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  • i need help with a scrambled word?

    the letters are:

    rloncsha iiocnyra

    its a 2 word name for a flower, and the letters are not only just in one word- they are spread through out the whole thing.

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay9 years ago
  • what would u do if a prior client told you she copied one of the photographs you had taken?

    Today i had a prior client come up to me, adn tell me that she wanted to come and order prints i had taken of her sisters family- because {and i quote} "I tried copying them with my computer printer, butthey just didnt copy to well, and you know ididnt have this problem when i took a picture to walmart, and used the machine to get a print" yep- she actually said that, straight to my face. I was to dumbfounded to reply {i wish now i had said, 'you know thats illegal right' or'why didnt u come see me, instead of commiting a crime' etc... What would you do in that situation?

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  • What would you consider a good refund on a ripped seamless paper backdrop?

    so, i just got my very first seamless paper background.. Its savage brand, in almond. got the 107'' by 12 yd one... it was shipped from the company and arrived at my house yesterday, today i brought it to my studio, and opened it up, and there is a tear about 6 feet long up the side. the backside was taped over teh tear like they knew there was a tear, taped it and mailed itanyway... my shoot that i bought this for, is Tuesday {a womens health night=--- complete with makeovers and "model" style photos...}theres not time to ship itback... when i called theyre only options were, send it back {on my dime not theyres} and they would send me a replacement, or give me $10 back on my credit card....

    my question to you all in YA land, is do you think ths is an appropriate refund? ive had good luck with this company before, but the way this was handled just kinda annoyed me. the guy i talked to on the phone, implied 'here take it, and shut up about it'

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  • does anyone have a smartdisk photobank?

    I got one in Feb... used it on my trip, then came home, and pretty much didnt mess with it since. I *tried* to turn iton today, and its not working,the charger isnt working. I Plugged it into the computer to try to charge it,and i was able to get a partial charge{at least enough to get the photos off} im just wondering if anyone else has had issues with this item?

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  • Autism and the military {specifically navy}?

    I was just curious to see if anyone has had a positive occurance of a child with autism, and dealing with tricare, and navy docs etc? My sons are both on spectrum, and the military doesnt really cover anything. I was just wondering if that was really teh case, or if we're one of those "falling thru the cracks" type of family?

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  • What aspect of photography did/do you have the most trouble learning?

    following in Perki's footsteps in asking lots of insightful questions i ask this...

    What area, did you have the most trouble learning? for me, at the beginning was aperture, i just couldnt wrap my mind around it.... then i read a book, and tada, understand

    for me now, is posing... i just dont work fast enough, takes me a while to figure out what pose would be best with each subject... im hoping tho, that will come in time?!?

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  • what do you use to clean canvas backdrops?

    hello all you in YA Photog land.... I have an awesome Amvona canvas background,t hat ive had for about 4 years... thru the years, its gotten some smudges on it,and lots of dust.... and i was wondering if any of you actually cleaned your canvas's? i had an artist friend suggest using something like a very mild {castile?} soap, diluted in warm water, but im afraid to try anything like that.... any suggestions?

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  • what would you teach a 3 or 4 yr old about photography?

    ok, so im hosting the local HeadStart class at my studio tomorrow, and me,being the procrastinator that i am, waited until the last minute to try to figure out what to tell the kids {in my defense, ive been dealing with a sewer pipe that busted inside the wall of my house- so its not like i just wasnt doing ANYTHING}. So my question to all you lovelies out there in YA Photog land, is this.... what would YOU *try* teach a pre-schooler about photography?? Also, I have to take photos {1-2 } of each of the kiddos, all 18 of them :D yay... lol...


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  • is it possible to use sitebuilder AND 'porta'?

    I use sitebuilder to make my website {because im stupid=- i SOO dont understand front page or dreamweaver} so, i want to use Porta to make photo galleries on it... does ANYONE knwo how to do this?? is it possible? i havent been able to find anythying about porta in the sitebuilder help. {im so not website tech savvii}

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  • Where can i purchase sports cards?

    I recieved a sports card from my nephew.. hes 13 & in football @ his school.... It looks like a topp card, but its plastic.... any suggestion on what site might have this type of item? i like the fact that its plastic and not cardboard..

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  • I need suggestions for memory verses for an 8 year old to memorize...?

    My 8 year old son has aspergers.. something he does really well is memorize things... hes reading on a sr high level, and his memory is just as high. I am trying to find a good group of memory verses for him to memorize for a church program. the usual selections are things like the commandments, the love chapter, etc... im trying to find a fairly large piece for him to memorise that would be interesting. any suggestions/???

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  • how can i print labels for photos?

    I need to print a list of numbers, preferably on a set of labels, so that i can organize an assortment of photos. Is there a way to do this in excel? {i also have print shop 22, open office, ms digital image suite} if not, does anyone know of a free prog. that might do this??? the only way i can figure out is to do each one individually, and that would take for ever and a day {it would be quicker to just use a pen}

    TIA, ~Star

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  • How can i print a list of numbers on labels?

    I need to print a list of numbers, preferably on a set of labels, so that i can organize an assortment of photos. Is there a way to do this in excel? {i also have print shop 22, open office, ms digital image suite} if not, does anyone know of a free prog. that might do this??? the only way i can figure out is to do each one individually, and that would take for ever and a day {it would be quicker to just use a pen}

    TIA, ~Star

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  • how do i get creases out of a canvas backdrop?

    OK, in Sept, i bought 3 canvas backdrops online.. instead of being rolled, they came folded in a box. When i opened the box, took them out, i found instructions to 'uncrease' the backdrops {roll them tightly around a tube for a few days} i did this. there were still creases. I tried ironing-- well for one, theyre to big, and 2, it didnt work. i tried steaming them- all that did was make the paint change color--still creased..i contacted the seller and they arent doing anything about it because its after their 3 day return policy.

    ive even tried spraying it with wrinkle remover- and it does nothing. does anyone have any OTHER ideas on how i might get these backgrounds uncreased?

    also, where the creases are- the paint has come off, but ihave a local artist hand painting the places without paint, so that it matches the background

    TIA, ~Star

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  • What does 'Pro-Choice' mean to you?

    I am not trying to start any debates, or yelling matches.. I am just curious as to what is YOUR definition of 'Pro Choice'?

    13 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • I need information on Riverside County Cali Social services-- specifically dealing with an Autistic Child?

    I have a friend that Just moved to Riverside County Califormia. Shes got an autistic daughter. Shes trrying to find out information on how to get services for h er child. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    2 AnswersSpecial Education1 decade ago
  • internet explorer and error messages?

    everytime i go to close a webpage, i get an error message from IE and then all pages i have open close. Any one have any idea why this is happening, and what i can do to fix the problem??? im using IE 7 and my OS is XP

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  • What type of flower am i???

    I found this flower while i was walking my kid home from school, I've never seen it before. Anyone have an idea on what it might be???

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  • why would a dishwasher not drain on the last part of the cycle?

    My dishwasher works, it washes, but for some reason the last bit of water wont drain... i know its clean water as theres no cloudiness, no food particles, no soap bubbles left. Why would it do this? And! how can i fix it?

    9 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • I need RAM help....?

    Why does my cpu memory only read 384 {when i go to properties} but the actual chip in the computer reads 512???

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