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    HI, I've ordered a portable air conditioner on ebay (seller is curry business) . It was delivered after a week and soon developed a fault so I contacted the seller and was told to go through the ebay website to commence the return process, which I did.

    The Ebay website returned label was rejected by the post office because the item weighed 25.5kg but label contained 2kg. I was told by the post office to pay for the return of the item. It is the responsibility of the seller to pick it up but they pushed me around on the phone for 5 days fruitlessly. So I paid about £40 for retured postage.  Item cost £229.00.

    Parcel company has returned item and it was signed for according to its website. 

    Well, over a month and half now I haven't been refunded.  Curry business keeps giving me the push around on the phone and they've ignored my emails once I mentioned "refund".

    Ebay is curtently avoiding telephone customers support since the pandemic. Ebay website's  customer support is a rubbish which doesn't reflect my situation, instead the website is telling me that I have not returned item.

    I'm anticipating a court action against seller or Ebay to recover both postage and item cost. Please please, what do you think? Should I sue only the seller? The seller is not an individual but a well established business institution. That's  Curry PC world online store. 

    Thank you in advance 

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  • Would he ever be freed?

    A former brutal African dictator son luckily got 97yrs behind bars at age about 28yrs after a USA federal jury unanimously found him guilty of crimes against humanity during his father's reign. The prosecution had wanted 147yrs lockdown (names withheld please)

    My question is: Is he going to be automatically released half way his time  like UK does or is he going to be freed at the end of his 97yrs which means dying behind bars!  

    Thank you in advance 

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    I met my girlfriend through a her female friend and we've been dating for a year now often travelling to stay every other week at hers.

    A while ago her sister visited from abroad for a short visit.  During her visit she met a guy but then gave my girlfriend phone number to this guy to contact my girlfriend before returning to her home country. This my sister in law even jokingly named this guy as her "sandwich  boyfriend" because he might had bought her some sandwich. To admit, my sister in law did not have any sexual relationship with the supposedly "sandwich  boyfriend" before returning to her home country according to my girlfriend. But sister in law suspected that he might had fancied her.

    Astonishingly this guy has been calling my girlfriend and they've been chatting constantly. My girlfriend has told me that this guy wife has left him after I've tried to interrogate her. Recently,  my girlfriend told me that he's planning to visit her so they'll have some home made dinner together because they're both from the same ethnic background. He'll be driving some 70 miles distance.

    I'm questioning the loyalty of my girlfriend. Plus why would her sister passed on her phone number to a stranger who is now coming to visit my girlfriend knowing  that she's already in a good relationship with me? I feel such visit would lead to reciprocal visits and a sexual relationship would then be established.

    What would you think if you were in my position? Thank you in advance. 

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  • Do prison guards stand on their feet during entire shift (UK only please)?

    I want to change job and try to become a prison guard. However, medically,  I've got a lower back pain  problem. I don't mind standing in between sitting for few hours but not constantly for 8 hours or more without sitting a bit.

    Do UK ordinary prison guards stand throughout whole day shift?

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  • Pls help!!!?

    I met my current girlfriend at work and we dated a few months and are now living together. But all alone it is she who has been pushing for our cohabitation.

    Before then I discovered she had been seeing someone else. She lied but her church pastor called one day and from thier conversation asking her for her fiancé so I now know that she planned marrying him.

    He doesn t know about me because she s working out if town where I m living. She often lied about going to church into the city but only to discover that she has been spending the day with him.

    I do not plan marrying her anyway. But I m not sure what to do because he calls regularly and she either won t talk when I m around or go into the toilet area to chat. Should I kick her out? What would you do if you were in my situation?

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  • Pls help urgently!!!?

    Hi I need some advice pls. My girlfriend has now come clean to tell me that she is illegally living in the UK. 10 years ago she entered uk on a visiting visa.

    I really want to marry her. I'm a uk citizen but I do not know if I could legally marry her. Thanks

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  • Pls help!!?

    I've just bought a portable or mobile air conditioner which by right needs venting.

    I've opted to vent the hose thru window but my concern is, wouldn't rain water sip into the hose going through straight into the machine during bad weather when I'm not home and iit's not being used?

    It makes common sense to know there's a possibility of lot of water going thru that opened hose which doesn't have a flap when it rains heavily even on cold nights when the stuff isn't running. Mine has a heater so it's a year round use one.

    No manufacturer of portable ac has been able to state in manual about this.

    Please help me with some professional or logical answers. Thanks

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  • Pls help. Cialis! Only users pls.?

    I've never taken cialis before for sex except viagra and I'm nervous.

    My doctor prescribed it at my request just to see how it works. Viagra worked perfectly well but timing and meals can be a bit of a drawback.

    My date is coming tonight thursday and leaves Saturday noon. I've got no other medical problems and not over weight, never ever smoked and taken alcohol or other substances.

    I've split 20mg. How long would 10mg last in me? Tried it before? Thanks bro'

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    Hi, I'm a sufferer of summer allergies so I've bought myself a portable air con for £500. The pre-filters are rubbish so I bought foam filters at a MERV rating of 1-4. I've cut to size and placed two (double) at the top and two at the bottom air entries but I still kept in the air con the original pre-filters for structurer support.

    Do you think I'm starving my air con of air giving such low MERV rating? We've just started spring so I haven't started using it.

    Have you tried doubling or tripling foam filters in your system before? Thanks I'm in UK

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    I've asked her for a relationship but she rejected me repeatedly because she said I'm an ex-boyfd to her best female mate. And they both live in a shared house.

    But she repeatedly video rings me sometime around 12 mid-nights and sometimes very early morning. During each video chat I begged for kiss and she agreed so we only kiss on video. She doesn't want me visiting her and she keeps saying she will find time to see me but she hasn't.

    what does that mean?

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  • What should I do?

    My ex girlfriend wants me to teach her how to swim at our local public swimming pool this coming summer.

    The fact is I'm currently single and thought I use my swimming time to find a female at the pool because masturbating doesn't really satisfy me. I prefer natural intercourse with female in a relationship. .

    Teaching my ex to swim means it won't be possible to make friend with other females because they'll assume ex is my partner. We cannot get back together due to irreconcilable reasons. So what do I do as the symmer time last for just about 12 weeks. Not many people go swimming when climate starts to go cold. Thanks in advance

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    My ex moved abroad. I later started chasing her mate but got rejected saying "look, I'm sorry, I want no part of that game".

    But she sent me a video app link and asked me to install it on my phone and she usually rings me via video. I occasionally asked if I could kiss her on the video while chatting. She would say yes. But she refused to hangout with me.

    I'm confused as she never ring me by phone, only text and makes live video calls. Do I stand any future chance? This baby is waaaay to sexy. I'm bursting in my trouser as I write.

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  • What are the best seasons to use home air conditioner?

    Hi, I've bought a portable ac unit worth five hundred pounds recently and live in UK. It's a four in one model with dehumidifier, heater, fan and cool. It's brilliant! But although I know mine is all year round use, what seasons on average are all home ACs used in the west and what months? Just an estimate because seasons can be variable some time.

    My mate wants to buy a model much cheaper but worried it might just get used for summer 3 months and dumped aside til next. From summer til autumn I'm still cruising with mine though (slow down a bit in autumn).

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  • Please help. portable AC.?

    My new portable air con works brilliantly and has kept me sleeping well at night. . She's a 15000 BTU capacity. Noise isn't bad with fan speed at no.1 except that it vibrates a little when compressor kicks in and out. Therefore I googled it and people said it's normal for the motor...that sitting the machine on a blanket would absorb the compressor on/off vibration a little bit..

    I removed my sofa large back-rest bit and sat the air con on it so all four castors are not touching the floor anymore. That has muffled the compressor on/off vibration. I just need a multiple consensus on this. Have you tried this before or heard that before? Won't sitting it on soft material like this squash some on the engine at the bottom?

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    Hi, does edf UK energy has the right to enter my flat? I went out but return home then within 30 minutes two edf knocked my door saying they got a court order that I must let them into flat to install an electric meter. I ask for a copy of the court order but they refused. I rang the police but police didn't say they were coming. They are still standing outside saying if I leave my flat they will change lock to deny me entry. I am responsible to pay my own bills it nothing to do with my landlord. I have never had any court summons too. What can I do? What advice could u give me mste?

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  • pls help!! What does this cuddling mean?

    My best friend is married with kids. For me, my wife died a year ago, live alone and my ex drops in now and then to stay the night.

    Lately my best friend wife has started making these cuddles gestures by raising up her arms for us to cuddle. And though we've cuddled many times now she only initiated cuddle when her husband (my best friend) wasn't around.

    What does this mean? I'm afraid because I don't want my friend thinking otherwise if he should see me cuddling her. What would you think to see your partner cuddling your best friend? What should I do when she makes such gesture again. Is it normal and should I just carry on? Thanks for your advice.

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    About 97% of these creatures won't date a guy unless they get material gifts money or incentives. Natural love has flown outside the window. It all greedy for wealth and they will keep pushing guys around while milking guys. If they don't get what they want in a guy then sex is off the menu.

    I am sick to death of this attitude so I changed strategy by going for the older ones. Younger ladies are sheer prostitutes they way thay put money first (not all though).

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  • pls help. men are ok. car heated seat question?

    Are you currently using a vehicle with heated seat it doesn't mstter whether or not it came with car or an added heated seat covers. Have you got a lady impregnated since you started using it? I bought two heat seat covers for my kid and I to used for cold days. I learned that heated car seat reduces sperm count due to excessive heat to the scrotum. I am not bothered about having a girl pregnant cos I want no more babies. I am only worried about my teenager son as he likes the heated seat. I was born in tropical hot weather country where the heat levels is unbearable yet I pregnanted many of my exes.before coming to the west. How come some west scientists are suggesting that too much heat from car heated seat can heat up men scrotum damaging sperm pseatroduction. My scrotum isn't even directly on the seat anyway.

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  • A criminal offence or civil?

    When I wanted to move house I found a letting agent online. This company was dodgy. They took £240 off me and started lying to me then refused to redund my money. I sued them and after 5 months they were found guilty and they paid me total of £296. The small claims court suggested that I write a formal letter to close my case officially. I wrote to court but send a different letter to the defendant in which I called them 'cooks and money grabbing ar**s'. I lost my cool and insulted them. Will police charge me if they were called or is it a civil matter? Thanks

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  • how to paint a wooden door with a high quality white glossy finish?

    I am a DIY novice when it comes to house painting. I am try to help out my mate paint her new home and to save her cash. My painting of the walls and ceilings are great including room doors but the wooden doors are bear without paint. I got a glosy paint and applied seve7al coats but doors aren't that glosy as other doors in the corridor not painted by me. What should I dto bring doors to such standard? Pls help. Thank family.

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