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  • What is the best way to pay of these debts?

    There are three debts to pay. Car loan at 5.25% with a balance of $5300 (pay $355/mos), credit card with 2.99% interest until Nov 2011 and a balance of $6400 (minimum pymnt is $76/mos) and car ins with an o/s bal of $3000 (pymnt currently $295/mos). There is $10000 to put towards these debts. What is the best way to distribute the money?

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  • What would you do in this situation?

    I reconnected with an old friend and until 4 months ago we were talking daily and over the last year and a half he really was a great friend. He borrowed some money ($800) paid some of it back ($200) and now we aren't speaking. I am more angry with how he had let that come between us but I miss the friendship too as he was very supportive to me (Just an fyi he took me out several times to very high end restaurants over the past two years.)

    Would you walk away from the friend and the money? Would you continue to try and salvage the relationship? I don't want to go to court

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  • Is the scenario below a dealbreaker for dating someone?

    A man you regard as a very good friend and potential boyfriend gets busted for outstanding fines and has to spend a night or two in jail. You know and see that he is making and trying to make changes in his life but this situation makes you question if you should just remain friends. When he gets released how would you approach what happened and would it affect your decision to date him?

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  • Dating someone who has a child.?

    While going through a separation I reconnected with an ex (It's been over a year ago.) We have known each other since highschool. He has a teen son from a previous marriage. I have two young sons. We are very sensitive to our kids but recognize that our relationship is becoming more than a friendship. This ex recently said he wants to take it to another level, however he does not want to tell his son about us. My kids are younger and still dealing with the separation but he has not been with his ex for years and she remarried last year.

    If you were in this situation would you press the ex to be open with their child about the relationship or would you give a timeframe as to when he should

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  • Is it worth the risk of having a friend become a lover?

    So I reconnected with my highschool crush in 2007 and our friendship really deepened over the past year or so. He has been a great support while I go through a custody battle with my ex -- he would take me out for dinner, helped me move and paint my apartment, has hung out with my sons (on occassion we have hung out with his son), we spoke constantly over the phone and even now (though we don't talk as frequently) we talk openly about most things. We have slept over at each other's homes but we have not been sexually involved and he has not pressured me to be either.

    However last night he told me that he cannot go on being friends with me when it seems like we are more than that (ie he doesn't drop a few hundred on dinner for his friends or sleep in the same bed with his friends) He wants to have an exclusive but not "heavy duty" relationship but if I want to be just friends he will be that to me as well (but no more dinners or sleeping in the same bed.)

    I don't care about the dinners but we do enjoy each other's company and I trust him completely but I feel the friendship will be damaged if we take it to another level and it doesn't work. He doesn't think it will given the history that we have.

    What to do? Any thoughts?

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  • At a financial crossroads and need some advice.?

    I have $8900 in credit card debt with a 1.99% rate ending in December, and car insurance costing $3000 and $6000 in savings. How would you apply the savings to these expenses in order to optimize debt reduction? I was thinking of transferring the credit card to another one but don't know any that offer a rate as low as the one I have now. Serious suggestions needed please.

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  • How would you deal with an ex's girlfriend?

    Some history: My husband and I have been separated over a year and he reconnected with his first love about the same time and they live together. I was on the way out of this marriage so that's not my issue but it was a very ugly separation and we are now in the midst of dealing with custody and access.

    Now she is also creating problems for me with parents of my younger son's soccer team which is coached by his father ( I did not get to know this team this past year because of that fact and tended to stay away so she knows them better.)

    I also do care about the fact that our kids (8 and 10) stay with their father and this woman every other week and I have next to no information about her except that she smokes and she was married for 2 years. The kids have come to accept her as part of their father's life and they have never said that she is mean to them. I know my kids have no doubt who their mother is and that no one will ever take my place, but it bothers me to have this woman in their lives.

    I have no interest in getting into Jerry Springer like drama but any suggestions from people who have had to deal with such a situation would be helpful.

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  • I need some good christian advice?

    My husband and I separated over a year now and it has been very contentious. We have two boys and currently we have joint access so they go back and forth week to week and both are very involved in soccer . The father is the coach for the younger son who is 7 and 1/2. He wants me to allow this son to play on his team. The father has said he will allow me to take them to church during his week in exchange.

    The thing is just prior to calling it quits the father assaulted me. Due to circumstances I won't get into it came to the attention of the police and I made a report. I did consider pressing charges but I could not go through any more stress than what I was already under and did not pursue it.

    Some close family and friends are aware of it and I am moving forward with my life but sometimes it is hard to get past that and I don't want to look at my husband or talk to him never mind see him 2 to 3 times a week. My son has no knowledge of why I feel the way I do. In his mind we just can't be friends.

    So would you sacrifice your comfort to allow your son to be coached by the other parent the person that also assaulted you? As a Christian I know I have to find forgiveness, but does that mean pretending nothing happened? Is there a solution that would work for my son? (I am looking to put him on another team in the same club which could cause problems too)

    Fathers and mothers, divorced and married are welcome to reply.


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  • Experts based on the following what are your top 5 stock picks?

    I want companies with low debt, a history of steady growth, a history of strong earnings, and a low P/E ratio.

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  • OK Ladies/Men I need some answers about dating in T.O. Where have the good guys gone?

    I am thinking more and more about getting back into the dating scene and want to know Where are the REAL MEN? I'm talking confident, mature, financially stable, fun loving, mentally sound, honest, employed, car driving, educated, interesting and dare I say nice looking men!

    When I was still with my husband I was hit on/asked out constantly by men whether they saw a ring or not! Now that I have been separated over a year I don't know where to look. I have all the characteristics that I mentioned (and then some) Any ideas?

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  • What is the fastest route to st. pierre and miquelon?

    This is an island just south of Newfoundland and it belongs to France. I would like to go there unless it is cheaper to go to Paris. Any ideas?

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  • Should I buy an extended warranty for 2004 toyota rav4 chili edition?

    I am buying from a dealer where original owner had regular service/maintenance done. Also carproof report came back clean. There is 1yr left on manufacturer warranty for tranny etc only. The dealer is offering a 3yr costing 1800 for 1600. For the car experts out there is it worth it? Also is there specific questions I should ask about the coverage?

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  • Looking at a Toyota Rav4 and a VW Rabbitt at respective Dealers?

    Does anyone own either vehicle and any thoughts on what a reasonable price would be for either? Rav is a 2007 base model, with 26k (leased to a company before) Rabbit a 2008, is next model up, so more extras ie cold package, comfort package, sunroof.

    Also what would be the problems to consider with either vehicle?

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  • What should an athlete eat before a game and how soon before?

    My 9 yr old son and I have this ongoing discussion about whether or not he should eat before a game. He plays Rep soccer and I think it's unhealthy for him not to eat (not a huge meal but something like a yogurt tube, piece of fruit or small bowl of healthy cereal). He says he doesn't need to.

    Any professional athletes or parents of young athletes please share your thoughts.

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  • Should the shoes and bag match?

    I just bought dark chocolate brown boots and a pair of multicoloured oxford patent pumps with black cream and brown. The bag I currently have is black. It seems anything goes these days but should I try to match the bag?

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  • Advice for toning fat just below underarm?

    My arms are toned but I find the area just below the underarm is a little puffy, it is especially noticeable when I wear tank tops (my bras are not tight either) Any suggestions for toning this area?

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  • I am trying to figure out the title and artist of a rock (?) song!?

    I think the song is based on fox hunting. It came out some time in the last 7 years and the sound of the band is similar to Creed or the band that sings With Open Arms. the only parts of the lyrics that I can make out are "....well I feel it "(which is repeated) and "...when the dogs begin to smell her. " Can anyone help me? This song keeps playing in my head and it is BUGGING ME!

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  • How should Work lunches be divided?

    The team I work on went out for Christmas lunch. I ordered a $17 dollar meal and had water. Others had alcoholic beverage and some shared a carafe of wine. At the end of the meal one of my colleagues said lets just split the bill and that is what the Supervisor did so I ended up paying $29 (this also included paying for the meal of one colleague who was going on mat leave). My question to you is would you just pay up and ask how the bill would be paid the next time or would you question it?

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  • Can i connect a cell phone to laptop with wireless internet using Bluetooth?

    I have a dell laptop (latitiude) it is an older model and I recently had an ethernet (?) card installed. I also have a motorola l6 with Bluetooth capabilities. Can I connect to my computer to download my address book and if so how?

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  • What is appropriate for a football date?

    I am meeting an old flame after 15yrs and he invited me and my kids to a game with him and his son. Want to dress to impress but not overdo. Also I want to know more about his past but what would be considered inappropriate conversation?

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