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  • My friend has an extreme phobia of vomit / regurgitation, how can I help her?

    (I wasn't sure where to post this, I apologize if this is the wrong place)

    She is 20, and she has had the phobia since I met her. Whenever she is encountered with Vomit, or even a cat hacking up a hairball, she will just freeze up and get very angry and upset for a bit. Everything about it makes her like this, even saying any word associated with regurgitation. Her family and close friends know enough not to mention anything about it around her.

    About a year ago she actually got sick herself and puked quite a few times. I was there with her, before she puked she started having a panic attack and was extremely uncomfortable not knowing what to do. When she finally did she started crying and shaking, she sat in the fetal position for about an hour, then got up and sat on the couch. After a while she could talk but mostly just thanked me for being there and remained quiet.

    I can ask her about "her phobia" as long as we don't get into details, or she'll of course get upset. The most I have gotten out of her about it is that when she puked herself, she actually felt sort of like she did something wrong, like she was a failure, I didn't really understand. I also asked her if it may be something from her past that made her like that, and she kind of made it seem like it may have been, but she got really angry at the question.

    I've thought about taking her to therapy but I feel like that would do more bad than good, I would hate to see her have to actually talk about it, but I see no other way to help her. I just don't know what to do and could really use some advice.

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  • I have no sound (more info inside)?

    So I came home, turned on my computer, and found that my realtek sound manager was missing, and there is no sound what-so-ever coming out of my computer.

    I'v tried downloading new Drivers from the Realtek site, that didn't work : /

    I'v tried to system restore my computer, but whatever day I pick It says it can't be restored to that day no matter how far back I go.

    I also tried downloading new drivers from the HP site, but when i download them it doesnt bring me to the "Install Shield Wizard"

    I really need help with this, if anyone could point me in the right direction my current PC is an HP, Windows SP2. My comp says my sounds should be working fine, but they are not.

    The sound device is ATI Function Driver for High Definition Audio (ATI AA01).

    (Yes all of the cables are plugged in, I have also tried other cables, nothing works...)

    10 Points to the person who helps most to get this fixed. THANK YOU!!!

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  • Computer that can run Age of Conan?

    Could anyone link me a computer that can run Age of Conan on medium settings with no lag? Cheapest as possible too :) TY

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