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29 years old, and have a degree in sports management with an emphasis in recreation. Not currently working in my field hope to soon. Played a lot of sports growing up but my favorite is soccer, which I've actually coached. Have experience in various fields and random knowledge about a variety of subjects.

  • Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

    Just curious where people find their muse as mine seems to have gone on an extended vacation

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  • What is the best way to market yourself as a photographer?

    Trying to start a small business in photography but having difficulty figuring out how to market myself. Still in the process of setting up an official website but do have an online portfolio to show people. Also have a hard copy version for in-person viewing.

    I have a few ideas I'd like to try out but having a hard time figuring out how to put the words on paper. I'm a very visual person, hence photography not writing is where my strengths lie. On idea I'm trying to put together is a "portrait party". Basically the same concept as Pampered Chef but instead of kitchen gadgets people would have their portraits taken. I have already sat down and figured out the pricing and host perks but not sure how to market it. I have done a lot if searching on the web and probably over-thinking it but keep hitting a wall.

    The other idea I had was to approach local businesses (restaurants, salons, etc) about displaying my work and selling it on a consignment basis on a rotating schedule. In other words they would agree to display my work for a set period of time (4-6 weeks) and if their clients are interested in purchasing it they can. The business would receive 20% of the sale price and I would get 80%. There would be no upfront costs for the business and if after the set time period has passed the photos would be swapped out. It's a win-win situation. The business are provided with free artwork to display and I would have a place to display my work. If the pieces sell they get 20% of the sale as a commission and I get to cover my costs for the work and make a little bit if profit. Problem I've having with that idea is figuring out the best way to approach the business owners.

    Also having a bit if difficulty finding other ways to market myself so I can drum up some business. Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  • How do you put together a photo essay?

    Already have the subject I want to portray but have never done anything like this before. As a result not sure what the method is to get everything in place. Not just the models for the images but how to best convey the message I trying to show with the photos. Any and all guidance is greatly appreciated.

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  • How do you put together a professional photograpy portfolio?

    Trying to put together a portfolio of my photos to show to perspective clients but I'm completely lost as to how to do it. I know that there is more to it than just putting photos in one place and calling it your portfolio but have no clue what to do. I didn't go to school for photography but I do know what I'm doing with a camera. Have enough people telling me that (including those who are willing to pay for my services) and now I'm ready to try and take to the next level.

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  • What are some age appropriate crafts to do with a 3 year old?

    Want to make some Christmas crafts with my 3 year old nephew but not sure what is age appropriate. He's a smart little guy and very creative but he has the attention span of a toddler, about 30 minutes if you're lucky. Would really like to find some activities the 2 of us can do together while his mommy is at work but not sure what to do. I already have a recipe for salt dough and planning to ornaments for the tree next week but looking for a few other ideas to do as well so I can give my parents a bit of a break while they're babysitting him.

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  • How do you convert a knitting pattern to crochet?

    I've found some really cool sci-fi patterns for a few different projects but they're written for knitters. Does anyone know how to convert the pattern from knit to crochet? I've seen where you can do it in reverse and while I know how to knit prefer to crochet.

    Trying to find some new projects to work on (crochet) using sci-fi themes. Stargate mostly but also Star Trek or Dr. Who.

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  • Does anyone know where to find crochet patterns for Stargate or Star Trek?

    Want to make some crocheted hats or other fun projects with a sci-fi theme to them but having a hard time finding patterns. Stargate (SG-1 or SGA), Star Trek, Dr. Who are the top 3 I'm looking for. Any help and or suggestions are greatly appreciated

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  • How do you capture dog catching frisbee?

    I know how to catch actions shots, the problem I'm having is getting a decent shot where Max (my pup) is the focal point. Largely because it's hard to figure out the timing. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Have 3 different lens (18-55 mm, 35-80 mm, 70-300 mm) and 2 different tripods. Also have the ability to set a timer on the camera for multiple shots. Getting a bit beyond frustrated right now, know this is possible. I'm confident that if I can figure out how to do it with the equipment I have now, just not sure how to pull it off. Thanks.

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  • Tips for capturing photos of dog catching a frisbee?

    My pup has recently started to learn how to catch a frisbee and loves when we go out to do it. Trying capture some photos to share with others but having a hard time doing so. The biggest issue I'm having right now is getting a shot close enough that he's the main focus. Got some decent shots last night when we were playing but the problem was you could barely see him. I know there's a way to do just not sure how to and it's getting really frustrating. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know they're not all going to come out great but would really like to capture at least a few out of the hundreds we take.

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  • Need help finding an online tutorial for beginner's crochet?

    Trying to teach myself how to crochet. Learned how to knit a few years ago but when I tried to pick it up again my hands kept cramping up so decided to teach myself how to crochet instead. I've mastered the chain stitch and made my mom a scarf but have no idea what "stitch" I used for it. Tried to follow the instruction I found for a beginner's scarf but the directions were confusing so just went on my own. Looks pretty decent but not great. Planning to have a "homemade" Christmas this year as funds are tight and would l crochet my brother a throw blanket he can curl up with while watching tv. Was thinking about doing it using "granny squares" but having trouble understanding the directions. I'm left handed but don't think that's a big deal. Just having a hard time finding a step-by-step tutorial with photos to follow along with. Really want to get it started so I have plenty of time to finish it so I can get in the mail in time for Christmas. Thanks for your help.

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  • Need inspiration for a Halloween Costume for the pup?

    He's not a huge dog but he's not small either, about 50 lbs. He's a medium size dog but also fairly long and very lean. Don't want to buy his costume and would rather make it for him. His full name is Maximus Mut (which translates to Maximum Courage) and have toyed with the idea of dressing my like a super hero. Would really like to create costume that I could play off of for my own costume. He's a sweet pup and quite a ham so we're planning to get plenty of photos of him (and us if I can figure out a companion costume). I realize Halloween is still few months off but would really like to get started on this. In part for a photo contest at the vet's but also because he's my kid and want to have fun with him on Halloween. And trust me, he doesn't have a problem with dressing up, especially when it means he'll be getting all kinds of extra attention.

    Some of the other suggestions for costumes I've been given are to dress him up like a cat or for the 2 of us to dress up as Jeff and Mutt but have no idea how to pull any of these off. If you'd like to see a picture of him you can see what he looks like here:

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  • Looking for an affordable photoshop substitution?

    The plan is to eventually get a copy of photoshop but it's not in the budget right now. But in the meantime I need to find a decent software program to edit my photos. The main thing I'm looking for is the ability to create layers so I can place my logo on my photos. Would also like the ability to create some artistic type photos as well (e.g. selective color, different textures, etc.) Not looking for a "free download" or anything you have to purchase off the internet. Would rather find something I can purchase from Best Buy or Wal-Mart. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecaited.

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  • Looking for ways to learn more about photography techniques.?

    Completely self taught and would really like to improve my skills. Have a hard time learning by reading and do much better with hands on learning ops but haven't found any in the area. Still was hoping someone here would have a suggestion or two on a website or book that explains things in a simple step-by-step method that could easily be translated into a more hands-on learning experience.

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  • Need help choosing a laptop?

    I already have a desktop computer but I'm in the market for a laptop. Problem is really don't know enough about computers to make an educated choice. Want to find a computer that will be able to handle Photoshop and have a decent amount of memory for photo storage. Would also like to be able to access the internet wireless. Any suggestions.

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  • How can you tell if you've pulled a muscle or done something else, and how do you treat it?

    Was working out last week and pushed a bit harder than usual. The first few days the front of my body (especially in my upper legs and shoulders) were really sore. But the last few days the muscles in the back of my legs (in the center) have been really sore and feels like it's pulling and almost tearing, especially when I try to stretch out. It's not real bad, more frustrating than anything but don't know what to do to make it better.

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  • How do you ease pain in your ribs?

    Sprained my ankle about a week ago and as a result I've been hobbling around on crutches. On Sat. the side of my ribs starting hurting like Hades. Not really sure what I did, or how I did it but do know that it's related to the dang crutches as it started hurting when I was walking with them. Any suggestions on how to ease the pain?

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  • How do you get over grief?

    Having a hard time dealing with the loss of my baby boy (rat terrier who wasn't even 2 years old when he passed) He died on Jun 12 and I found out the following morning. Attempted suicide after finding out he had passed on Jun 13. Still not 100% happy that I survived the attempt and really missing my baby boy. To make matters worse the anniversary of my grandfather's passing is quickly approaching and still having a hard time dealing with losing him. They were the constants in my life and now they're both gone. So how do you get over grief, and the guilt of still being here?

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  • Looking for some place new to explore for photographic opportunities?

    Live in Colorado on the Western Slope (about 30 miles from the Utah border) and trying to find some new places to go hiking/take photos. Been to the Grand Mesa National Forest and really like it up there but trying to find some place new to explore. Also spent a good bit of time up at Rifle Gap Falls. Done a little exploring around the Aspen/Glenwood Springs area but not real familiar with the area. If you want an idea of the types of photos I generally like to take feel free to take a look at my Flickr stream (and no, I'm not looking for a critique of my photos). Just looking for new places to explore, especially because photography is my hobby/passion and a "positive coping skill."

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  • How do you get rid of the sting caused by a sunburn?

    Like an idiot I forgot to put on sunscreen before going out for a pretty decent hike today. The result got a miserable sunburn on my arm and nothing is giving it relief. Tried Aloe Vera gel with Lidocaine and menthol but it doesn't provide any relief. Cold washcloth is helping some but it not much. It's driving me crazy and burn worse than any sunburn I've ever dealt with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm completely miserable (and yes I know it's my fault so please no snide comments)

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  • How do you know if you did the right thing/had a break through?

    Had an appointment with my therapist this afternoon. Not really sure what happened but I know that I finally broke down talked about some of the "trauma" from my childhood. He told me that I did a good job today but all I really remember is crying like a little baby and leaving with a pounding headache. I know he helped me calm down before I left, which I greatly appreciate because I honestly thought my head was going to explode and it hurt so bad was having a hard time focusing. Not a fun experience. Was still kind of upset when I left, but then had to go get some groceries because didn't have food and needed to get some. At some point while I was wandering aimlessly around Wal-Mart my head stopped threatening to explode and I didn't feel great but at least felt calmer. Does that mean that the things I talked about today aren't going to haunt me tonight? Kind of freaked right now and even though I'm completely wiped scared to go to sleep.

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