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  • Car problems?

    I have a 2005 chevy Impala and the lights are slowley dissapearing from inside my car. Let me explaine. A week ago I noticed that my door lock lights on all the doors dont work except the one on front passenger side. (the pannel on the drivers door lights up for the window controls but not the one to lock and unlock the door.Also I have two temp controllers(under the stereo) in the car Left and Right the passenger side does not light up anymore the drive side does. Any suggestions? I have taken it to auto zone to check all the fuses. They are all fine(non burnt out) Any thing you can tell me would be great I am stumped!

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  • What is the funniest thing your child every said?

    The other night my son (9) came in the room to wake me up. I pretended to sleep and he called my other son and said"Come quick mom needs mouth to mouth recipitation" I could not stop laughing. Whats your funny storey?

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  • We have dated 9 years, he is not ready for marriage yet. Should I continue to wait? Serious answers only!?

    I have been dating this man for 9 yrs now. When we met I was still married(seperated) I have been divorced for 4 yrs now.Since then he has been sent to Iraq three times.Each time was for one year. Now that he is back I am ready to get married. He says he is too but does not show it. He asked me to marry him in June and I got a ring. But when I bring up marriage it always turns into a big fight. He feels as if I am rushng him. I think I have been very patient .He means every thing to me and my kids. He does very well with my two kids (from previous marriage) and helps me with anything I ask (money or fixing something around the house) In July I told him that I was not going to be his girlfriend in 2007 either we get married before then or we will go our seperate ways. Now here we are in Nov and still dont have a date set. We agreed that the justice of the peace and a reception would be fine. But I still dont have a date and every time I ask he gets pissed. Should I continue to wait?

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