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  • Which date on the Roman calendar is New Year using the Lunar Calendar?

    On which date of the Roman calendar <matches up> with the date when the Lunar calendar observes the next New year? 

    And which year number is observed by the Lunar calendar?

  • How do I setup a Wireless Speaker to my Laptop PC (WIN10)?

    How do I install / setup a new ALTEC(r) Model number IMW 901 Wireless speaker to my Laptop PC?

    Can / does WIN10 allow this speaker to run?

    I have restarted my system - but no sound / nor any Identifier is accessible when I click on my taskbar to change my audio-output. <-When I do push the Activate-button on the new Aluratek(r) router, the Altec speaker does chime.

    I even re-boot my system, but my WIN10 does not recognize that I am trying to use a different speaker.

    ...I have left both my WiFi router ^ and my new speaker powered-up all night long, but NOTHING.

    What now?

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  • Which / if any News-reporter reports like Barbara Walters?

    I enjoyed watching informative News reporting styles like those that Barbara Walters used during her decades of News reporting for ABC News.

    Eager to watch more news-digging like Walters, Tom Brokaw, and Walter Kronkite (classic broadcasting reporters of years ago) which, if any News Journalists, Reporters or News Analysts still use Hard-core Broadcasting techniques that make the news-makers of today really-think-twice before speaking (like Barbara Walters made the Middle East leader, Yassar Arafat squirm in his seat during her international broadcasts of the time (1960's-1970's) during the wars of that time - which is still going on now)?

    Katie Couric?  -  No.

    Media & Journalism9 months ago
  • Do ALL the National food chains Follow-the-same menu recipes?

    I haven't Enjoyed eating-out for more than 40 years. <-All the regional restaurant chain outlets have gone so-far into the gutter with their menu-styles / food choices that either taste so bad or taste so bland that I prefer saving my money by cooking at home.

    Having returned from another-region, downstate from my home, I notice the very same thing. The menus offer the same style / cooking-selections all-across the country. Is this due to the Dining industry, across-the-board or am I merely-lucky / unlucky to visit the-same-management Corporation which buys Junk food to distribute across the same regional stores / even to "family owned restaurants"?

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  • How do I POKE others on Facebook?

    How do I POKE others on Facebook?

    I receive multiple-pokes (50+ in each notice) from others on my Facebook wall.

    I am only able to Poke them, once.     How do I reciprocate or instigate multiple-Pokes onto their or others walls?

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  • Does Paul Aurandt still write (books / commentaries)?

    Since ABC Radio's Paul Harvey's passing (1990) I no longer see as-many published books that were written by his son, Paul Aurandt.

    Does he (Paul Jr.) still author books / stories (a.k.a. Rest of the Story Storylines) that Paul Sr. made so popular during his many decades on the radio airways?

    Was their book, DESTINY the last published book in their series of Rest-of-the-Story Storylines?

    Books & Authors11 months ago
  • What changes to my sleeping-situation should I make to control my snoring?

    In last night s conservatively Cold weather (low temps dropped to 33 degs F.) I seem to snore! <-I woke up this morning with a dry(?)-irritation on the top-surface of my tongue.

    In aim to raise the ambient moisture in my bedroom, I run a simple air humidifier. The moisture is so-thick that I do see condensation on my bedroom windows!

    I do turn-the Central air system to 62 F when I go to bed / even-though my heater does blow heated air through most of the night.

    I do use a NO-SNORE pillow on my Sleep Number bed. I turn my preferred Sleep Number to 25 - although I do use a thick Pad for further-support on my back.

    I am sleeping underneath a thick / padded comforter because - it is cold!

    What (if any changes to my currently preferred Sleep Number / or surface) differences should I take to control my (seeming) Snoring matter by either adjusting the heat or surface or anything-else?

    I am also adding a pillow underneath my knees (a secret that my Grandmother shared with me many-years ago) which has kept me lying flat on my back with my raised knees above the height of my head.

    I do use a swig of Dry mouth oral Rinse every night, before I go to bed. <-Is this possibly losing its Effect?

    Other - Health11 months ago
  • Which ap in WIN10 offers More-features than Notepad?

    I am creating a Text document to send to a friend.

    Which Text ap in WIN10 offers more-features than the simple Notepad with Text-features as BOLD font, etc. font-styles, Underscore, etc text features?

    Software11 months ago
  • How am i to Start POKING on Facebook?

    Many times, I feel-the-urge to Start poking my friends / others I find on Facebook.

    I am not able to POKE others only until they initiate the pokings.

    How / which features haven't I yet tried to Start poking on FB?

    Facebook11 months ago
  • How / if should I continue This Blessing?

    I live in part of the world where Allergies / Sinus-conditions run rampant.

    I admit that I am Blessed to not suffer any / as-much allergies / sinus-conditions / sinus infections / sinusitus as my sister. <-Sis repeats a Treatment that our Aunt highly-recommended trying in aim to flush the sinuses by simply Huffing Steam.

    Since I have never (saying this softly) suffered sinus conditions as severely as Sis ^, How / if / what Should I do now - in aim to Prevent starting any sinus-issues / that I fear will be in my future (living in THE POLLEN CAPITAL of the world)?

    I have never been a fan of the Prescription Ritual that spans across The North American continent each Allergy season.

    Allergies11 months ago
  • When (exactly) is the Time-line for the current Millenium?

    Exactly how-far into the current Millenia is / or should we claim as Y2k?

    Yes - I know that this Big Blue Marble we are riding is dated (by the Roman calendar) is 2,018 years old.

    By many / either of the more-Scientific Dating-devices; which should we as Human-kind more-accurately use (I know this has been debated between the Natuarlists vs. Religions ever since Recording of Time started) - I m merely posting this question for something to post. O:-)

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality11 months ago
  • How do I set-up my Condenser mic onto my laptop P.C. (WIN10)?

    A CONNECTION-QUESTION to us Techie-types;

    I am connecting an Expensive Condenser microphone to my HP Laptop terminal. How do I Call-up this microphone on my WIN10 operating system when I seem unable to access the SETUP-procedure I used with WIN7 on this-same terminal?

    I am planning to start Recording Reads as a Voiceover Artist. <-I bought THE BEST QUALITY Condenser microphone I could get in-aim for the Best quality sound-recording. Please help me find the setup-procedure for my Laptop P.C.

    1 AnswerSoftware1 year ago
  • Which Aps should I use for my 501c3 org for Video-conferencing?

    I have attended Web-based Conferences, Web-meetings, etc. LIVE using pre-loaded aps like GOTOMEETING,etc.

    How can I set-up similar ^ (web-based) meetings wherein the attendees can web-attend in (say) a Public meeting / but Private - for a 501c3 org?

    Since most of my members already use Facebook, how do I Set the certain criteria to allow their entry into the org s Public web-chat while isolating their Private correspondence / feedback - via possibly Live Video?

    And / or - how can I allow Public-viewing while Isolating the Private comments in these ^ Web-Meetings via Video-phone Calls?

    Software1 year ago
  • What difference should a Higher Octane gasoline provide in my car?

    Trying to fill the gasoline in my 2003 Chevy Blazer, the fueling station ran out of fuel at the pump!

    Having already paid for this fuel-up, the station agreed for me to finish-filling my tank with the higher-octane fuel; PREMIUM Unleaded at the cost of the lower-grade REGULAR Unleaded fuel I usually use in my car (simply because it is considerably less expensive.)

    What / how / if any "noticeable" difference should I notice using this higher octane fuel (90) vs. the cheaper fuel (83) I usually use in my car?

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • How / if can I SKYPE to myself?

    Aiming to SKYPE with distant-friends and family, I am testing the active-settings on my computer.

    How can I send a SKYPE call to myself - without using either of my other addresses / login I.D.'s? <-SKYPE reports to me that I am not logged in while I am logged-in.

    1 AnswerSoftware1 year ago
  • Car Insurance for my car in Texas?

    I am shopping to change my expiring car insurance carrier.

    Which / where / how can I find a reasonably-priced car insurance provider for my 2003 Chevy Blazer in Texas?

    4 AnswersInsurance & Registration1 year ago
  • Should I add SALT to this entree?

    I am cooking lentils - in aim to change my diet.

    In exchange for the (same- ol / same- ol) RICE that I have eaten all my life, I am cooking lentils from thier dry-form in a pan of broiling water. Should I add table salt (I prefer using granulated Sea salt) to these lentils like I do in-aim for added Flavor to my rices^?

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 year ago
  • What additional devices can / should I connect via ALEXA around my house?

    I received an ALEXA device for Christmas, last year, so I am seeking ideas / suggestions for how I should PIMP-OUT my WiFi capabilities at home.

    After 7 months of asking ALEXA ^ for many impromptu ideas ("Alexa - how warm will it be this afternoon?" / "Alexa - Start 2-minute timer for my eggs" / "Alexa - How windy is it today in the Saharah Desert?" (etc.) I am seeking more ideas to ask for ALEXA s help at my home.

    I know that ALEXA can connect around my house via many sorts-of-outlets, etc. devices which connections I will eventually buy.

    What can be my options?

    I do additionally have a GOOGLE HOME Mini device in my bedroom (since I can only imagine how confused ALEXA can get while asking either her or my Google Home device from across my house for similar-answers.)

    What can be my connecting-device options for my house?

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • How long do I need to SOAK Small white beans for cooking?

    In-aim to simply change my dietary starches; since my most-eaten base to my meals is Rice, I mix versions of regular whilte rice with versions of jasmine rices (brown and white) for added flavor to most of my meals.

    Having bought a bag of dry Small White Beans, how long of a time and how much (scale) Baking soda should I add to about 2 cups amt. of these ^ beans to securely de-gas them?

    6 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 year ago