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  • A mystery to mathematics.?

    Three traveling salesmen stop for the night at a budget hotel and ask for rooms. The clerk apologises and tells them that he has only one room. "Its on special tonight." he adds, "just $30.00" The three men look at each other and say "what the heck." "$10.00 each."

    Later on, the clerk realises that he over cherged the three men. The special was for $25.00 a night. Calling the bell hop over, he hands him a five dollar note and tells him to take it back to the three men.

    Now, the bell hop is a smart young lad. Three people cannot equally divide five dollars so he fishes in his jeans and takes out three, one dollar bills.

    Knocking on the door of the three men, he hands each one of the a dollar. "Overcharge, sorry."

    Now 10 - 1 = 9.00 per salesman. 9 x 3 = 27.00 in total, plus the 2.00 the bell hop kept = $29.00

    What happened to the missing dollar?

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  • How big of an advantage is it to be playing the Ashes in Australia?

    Does the advantage, if any, vary from venue to venue. ie... Gabba, MCG, SCG? Lastly, does any advantage gained or lost by being home or away in such a big match come down to a bowler/batsmen advantage and not neccesarily a team advantage?

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