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60, disabled veteran, former industrial engineer and manager, lay physicist, love children, pets, travel, sailing, camping, arts, music and sciences, and learning anything new and challenging.

  • Isn't it our government's prime responsibility "to provide for the common good" being neglected by our current

    I think that our politicians have absolutely failed to fulfill this dictate of the Constitution and should therefor, if they have been in DC longer than say eight years, all be thrown into the streets along with all their staffers and the lobbyists. Or maybe we should confine all of them to DC and shut down all services, allow no entry of perishable goods and food and justy allow nature to take its course. In their own interest they have thrown us under the bus. We can barely afford to drive, people are losing there jobs and homes, major corporations (the auto industry and airlines for instance) are going belly up and soon there will be no more long distance trucking at all. Within a few weeks (or months at the longest) the worst inflation ever will be running rampant in the USA. The sky has fallen on us, the little chickies, 'my friends'. Hmmm.... me thinks I've heard that 'my friends' phrase from one of the worst....

    5 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Who will not vote for Hillary and why?

    If Hillary somehow manages to steal the Democratic nomination will you switch your vote to McCain and why or maybe not vote at all? I would switch!

    22 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • Are you middle class?

    Do you consider yourself middle class? If so, why? If not, why?

    8 AnswersSociology1 decade ago
  • Why are you up so early on New Years Day?

    Assuming you answer this by 9:00 am, I am wondering why other people are up early on New Years Day. I got up at 5:10 after another weird combat dream.

    25 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • What defines 'middle class' in the USA?

    What standards do you believe must be met in order for someone to be considered 'middle class'?

    2 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups1 decade ago
  • Why do reporters not realize anymore that their purpose is to make accurate reports of facts?

    Why do reporters try to editorialize, embellish and promote news instead of simply reporting the facts. I am sick and tired of it. And most of those on TV do not have the sense to even understand that when they do not know what they are talking about, they should shut up. It will not improve their ratings, because peeple will see through their less than subtle efforts, their mistakes will be catalogued and thrown in their smiling faces and they will lose their jobs. Please review Jour101, broadcasters. Yes, you, talking heads.

    6 AnswersMedia & Journalism1 decade ago
  • Doctors, re:colonoscopies -The recommended preparation procedure is dangerous to many patients?

    I, 61, average male, 190, 6'+, decent health other than taking blood pressure medication, cholesterol breaking meds and little else recently had a colonoscopy. The preparation regimine I was directed to do included no food from 6:00 PM day one, clear liquids all day 2, 2 dukalax tabs at 8:00AM on day two, two more at 4:00PM, beginning at 4:00PM 350mg of Miralax in 4 l of water then NPO until after the procedure. Sounds simple enough but it is so dangerous that I will never do it again. By 9:30 PM day 2 I was so dehydrated that my BP dropped to 50+/30+, I was having extreme leg cramps, and seizures. I fell while trying to force abatement of a leg cramp, had a terrific bump on my head and a separated shoulder. In the ambulance and ER, over I was given 2 l of liquids intravenously. The next morning I went to the procedure (driven by someone else) even though I felt weak. My BP was 62/35 so they gave me 2 more l of liquids and it went up to 90+/60+, about average for me. This is ridiculous

    7 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • Would anyone support a Constitutional amendment?

    which would require that any President resign when 1. public polls indicated a less than 40% approval rating and 2. a subsequent immediate vote by all registered voters called for his resignation by a 2/3 majority? I don't want to stop the goverment, just make it work for the people as it was intended.

    The ballot should also include a vote for or against the VP associated with the administration so he would not succeed.

    12 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Does anyone use this webTV service?

    I received an email a few days back but just looked at it. Hs anyone used this or heard about it? Is it a legitimate offer? It sounds too good to be true. Also, can the signal be passed through a PC to a digital TV?

    1 AnswerSoftware1 decade ago
  • Has anyone recently had quality problems with Frigidaire appliances lately?

    About 30 months ago I bought a top of the line radiant top free standing range for our home. Shortly after the warranty expired the oven 'ran wild'. It could not be shut down at all and was not even on the clean cycle so it wasn't locked. If we had not been home it would have gotten so hot that our home would have burned. The repairman told me that this 'happened all the time' and 'you can expect this with today's appliances' as he charged me $235 ( $185 to Frigidaire for the part and $50 for the service call). Now with this replacement unit about 5 months ago the outer burner of the large and small unit setup stopped working. The small one works but the outer burners won't come on when the large burner part of the control is used. Last week the door handle for the oven just fell off. I fixed this myself. Shortly after buying the range I also bought a standup refrigerator of the same brand. The bottom most shelf just fell off when loaded (not overloaded). After -- please see additional

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • What are three of the best and the worst features about your favorite and most odious presidential candidate?

    Please excuse the convoluted sentax above but it is a difficult question to posit in only 300 words. Explanation below.

    This may help some people decide about for whom they will vote in a primary. For your favorite candidate in either party or overall, list three good attributes or policy positions which you personally like and support. For the candidate you consider the worst list the three bad charactoristics or policy positions that they have.

    4 AnswersCurrent Events1 decade ago
  • What is the correct way to alert Yahoo about a technical problem with Yahoo?

    My son has recently developed his own sreenname on Yahoo and we share broadband access form the same IP address sometimes. There are occasions where if he is logged in on Yahoo and I, even though my screenname for my AOL and Yahoo accounts are different from his, enter Yahoo answers and profile, I am directed to his profile. I have also received his IMs even though I am logged into my Yahoo account. Who do I tell about this? And do others have this problem?

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Products1 decade ago
  • Will you consider changing your vacation plans for the next few years in order to reduce gas consumption?

    We will definitely not travel like we have the last few summers! I have decided that this is the first practical way that our family can impact the usage of gas. We will stay much closer to home, use public transportation when we are in big cities and consider local air or long distance rail service. If all of us did this we could likely reduce consumption by a percentage that would make an impact. Of course, Congress or the President (yeah, that's likely) capping the price would certainly help -- except for the gas lines that would develope.

    11 AnswersOther - Politics & Government1 decade ago
  • Does anyone realize how important it is to properly administer our trade with China?

    I was surprised (pleasantly) to finally hear the topic of trade, China, unfair policies and our manufacturing base come up last night in a Presidential debate. The rate at which our money is flowing into that country is astounding and our debt to them already enormous. The zero tax for small manufacturing companies is also an excellent idea and a combination of these proper policies would regenerate our dieing manufacturing base without which the USA will not survive. I'd like to see some other candidates adopt a similar position. Anyone agree with this?

    2 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Are English translations of the Q'ran sold in Suadi Arabia accurate translations of the Arabic?

    The Q'ran I have was purchased in Saudi Arabia in 1981. is very ornate, bound in silver and has English and Arabic texts. I assume it is likely to be correct and accepted?

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Do you recognise the irony of this query?

    If there is any staffer for Yahoo that actually peruses any questions please send me email for honest feedback concerning changes to the scoring of Yahoo-Answers that have been suggested by other members of this forum and I. If you aren't a Yahoo staffer then I won't give you nutin, in fact report this question as abusive, then maybe someone will read it....... If you are a staffer then I will give you the points... But do you care?

    PS I will choose someone in order to get my points back. LMAO

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Do you think Yahoo-Answers should change the way 'Best Answers' are selected?

    I so often see questions that have excellent explicative and correct answers but have an answer chosen by the asker as 'Best' that does not even answer the question or is even blatantly wrong. Askers chose answers that 'fit' their biases and beliefs or strike some reasonate chord with them. Would you agree that having select individuals chose the 'Best Answers' would be a better way of chosing them? Perhaps only allowing Level 5 or higher to vote might be better? Or some other system? The one now in place does not satisfy me. Also, I believe the purpose of education would be well served if the questions were graded and ones reciving a very high mark for general interest, etc would get points for the asker in stead of costibg points from them. Opinions, please.

    I offer the following not because it is so egregious but because it is an ordinary example.;_ylt=ArHFU...

    6 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Is there any current research about the solar insolation that reaches Earth's atmosphere?

    With all the satelites we have is there any empirical data collected and available that would show if insolation has changed in the last 20-30 years?

    1 AnswerEarth Sciences & Geology1 decade ago
  • Is there any current research about the solar insolation that reaches Earth's atmosphere?

    With all the satelites we have is there any empirical data collected and available that would show if insolation has changed in the last 20-30 years?

    1 AnswerWeather1 decade ago
  • How good are the new VWs?

    DO the newer designed VWs perform well in the snow? DO they have good safety ratings? Are they as sound mechanically as the 50s bug? How is the gas milage?

    5 AnswersVolkswagen1 decade ago