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  • How to make micro-USB to USB-3 wire?

    I was hoping someone could assist me in splicing together a micro-USB to USB-3 cord, in order for me to be able to connect my s9 galaxy to an older s6 galaxy because I want to extract the data.  Also, I enjoy this stuff, and I am actively trying to learn more but ws a hobbyist.

    If this is not possible, I apologize.  I assume it is possible, but I just have the knowledge to figure it out in my way.

    Thank you

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    Why does the Wacom one hdmi port have an entirely different wiring scheme than other hdmi port wires?

    I am by no means an electrical genius, but I do have enough basic supplies to perform basic electronic fixes, so I figured it would be more worthwhile to just fix my broken wacom one hdmi port wire than to wait weeks for a replacement to arrive in the mail... because I am impatient to be honest, and the tablet is my livelihood.

    I was planning to intercede the cut wacom one hdmi port with another, functional hdmi port, which has a fully functional port end, but I have run into a problem.

    The wacom one hdmi wires seem to be... just entirely different than every other hdmi wiring system I've encountered.  It has 16 wires for one, which I am making an assumption because the monitor has zero sound capabilities?  But it also uses different coloring schemes for the four foiled bundled wires - (blue/white) (green/white) (red/white) (brown/white) with additional red, pink, white, and grey wire in the middle.

    I will provide a picture of both hdmi wiring, could someone provide some insight if possible?  Thank you so much in advance!

    I apologize I tried to make the pictures as clear as possible... and it only allowed me one unfortunately. Which is the wacom

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  • Is there a reputable PC tool to check iPhone 8 for potentially installed phone tracker / spyware?

    I am looking for either a PC detection tool, advice, or simply one's opinion on this subject, and regardless of which, i will be greatly appreciative for your help.

    I own an iPhone 8, which I just updated through iTunes, and changed my lock-screen protection again because I am concerned that an individual I live with may have, at some point, accessed my phone while I was away from the general vicinity.

    The reasons I have these suspicions are because I know my phone, and my phone is feeling unusual to me as of the last month or two.  I recently had my battery changed, but despite that, the battery temperature has been abnormally high before and after battery change.  Also, I am avid in checking data usage, and the data usage is just all out of whack, in which apps I never use, rarely use, or don't use to the extent as it appears, being shown as having  unusually high data usage, mostly social media-related apps, as well as safari (which I never even used).  The last two noticeably big changes are the phone is just so much slower than it should be, and I do keep it clean of background apps, and lastly, the battery still seems to drain way faster than normal, even following a replacement.

    Also, I do not know if this is relevant, but I recently saw on his phone, an app called Compass 55 whichseems to exhibit a heavy element on GPS tracking.

    Thank you so much for any and all replies.  I thought this would be the best area to ask, as opposed to randomly searching google.

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    Should my air bags have deployed from this accident?

    I will try to detail this as best as I can to provide an efficient illustration for opinions.  I was driving a 2016 chevy Cruze on a main street, and I was wearing a seat belt.  While driving straight, should drove through a stop sign, from a perpendicular side street, at fast pace, directly into the rear tire of the driver side of my car.  The impact was so great that it, literally tore my tire right off my car with the axel broken in half, still attached to my tire, as well as ripping the brake fluid line.

    The car immediately spun out about 4 or 5 times across 2 lanes of the opposing side of traffic, to an eventual stop.  I suffered a mild concussion immediately on impact, but fortunately no other damage was sustained.  I would like to know if anyone has any on insight into if the air bags should have or should not have deployed during the accident.  

    Unfortunately I can only upload a single picture of the event, but hopefully it helps illustrate it a little better.  The car is totalled if that provides any additional useful information.

    Thanks for any answers!

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  • Does a Playstation Vita backup restore Browser Bookmarks?

    I was curious if restoring a backup, also, restores the Vita's system settings such as browser bookmarks. I really like to find this out before swapping memory cards & reformating the Vita to factory settings in order to download the soul Sacrifice demo.


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  • Will I receive the current or past sale price for returning a game at Walmart w/o Receipt?

    I recently purchased a video game at Walmart for $60, which proceeded to go on sale shortly after for $10 (No Longer on Sale). Hence, I was hoping to get a full refund, and re-purchase the game at Best Buy since their sale is still in effect, but I cannot find my receipt at this time. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with insight to as whether returning the game without a receipt would yield the Walmart's current price of the game, or the price at which it was on sale a few days ago?

    - Thanks for any help

    - Hopefully I can find my receipt in any case.

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