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    Can somebody help identify this artist?

    Here is the picture, it is from artist magazine. My friend forgot to note down the name and now we can't get hold of the magazine.

    1 AnswerDrawing & Illustration4 years ago
  • Can somebody help identify this artist?

    Here is the picture:

    3 AnswersPainting4 years ago
  • Can somebody help me identify this song?!?

    Okay so my sister heard this song and she wants to know which song it is. The only clue we have are these lyrics : "Moon like so sweet days erelike dripped from the trees" ......We googled it but can't find anything. I would be so grateful if you would help us out! Thank you!

    1 AnswerLyrics5 years ago
  • What kind of power you would never like to have?

    lets take for example that you can see "something" with your's a power you are born with and by "something" it means that power....but you don't like your power because it does more harm than good to you....what would it be? what kind of power would it be? what would be that "something" ...?

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys5 years ago
  • I need help.....what should I draw?

    ok i kno im being a jerk here and artwork shud be of ur own ideas....but im soo hopeless right now :'( ....

    Tommorow i have an art competition.....n the topic seems to be reduce reuse and recycle.......n i dont hav d least idea what i shud d end obviously im going to draw on my own but if i wud gain a lil help...i would be vey pls if u hav any ideas on this ready to hear em all out!!!! thanx in advance.. ^^

    1 AnswerDrawing & Illustration6 years ago
  • I need some english songs!!?

    Be it in english or by english bands.....anythin'll do!!

    So lets make it clear.....i'm looking for some english songs which r either rap or in high pitch (preferably sung by female singers but i dont mind males either).....anyways i hope they r kind of motivational or inspirational songs about life.....with no swear words or use of "BAD LANGUAGE"!! u kno what i mean!!

    And preferably not about love..tho i love love songs but the situation is like that....hehe ^^ anything u think is worth it even if it does not fulfill the criteria im ready for ur suggestions.....anyway THANKYOU VERY MUCH and hav a nice day!!! (oh i simply be glad if the songs are from 2012-14...thanx again!!)

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop6 years ago
  • Need help wid photographs.....!!!?

    ok..maybe dis is dumb on my part to ask...but i need to know if there is some way to edit original photographs...without using online photo editing websites, d computer or photoshop....something we can do on our own to remove unecessary details on r photographs.... maybe dere isn't but if u hav any ideas...i'll be glad...for ur help...thanku ^^

    5 AnswersPhotography7 years ago
  • plz....i need help with my audio driver!!!?

    this happened about a week ago when suddenly there was no sound from my computer I searched and from my device manger I found dat my audio driver (soundmax) is not working properly... I found other details and the problem was------> This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    I was really worried n I searched the net...and came to the solution dat I should reinstall it...nothing happened... I downloaded realtek and installed it but again nothing happened... so far I haven't found another solution.....another thing which I noticed was dat whenever I switch my computer on when on the screen it comes, Starting Windows ......there is this weird sound like something is being switched on and off again and again....but then nothing happens...does this mean dat my sound card is not working properly....

    plz help me... I can't understand what to do...I hope this does not mean I have to replace my sound card....thanku for all the trouble and just additional information I have a windows 7.....!!!

    1 AnswerOther - Computers7 years ago
  • I need help on a map and model for greece....!?

    this is a related to my school work but since it's also related to Greece I thought I'd post it here it goes that i'm looking for a tourist map(wid all famous tourist attraction places)of greece so I can print it out and use it to stick on chart papers....the problem is that I can't find a tourist map..wid the places of the attractions written on it.... secondly i'm also trying to find the map of the tourism sector filling out the space for the whole of i'm not going to draw anything on the chart paper...I need an enlarged figure of the map......soooo I really really really need your help.....Another problem i'm facing is that I also need to make a model for all the national (things)...I thought that everything should be connected.....but I need an idea on how everything can be connected like the national dress, flower, animal, food, flag and game etc. and can be made on the same model....(note: the model is physical)....I know 'm asking too much but right now i'm in a big muddle and reaalllllly need thanku if u can help me.......=)

    2 AnswersGreece7 years ago
  • what would u like to see if....?

    u had a magical eye(keeping in mind that it cud help people)...anything wud do even the weirdest ideas...i'd appreciate anything....thanku 4 ur help!!

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys7 years ago
  • Somebody plz help me..........!!?

    so I tried downloading some manga chps from manga trader...they successfully downloaded but d problem is that they r not opening up wid any program.....plz help me...suggest ways 2 which I can open them up.....thanku...^^

    5 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • I'm looking for some romance anime....? wat I want is somethin wid a flood of emotions n really nice storyboard.....plz suggest sum really gud ones... :) thanku!

    5 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • What wud happen if.....?

    we kept on brushing r hair for 24 hrs...?

    just wondering...

    9 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • What kind of night sky do u like...?

    a) clear night with stars scattered....or

    b)cloudy night with a moon.....!!

    15 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • So.....are u a clannad fan..?

    also tell me which character in clannad do u like most.....?

    I luv Nagisa,Fuko and Okazaki...=P

    15 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • Do u like anime too...?

    Oh I just luv them...!!!!

    9 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • Are u happy for me.........?

    My exams just finished off today and now I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......!!!!!!

    12 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • If I said that you are the most.....?

    sweetest person in the world how would you feel.......

    8 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago