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  • 2005 chevy cobalt 4-door LT door will not latch and stay shut??

    My wife just called me a said her driver-side front door of the cobalt will not shut and latch. It closes...then doesn't latch, and slides back open again. I am not home, and I will not be for a few hours. Does anyone have any ideas what this would be and how to fix it? I would hate to have to take this thing to the dealership since it has spent far too long there as it is.

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  • What are the pros and cons of a good linux 64-bit distro?

    More specifically...what is it capable of? And what can it not do? I have never used linux before and I am putting together a new system that will dual-boot. I want to use XP for games and linux to play around with. Other than pros and cons, what distro will take advantage of multi-cores and 4gb+ ram? Can you run games on a linux system with a VM?

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  • Do you remember your first computer??

    What was your very first computer? What type of processor and memory? Operating system?

    Mine was a 386sx that ran at 16mhz. My neighbor overclocked it to 21mhz for me. It had 2mb ram and a 100mb HDD. Also, it had 1 3.5" drive and a 5.25" drive. I used DR-DOS as OS and later used windows 3.1 as well. My dad got it for us in 1991 and I thought it was great because I didn't have to bring out the typewriter to type things. I also had a box full of boot disks that I used in order to play games like x-wing and tie fighter on it.

    I am sure that there are many of you that had older computers...let me know!

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  • PC freezes right after xp loads?

    The problem started a few weeks ago only involving graphically intense games. It would make a high pitched screech (the sound from speaker not hardware) and screen would freeze and all fans would go up to max rpm. Thought it was heat but all temps were more than ok. Thought drivers next and tried about 10 different drivers for my nvidia 6600gt agp card. Ran memtest for a day with no errors. then i started getting bsods about nvidia driver files. I dont get those anymore now because it freezes as soon as xp loads up to desktop. replaced PSU thinking that could be it. Is the only thing left the video card as in replace it?

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  • World of Warcraft disconnect?

    Problem: I log into warcraft and about 5-10 minutes later i get disconnected. It seems to be sorta random. I played just fine for a few months prior.

    I think I caused the problem by running XPSmoker to "optimize" my network connection. (bad idea) but i reset everythink i could to default settings and it still doesnt work. I removed all addons thinking that might cause a problem...nope. I did everything that the support page suggested ie checksum offloading and all that...nope.

    I have a feeling that there is a registry entry somewhere that is wrong...but i do not know where to look exactly. Other that warcraft everything works good connection wise (tracert comes back normal)

    Any ideas?????

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  • High Latency on World of Warcraft?

    I have been playing WoW and other games online for some time without any problems until recently. Now when i log in, Iam fine for a bit, but then latency spikes to 900-3000 ms. I have not installed anything new. I am running through a Linksys wireless router, all needed ports are forwarded. I have tried turning off all background processes including explore.exe even. I have tried to connect directly through the modem (without router) and that didn't help. I use time warners roadrunner cable broadband and i think they just started a tier service and I am afraid that this may be the issue. Any thoughts?

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