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  • What is the proper name Pitdoodle or Pitbudoodle?

    My brother is a reputable canine crossbreeder locally and he recently told me about this new dog he wants to create. He is looking to breed Pitbulls and Poodles, or "Pitbudoodles" as they are known by the American Kennel Club. The only problem is he is insisting on calling them "Pitdoodles". I told him that Pitdoodles were the original failed attempt at breeding these two fine animals using a poodle as the male, and if he uses this term he won't get half of what he would if he sold them by their proper name "Pitbudoodles" but he won't listen to me. The difference lies with the Pitbull being the male in the mating process. I know, he's a lunkhead, but I have to get the proof from others before he'll believe me.


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  • Why did my company withhold less money from me this year?

    This year both my wife's company and mine withheld two percent less than last year. We made no changes to our statusus so I'm guessing it was part of a stimulus package but can't find any records.

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  • I need a babysitter to watch an 80 y/o woman in the hospital?

    My grandmother is in the hospital and is probably going to die so I need someone to sit with her. The doctors say she is only awake for a few minutes every couple of days and I don't have the time to sit around and wait because I have better things to do. So I need someone to sit with her and get her to sign a redrafting of her will giving me all her stuff instead of my sister and her family I will pay $10/hr

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  • Can I be sued for a Lawn sculpture in the form of shooting the bird?

    I'm a a landscape artist and my yard is my canvas. Recently my neighbor has been complaining that my yard is an eyesore. So I trimmed ,my bushes in the shape of someone shooting a bird in his houses direction to show him how I feel. Now he has called and reported it as obscene. The police told me to cut itt down as well as the rest of my art.. Do I have to? I don't live in an association and it is my lawn.

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  • How much should I pay for a bag of Bubonic Chronic?

    My son and I recently smoked some weed that he called bubonic chronic. This was some extremely potent stuff. Now I want to get him some more for his birthday but I don't know where to buy it or how much I should expect to pay. It's easy for him to get since he's in high school but for a 40 year old Obstetrician it's not so easy to find. Any assistance would be great.

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  • I need some names for a death pool at work?

    My coworkers and I are creating a death pool and I need some good candidates.

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  • Do Pitbudoodles have special digestion that makes their poop tasty to other dogs?

    I have a Lab that eats my Pitbudoodles poop. He ignores the Husky's poop and when we take him to the dog park he doesn't eat other dogs' poop. Is there something unusual about the Pitbudoodles' digestive process that makes it's poop tasty and could this be a byproduct of designer breeding?

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  • My coworker says he knows what I had for dinner by the smell of my gas. Is this possible?

    I keep telling him this is impossible but he has been making me let him smell my gas for three weeks now and he has been wrong everytime. He says he just needs to practice more but I am tired of stinking up the office.

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