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  • is it over forreal this time?

    Ive dated this boy on and off for a year and i dumped him beofre summer and then in august he was obsessed with getting me back.. eventually he did because i admit i was never over him.. now he dumped me and said that he just doesnt feel the same way about me anymore.. i dont believe taht people fall out of love for no reason,, at first he asked me for a break but i told him i dont do breaks and he decided he wanted to break up.. we have broken up so many times and we always got back together but he never just dumped me for no reason like he did this time saying he didnt love me anymore its nothing i did..

    do you think its over or did he just want a break to go be single for a little?

    i want honestyy

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  • Who should i choose? the boy who hurt me or the new boy?

    my bf dumped me and then hooked up with his ex the day after.. he then started talking to another girl and i started talking to another guy.. now he texts me and is begging for another chance and really showing me hes trying to change.. but i still like the other guy too. i like them both in different ways.. i had been with this bf for 6 months.. idk who to choose or if i should even be considering my ex?

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  • how do you know...?

    When a person your kissing is enjoying it???

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  • I need help with a boy?

    I still like this boyy and ive tried to get over him i just cantt i really cantt it makes me upset that he doesnt talk to me no more ... he doesnt text me, talk to me in school, or even acknowledge me, i said hi to him and he just grunted at me...i need him in my life at least as a friend how do i get him to talk to me again..

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  • Sexual stuff???

    im an out going person and supposidly a lot of guys like me but i get really shy about sexual stuff i think im a bad kisser and i have real low self esteem in that area what can i do to change it is there a way to know if im bad at it?? I just feel like im going to dissappoint someone and id be so embarassed if i was a bad kisser

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  • my hair?!?!?!?!?

    My hair is just boring me...

    I have dirty blonde shoulder length hair and i hate it.... My ends are split and no matter how many times i get it cut theyre still split??

    Also i am not good at doing my hair can anyone give me ideas with instructions on how to do my hair?? ahah im an idiot =[ i need to impress this boy*****

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  • Short boys?!?!?

    I like this boy and he is shorter than me I mean a lot.. I try not to let it bother me and i tell myself he will grow hes just gonna hit his growth spurt late, but every time im with him its almost all i can think about.. what can I or what should i do?

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