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    President Trump has eliminated payroll taxes, Joe Biden will increase payroll taxes, who will working Americans vote for?

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    Biden would be a continuation of the failed Obama era policies.

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    Why are some people saying that Joe Biden preferring a female running mate is sexist/racist?

    As long as there are no white males MORE qualified, it is neither. Was Mike Pence more qualified than any woman of color Trump could have chosen?

    Kamala Harris - Juris Doctor

    Tammy Duckworth - PhD

    Susan Rice - PhD

    Keisha Lance Bottoms - Juris Doctor

    Elizabeth Warren - Juris Doctor, Law Prof

    Joe Biden - Juris Doctor

    Donald Trump -- BS (hahahaha)

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    What's the point of reading articles about vapid celebrities if we can't comment on them?

    The only things people want to read about Kylie Jenner or Lizzo are comments making fun of them

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    What is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory that you believe is true?

    Here are a few suggestions but feel free to use your own crazy theory:

    - Pizzagate

    - QAnon

    - Coronavirus is a hoax

    - Coronavirus is a Chinese biological weapon

    - Donald Trump ISN'T working for the Russians

    - Donald Trump DIDN'T extort Ukraine into interfering in the 2020 election

    - Vaccines don't work and are a way for the elites to control the public

    - We didn't land on the moon

    - There are aliens at Area 51

    - Elvis/2pac isn't dead

    - 9/11 was an inside job

    - Biden is controlled by the extreme left

    - The Jews are trying to replace you

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    On Saturday, Trump said he is issuing an Executive Order that would guarantee coverage of preexisting conditions for all Americans ...?

    and he added that it's never been done before.

    Is there really anyone in the country who doesn't know that coverage of preexisting conditions is already guaranteed under Obamacare?

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    Were the Atomic Bombs which were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki a crime against humanity ?

    Given that Japan were already on the verge of surrendering, and the US knowing too well the devastation these bombs could and would cause,  dropped them on a foreign land anyway.

    140,00 died in Hiroshima and a further 75 thousand in Nagasaki.

    Japan's Emperor Hirohito addressed the nation on a radio broadcast where he blamed the use of a "new and most cruel bomb" for Japans unconditional surrender.

    He added: "Should we continue to fight, it would not only result in the ultimate collapse and obliteration of the Japanese nation, but would lead also to the total extinction of human civilisation."

    One must wonder, what positives if any came out of dropping those bombs and cruelly killing a quarter of a million men, women and children.

    Is this America's greatest achievement to date ? obliterating almost a quarter of a million Japanese innocents ?

    35 AnswersHistory1 day ago
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    Liberals keep bringing up "equal pay" as a campaign issue, but what specifically do they propose we DO about it?

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    We "DO" what the federal government does about it in federal employment. The federal government has solved the problem quite effectively and sets an example for private industry to follow. Private industry need only follow it.

    It's as simple as paying everyone who has the same job the same wage with equally calculated pay increases for years of experience to compensate those who are better and more experienced more than those who are not. The business then publishes those pay scales so that everybody knows what a given job pays for a new hire and what it pays as time goes on and experience increases. For outstanding performers, there are also annual opportunities to be bumped up an extra step in pay. Everything's above board. Everything's equitable. Equal pay for equal work. 

    So, regardless of sex or race or whatever, a line worker or an administrative assistant or whatever makes $X per hour. In a year, that goes up to $Y per hour. It's a set wage for everyone in that position in the company so that there is no pay inequality.  

    11 AnswersGender & Women's Studies3 hours ago
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    Why am I considered evil for denying the Holocaust ?

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    Try cholera.   That is the disease that caused most of the deaths. Even when dead the body is contagious. Even if buried in a shallow grave the disease migrates to the surface.  Medications at the time were only Sulfa drugs. so the only other treatment was burning the eliminate the disease. The oven were there.  "My mom saw them" and she is still alive. She got Typhus and survived that.

    . Typhus did also happen. That is from body lice from unwashed bodies so the bug jumps from body to body "Tagging everybody as it hopped" as it jumps into the hair and clothing. Too many people too close together.

    . Allied propaganda as the Soviets were fighting with the West against Germany. The British put out their own propaganda. So did the U.S.

    . After the reconstruction of Auschwitz the Soviets left a plaque that said 4 million died.

    When you really dig into it you find a bunch of stuff that just don't jive with the "story". It is a  made up "fantasy story".  You will find references to say 12 million died, and that was halved to 6 million.  The number continues to go down.

    Find out what the Holocaust deniers are saying.  It is interesting.

    ["Holocaust" is a word invented by the Jews in 1965] and somehow it only applies to the Jews. Not the other unwanted peoples...Romanians, Polish,Hungarians, hobo's, etc.

    Just because you are interested, you need to do the research.  The Jews have control of TV and magazines and newspapers and publishing what they say is the truth? NOT LIKELY.  Because of this "story" Israel gets Millions of dollars every year from Germany.  They are not about to kill that cow.

    . Fortunately they cannot control the Internet.

    . Hitler was taught this about the Jews when he was a kid in Grade school(before WW1)  So it has been known a long time that Jews were a PROBLEM peoples.

    (any people that can psss off their "imaginary God" for that God to kick them out of their land of birth - yeah then they are not ANGELS. IMO

    Keep up the research, realizing that the Jews are destroying any narritive that clashes with the one they are proposing is the truth.

    Never has there been a war with so much MUDDIED WATERS....than this one.

    AND YEAH, MY MOM LIVED THROUGH WW2, was at the gates of Auschwitz and was pushed away by a German soldier(because they thought my mom & family were German so were not to enter).  My mom saw the OVENS and only the ovens. There was no gas chambers. She remembers much as she was 15 at the time. That was in 1943.  Her mind is still sharp as a razor.

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    Do you think Trump's plan to end Social Security is cruel?

    For mllions of elderly Americans social security is their only source of income!.  P.S. no payroll tax means no more money for social security.

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    British has a long history in the past being invaded and controlled by many other countries?

    A friend of mind said the British has a long history in the past being invaded and controlled by many other countries is that true? Well he was going on saying France and Italy in the past invaded and controlled the country at some point and so did other countries.

    36 AnswersHistory1 day ago