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  • Two meals versus six meals a day?

    The usual advice to regulating blood glucose levels with diet has been to spread it out, to divide the meals down into smaller, more frequent meals, select higher glycemic index alternatives and perhaps remove or substitute some of the carbohydrates out. But a study in Prague suggests that a large breakfast and lunch with no dinner might be a better approach. So what are your thoughts on this?

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  • Do you answer Captchas truthfully?

    I was quite diligent with captchas, even changing the ancient s's which look like f's to us for example an old text would say "fenfe" but it's really just "sense" in old characters. But the computer generated portions are now becoming quit ridiculous so I've taking to intentionally entering the wrong word for the optical scanning side of the captcha. I wonder if anyone else is doing the same.

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  • Pupillary Distance?

    I went to get a diabetes eyecheck and they said I needed new glasses which is fine cause insurance will cover a pair but their prices were a little higher than the insurance even for their basic frame and the insurance would cover much less to update the lens. So I asked if I could shop around which they said sure. But the prescription has the pupillary distance blank and when they handed my old glasses back to me, the numbers on the left arm were sanded down ( I have two pairs so I still have the numbers ). I can't rule out someone else sanding them down but it's not like I've shopped for glasses before. Anyways, after reading criticisms of your Internet retailers suggest you measure pupillary distance, I took two lottery tickets and over lapped the corners forming two points pointing up. I brought this to the bridge of my nose and looked at a distant and near object sliding the tickets till the points united at the object giving me 59 mm for the near object and 63 mm for the distant. I'm going to go back and ask why the field is blank but is my method reasonable from an optician's perspective.

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  • Isn't this a bit unusual for a colonoscopy?

    Ok, I'm still a couple years from 50 but because of occult blood in my stool sample, I was put in the queue for a colonoscopy. Here the queue is 12 months long and the colonoscopies are usually done at clinics. Next thing I know, I'm being called by a Gastroentologist for an appointment, apparently the clinics said they could not do it because of the risks involved and I'm booked into the earliest morning session at a hospital for it to be done by a gastroentologist. They used a very minimal prep day compared to the prep cited on the Internet and had me as the very first patient in the morning, the anaesthesia knocked me out right away, when I came to I could hear the Doctor talking to other patients saying they don't need to do it again for ten years, the nurses give me an orange drink and two muffins as well as bringing out my insulin pen and glucose meter, I get dressed and they call out for the Doctor to come back, he says there was a one centimeter pendicular polyp in the ascending colon, which first looked embedded in the wall put proved to be attached by a stem, they retrieved it for testing and two polyps in the rectum which disintegrated when they tried to retrieve them and that if there's nothing in the lab analysis in two weeks, I would need another colonoscopy in 3 years.

    So basically I got this colonoscopy earlier than normal, they jumped me ahead in the queue by 12 months, it was done by a specialist at a hospital for the added risk, apparently the other patients done that day were less affected by the anaesthesia and had the regular ten years till the next one, three polyps were found, two disintegrated, and a repeat required in 3 years rather than 10 years.

    I'm also a heart failure patient who was only expected to live 2 to 5 years when diagnosed 13 years ago ( EF of 15% when diagnosed ) but I doubt they're trying to squeeze more procedures in before I croak, besides I think I've proven myself hard to kill or at least harder than expected. The diabetes only started after we ran my blood volume very low to reduce the load on the heart so it could heal even though we knew there was a risk to my other organs to do so, we did so for a year with blood pressures as low as 70 over 50 ( I took a nap after that reading ). The diabetes happened the same day we slowed the heart treatments cause we felt we'd pushed my luck as far as it could go with the other organs, went from an A1c of 5.5% to a week at the hospital at over 700 mg/dl ( I was stateside at the time, the hospital bill was $30,000 ).

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  • A horrible case has just unfolded?

    A child was just found emaciated from complications due to type 1 diabetes. The parents did not believe the diagnosis of diabetes by the Doctors in BC and falsified glucose readings ordered by the court, then moved to Alberta where the health authorities were unaware of the problem. None of their children, were publicly educated and within their ethnic community newspaper, they viewed government actions as discriminatory against their culture. I'm horrified that this could happen. But it seems a bit more then just a lack of understanding about diabetes as the parents never allowed any of their children to be publicly educated. Are these parents monsters or just foolish?

    The article from the CBC seems neutral to the parent as it outlines the BC judges description of mistrust between the social worker and the parents plus the distrust the parents had with the government of where the came from but the Sun articles only describes their actions with their children. Can there even be excuses for such neglect?

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  • Is there an easier way to put on tire chains?

    Maybe draping them on the tire before rolling onto them rather then lining them out. Maybe hook bungee cords on the chain locks ( maybe the chain links so you could fit them like a tire sock. Has anybody tried other ways of doing it and how did they work out?

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  • So, where can I get tire snow socks in Calgary?

    It was pretty touch and go plowing through the snow rutts left by the garbage trucks and recycling trucks today so where are good places to buy tire snow socks, tire chains, or traction aids in Calgary?

    2 AnswersCalgary7 years ago
  • Solid white flake or rather chip in the NPH?

    There were these big white flakes in my NPH cartridge the other day. I rolled it around but the ball didn't break them up so I left the cartridge overnight and now the flakes are gone but there are small dark specks. I suspect the specks would disappear with some rolling but I switched to another cartridge in the box. The second cartridge didn't have flakes but after rolling it still had a couple of specks which I suspect would go away but I was a bit creeped out so I went to a new box ( different batch ), no flakes but a couple of specks that seem to be breaking up so I went with that cartridge. I've never seen an actual flake or specks in the insulin before, maybe I never looked carefully before, the specks aren't visible when the cartridge is in the pen. I'm not sure if I should check to see if it's smoother tomorrow or just take them back to the pharmacy, I had already used the other three cartridges in the box. I looked online to see what insulin gone bad might look like but didn't find any pics.

    The flake was more like a white chip. The instructions say not to use any with snowflakes or crystals but the flake didn't look like a snowflake or crystal.

    Ever seen flakes in your insulin before? What did you do?

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  • How long before drug dealers use drones?

    Now that Amazon says they will use drones for deliveries, how long before drug dealers deliver their goods by drones...

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police7 years ago
  • Baking soda and vinegar volcano to melt sidewalk snow?

    Sodium Acetate is a biodegradable de-icer that is safe for plants and animals, it's also used as a sealant to protect concrete. It is sprayed on streets and planes in a 97% solution but is not marketed for sidewalks and driveways as it tends to produce a slush with oatmeal like texture. It works to about -18 Celsius while rock salt only works to about -6.6 Celsius. Mixing baking soda and vinegar produces sodium acetate and CO2 but household vinegar is mostly water so you get about a 10% sodium acetate solution. For science hot ice experiments, we boil down the solution to get higher concentrations but I was wondering if anyone has used the 10% solution as a sidewalk de-icer?

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  • Choice of sublight spaceships?

    Let's say a fleet of spaceships was about to leave for a nearby star, pehaps Alpha Centauri B. There are many of each type of ship. Would you want to go on a generation ship ( with countrysides and cities ), a sleeper ship, or a digital crew ship? Obviously, the digital crew ship would be the fastest, perhaps a laser sail at 0.5 c ( a two year trip ), the sleeper ships would be perhaps 10% c ( a 45 year trip ) and the generation ships at 5% c ( a 200 year trip ) however you would no longer have a body with the digital crew ship though you may share operating android avatars with others, however you could live in whatever virtual world that you'd like, the cryogenic ship would cycle a few months in suspension, a week out to recover from the genetic damage of cosmic rays but the ship would be more like a shopping mall with an obviously artificial hydroponic park. The generation ship would be with entire cities, country estates, there would even be an ocean ship with private tropical islands and an arctic ship plus you could travel freely between the many such ships in the fleet but you would live out your life on the ship. The difference in speeds means that the sleeper ship passengers could not visit the generation ships during their time off.

    The power sources are clean Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, the laser batteries for the digital crew ships are on the generation ships so the digital crew ships are dependent on the generation ships for propulsion, the sleeper ships are nuclear pulse propulsion ships with Uranium 233 bomblets replenished from the Thorium reactors so everything must be kept in working order so that you would produce enough bomblets to decelerate. The generation ships are nuclear electric with acres of plasma, ion and hall effect drives so they take decades to change speed and are under constant propulsion. With both the sleeper and generation ships, you can be digitally stored after your death and perhaps broadcasted ahead to the digital ships if they have memory space so it's unlikely unless your services are needed, likewise you could enter cryogenic suspension on the generation ships though you would still be on the generation ships, but there would need to be good reason to be allowed to do so.

    Which would you choose?

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  • How would you design a rescue mission for MarsOne colonists?

    I think the only thing you can do is leave, in advance, an Earth return vehicle with experimental and probably deadly hibernation pods using a combination of DADLE, Na2S ( an analog of H2S ), 5'-AMP and low temperatures with magnetic fields preventing ice crystal formation to get their bodies to Earth orbit for appropriate disposal.

    If we leave caches of chemical food ( yes NASA experimented with unappetizing chemical food in the 60's ) and chemicals to produce oxygen, who's to say they won't just be considered part of their regular supplies instead of kept in case they failed? And then there's still the problem of retrieving them.

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  • Did you see the meteorite impact on the Moon?

    On March 17, 2013, a meeorite impact on Mares Imbrium occurred which was visible by the naked eye ( ). Did you see the impact

    Here's a tiny url of the link in case it was too long to post.

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  • Are the days of negotiating for a deep discount on new car prices over?

    The guidelines given on the Internet all say to offer between 3% to 7% over dealer invoice, that only amounts to at most a 5% savings over the MSRP. It's been a long time since I've negotiated for a car as our family keeps them a very long time but the last two I wrangled them to 16% off the MSRP and it used to be you could usually expect 10% unless you were inept at negotiations. But my conversations with salesmen and research seems to indicate the manufacturers are bypassing the traditional dealer model much as the airline industry did to travel agents and aren't offering as many retroactive incentives to volume sales which encouraged the below cost bargaining. Is it still possible to negotiate below cost pricing? or is it just that business managers are now more risk averse?

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  • How would you make an energy bar with sugar, honey, rice flour, wheat starch, some lactose and theobromine?

    With few calories, about 130 calories and a low glycemic index. Perhaps with a high protein content too. Theobromine is found in cocoa.

    1 AnswerCooking & Recipes8 years ago
  • How to print business cards with Epson Workforce 545?

    I used to print business cards on a Lexmark but I gave it away since getting an Epson Workforce 545 but when I put the card stock in, it looks like it starts printing before the card stock feeds in. Is there a trick to getting the Epson to take the card stock at the proper time?

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  • Aren't conspiracy nonsense in Astronomy & Space just rants?

    I think some of these really tired nonsense that keep trying to push nonsense such as Lunar Landing Conspiracy are just rants and should be reported at least for a little while. We've tolerated such idiocy for quite some time and have posted many replies, it's not as if they can't find such replies via a search and we should stress that this is not a soapbox for such erroneous beliefs. I for one will be reporting such posts as rants for the next few weeks, don't you agree that you should as well, at least till they become less soapboxing and trolls and revert back to confused newbies?

    11 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago
  • What's in Phoenecia's Shawarma's and Falafel's?

    I seem to remember that they had potatoes along with the lettuce and tomatoes in the Shawarma's but I don't remember potatoes in the Falafel's. I think the potatoes were roasted at the base of the meat so they got the drippings. I don't remember any pickled turnips which you normally see with Shawarma's and Falafel's. They also had some sort of garlic sauce but I don't remember any other sauces. Help me recreate them at home now that I can't just pop over to visit.

    1 AnswerHouston8 years ago
  • Compost piles in green houses?

    A compost pile produces heat. If you were to put compost piles inside a greenhouse to help keep it warm through the winter, how would you estimate how large of a compost pile would be needed? What's the heat output of a compost pile?

    1 AnswerGreen Living8 years ago