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  • How do I hide My Yahoo question's and answers so that there no longer public?

    I've went into the settings menu and made some changes but for some reason or another my questions and answers are still public.

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • I picked up a used computer but I seem to be havimng alot of problems with it?

    A friend of mine drooped of a computer a sew days ago and I' seem to be having a lot of problems with it, It's an older computer and it has Windows 7 installed on it, I'm thinking that perhaps the computer is to out dated for the newer software I really don't know?

    I've removed a lot of the cluttered software but the the computer still seems to run very slow and it freezes up quite often, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks

    4 AnswersOther - Computers7 years ago
  • Does this means she still has feelings for me?

    So pretty much after 10 years this women started communication with me, does this mean there's a chance of us mending fences and becoming friends again? This women used to be one of my closest friends, is there hope?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • Seeking cheap/reasonable auto insurance in or near London, Ontario, Canada?

    Could someone please suggest/recommend some place reasonable/cheap for auto (Auto) insurance in or near London, Ontario Canada?

    Thank You...

    2 AnswersInsurance & Registration7 years ago
  • I need some help in-regards to budget/healthy diet & meal plans (for an adult male)?

    Money's going to be very tight for the next little while and I was wondering if someone could perhaps suggest some healthy meal plan's on a tight/fixed budget. ie: how much money will it cost per day? week? month? And what types of foods/meals will I be able to eat? Some actual meal plans would very much be appreciated, thank you...

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Women why do you do this...........................?

    Why do you test us?

    Like for example some girls/women I've dated have got there girl friends to flirt with me and come on to me to see how I'd react? Some of them have even set up fake Facebook, Twitter accounts pretending to someone else (some very attractive women) then trying to bait me?

    Ladies why do you do this?

    Is it insecurity?

    Is it curiosity to see how faithful we are?

    Like seriously why do you do this?

    Ladies please explain....?

    And guys has your girlfriend ever dome this to you? If so please explain, thank you...

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • In your opinion when is enough enough when it comes to friendships and relationships?

    How much would you/do you put up with before ending a friendship or relationship?

    Where do you draw the line?

    3 AnswersFriends7 years ago
  • Computer question in regards doing a system restore...?

    Not sure why but I'm not able to do a system restore?

    For some reason or another the calendar box appears but no actual dates appear in the calender box?

    Why might this be happening?

    How do I fix this so that I'm actually able to do a system restore?

    2 AnswersDesktops7 years ago
  • Can I cook a whole chicken that's still partially frozen?

    Last night I pulled a chicken from the freezer and stuck it in the fridge to thaw for dinner tonight, problem being it hasn't completely thawed out yet. Its getting late and I'm getting hungry.

    I'm guessing I should cook the chicken at lower temperature for a longer period of time but idk if this is a good idea or not?

    Am able to cook a partially thawed chicken if so what temperature should I cook it at?

    What do you people recommend?

    9 AnswersCooking & Recipes7 years ago
  • Does any one happen to know of any Doctors taking on new patient's here in London, ON?

    When I first moved to London, ON. I was unable to find myself a family doctor so I started using some of the walk in clinics here in London. Unfortunately a few years ago I ended up getting very sick, so sick that I literally spent 5 1/2 moths in the hospital. Due to my recent/current medical condition I now require special medications, prescription mediation's walk in clinic doctors do not/will not prescribe. I do have other doctors but the majority of these doctors are specialists or doctors from when I was in the hospital and these doctors only agreed to keep me on as a patient for a short period of time, time enough to find myself a regular physician/family doctor. I did manage to find myself a family doctor shortly after being released from the hospital but this doctor also does not/will not fill out certain prescription medications so I guess it's time for to move on as my family doctor does not meet all of my medical needs/requirements and one of my specialists no longer wants to keep me on as as a patient and he's asked me If I've found a new physician/family doctor as of yet. I've been trying to find a new physician/family doctor for quite some time now but I've been unsuccessful, I need to find a physician/doctor who will meet all of my medical needs and requirements. If anyone happens to know of any doctor's here in London, ON. taking on new patient please let me know, thank you.

    1 AnswerOther - Health7 years ago
  • Something really weird just happened with my computer and account what do you make of it,?

    I just happen to click on on of the posts that on her and after doing so my page just did some really funky stuff, I don['t know how to explain but it kind of transferred or something as if it were being hacked or something idk?

    2 AnswersSecurity7 years ago
  • Trying to get in touch with an ex of mine and I could really use some advice?

    Anyways I'm trying to get in touch with my ex from 10 years ago, problem being I don't know how to go about it?I lost track of this women 10 years ago shortly after giving up my/our apartment to place her in a treatment fatality, she attempted treatment prior to giving up the apartment but the time before that she only lasted 2 or 3 days due to being preoccupied with what I might be up to so I gave up the apartment and agreed to stay in a men's recovery residence on the condition she'd stay in treatment until it ended, The residence was men only it also had a curfew etc, By me staying in the men's residence she didn't have to worry about me and what I might be up to and this time she could focus 100% on her recovery. After giving up the apartment and going to stay in the men's residence she was staying in a women's shelter as she was still waiting for her bed in treatment, we didn't get to see each other very often due to me working full time throughout the week and also the due to fact she was out of town in another city but we'd try to get together over weekends when ever we could, we'd go to dinner, go to the movie, or just go for a walk along the beach strip what ever, we'd just try to spend some time together, other then that we spoke to one another over the phone through out the week when ever we could

    Not exactly sure what happened after that but she just stopped calling one day so I just assumed she must have finally gotten a bed into treatment, I know a lot of treatment centers/facilities are strict and don't allow phone calls while in treatment so I just went on with life, working, recovery, 12 meetings etc. I just hoped to her from her as soon as she finished treatment instead I started hearing roomers, I heard that she was pregnant with my child, that she was getting an abortion, I heard she was back with her ex, I was also lead to believe she was terminally ill etc. enough to drive any person insane, It was also around that time that I tested positive for Hep C. funny thing about that is when we first started dating I was quite admit about wearing protection, we were starting to get serious so together we went and had our blood work done, but after getting engaged protection wasn't much of an issue after that. I tried to find her to find out what in the hell was going on but I didn't know any of her family members so I was unsuccessful in locating her. I looked for her hi and low but to know avail. I guess you could say I was total a wreck!!!

    At this point I went to see a good friend of her's to see if he knew anything and to my surprise he'd heard from her but when I asked him for her info he refused to give it to me so I asked him if he could pass on the message to have her call me the next time he was in contact with her. Some time went by so I was in contact with her friend again as I wanted to know if he'd heard from her since I last spoke to him and he said that he had, but for some reason or another I hadn't? at this point I assumed the relationship was over so I asked her friend if I could drop off her personal belongings and he agreed to do so but when I got to his store he turned into a total ***** and he refused to take her belongings, while I was there he was also on the phone apparently talking with her children, I found that to be rather odd considering the fact that her children were in the custody of C.A.S. at the time and the fact that I myself had only met them once. My ex had brought me to meet them during one of her visits with C.A.S., I went to see them again but due to C.A.S. regulations I was not allowed in due to not having clearance with C.A.S I never saw them again after that. for him to be talking to them just made no sense. I remember getting into an argument with this guy about her belongings. When I spoke to him on the phone he said he'd pass on her belonging but when I got there he changed his tune he was being a total ****!!! all I remember is throwing down her bag spitting on him then walking out of the store.

    Since then I've tried my best not to look back. A lot of years have passed now but for some reason or another I'm starting to hear roomers again some of which I find to be rather disturbing not to mention some of these roomers involve me?

    I've also recently heard that this women's dead that she's no longer alive, I heard she was murdered I've also heard that she committed suicide, I really don't know? All I do know is if she's been through have of the **** I've been through in the 10 years it's very possible, What I'd really like to know is whether there's any substance to any these roomers I just want some peace and serenity in my life once and for all.

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • What are the legalities in regards to video and audio recording devices in a persons home/privater residence?

    Other then police doing some type of criminal investigation and having the proper court orders and such to do so what other exceptions might there be without a persons knowledge or consent?

    The reason I ask is because its been brought to my attention that some people have been doing this without my knowledge or my consent, not sure why but I'm very disturbed by this not not mention I feel violated.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics7 years ago
  • What ever happened to customer service and the customer iis always right.......?

    About a week and a half ago I bought some groceries at the local supermarket, the new FRESH CO on Adelaide street here in London.

    One of the items I bought was a small tub of sour cream 500 ml.

    Anyways I made my self dinner tonight but when I went to go for the sour cream I noticed it was bad no longer good for consumption, no big deal the grocery store is right across the street thought I'd just go over quickly and exchange it for another one? I couldn't find the receipt but decided no big deal it's only a $2.00 item and I'm a regular customer shouldn't be a problem right? wrong!!!!

    After waiting in 2 different line ups to do this exchange (shuffled around) I finally asked to speak to the manager, who also refused to do the exchange, due to not having my receipt and due to some of the sour cream being consumed.

    Are you ******* kidding me!!!!

    I don't know about you people but I don't eat a whole tub of sour cream in one sitting Who eats a tub of sour cream in one sitting? maybe if 10 people are eating then just maybe but I live alone!!!

    Not only did this gentleman refuse to exchange this petty $2.00 item that was bad I"m certain he refereed to me as a crack head to his cashier on the way out of the store and I'm livid right now!!!!!!!!!

    Please feel free to comment or give suggestions!!!!!!!

    2 AnswersOther - Canada7 years ago
  • I'm being cyber stalked and it's really starting to **** me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    I've done everything including contacting the police

    I've had it with this what do I do.............?

    3 AnswersSecurity7 years ago
  • Re-post to question asked earlier, Can some one please suggest something for cramps?

    I asked this question earlier but I didn't get many responses and I'm still in a lot of pain and discomfort!!!

    I have really bad cramps right now and I'm in a lot of pain and discomfort!!!

    I don't get cramps very often but when I do they usually pass within a short period of time, I've had these cramps off and on for 2 days now,

    Any suggestions on how to relieve these cramps would be much appreciated!!!

    Please note I'm a male these aren't menstrual cramps!!!

    Some type of home remedy would be much preferred to over the counter drugs and or prescription medications!!!

    Thank You...

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management7 years ago