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  • how do i delete a suspended person from my Friends list on youtube?

    i have a youtube account and i have some friends that i added a while ago. i no longer want to be Friends with them. i know how to delete a Friend but there is one problem, they are suspended. i tried to delete them but every time i try it wont let me and it just keeps telling me that they are suspended. please help.

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  • how do you change your user name on youtube?

    i made a youtube and i liked the user name when i first made it but now i don't like it. is there any way to change this? if so then how?

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  • do you know how to do negative exponets? i NEED help for 6th grade math!!!?

    I need help in math!!! im in the 6th grade and i am just starting to learn about negative exponets. the thing is most of my class gets it but i dont i need help. my parents have no idea of how to do it. here ill use these problems as an example. you will solve them. after you solve each individual problem give an explanation of how to solve the problem. if you could explain in words that i would understand. i can reward a good amount of points for best answer. i take my grades very seriosly. thank you soo much. here are the example problems.

    3 to the negative 2nd

    2 to the negative 2nd times 2 to the negative 2nd

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