves he has at 3 rallies a day? Explain this liberals?

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    Does Trump make you really appreciate Obama's presidency?

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    Like you have no idea!

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    Trump has a higher approval rating than Obama and Bush at the same point in their presidencies?

    President Donald Trump enjoyed his highest Gallup approval rating. Trump's 49% approval rating is better than four of the last six presidents at the same time during their presidencies.

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