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  • Controlling parents in law help!! ?

    My husbands brother has 2 children and all my parents in law do is slag his wife and her family off behind her back...and say that their son is an excellent father....

     I'm just getting worried now cause my husbands sister just had a baby "who by the way is also excellent" in there eyes, and they are now dropping hints that we should start a family.

    When we give no reaction on subtle hints she gets pissed. She's even getting my husbands syblings to ask when we want kids and we said we don't know if we want. There is no way I could handle that. She would destroy me. My MIL has already told me calmly that she wouldn't be afraid to tell me how to raise my children! Quite frankly I'm scared of her and don't want children now because of her. 

    Please help I don't know how to handle this situation? 

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  • Parents abroad ?

    My parents live abroad in Australia in 16 years I have seen them 2 times. Once in Australia and once in the UK at my brother's wedding. 

    We live in Holland and my parents in law think that my parents should make the effort to come and see where I live and what I have achieved. 

    What do you think? 

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  • My in-laws don't like my parent... ?

    My in-laws don't like my parents. I live in Holland and my parents immergrated to Australia 13 years ago when I was 17. They cant understand why they have not been to visit us and say that they abandoned me.. My parents have made a lot of mistakes and have done nothing for me. They act like they only care about themselves.

    It makes me feel like I can't talk about my family and nobody asks about them either.. It makes me feel like my family is not inportant and all my energy and attention needs to go towards my husband's side of the family. I m not sure what to do! 

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  • My brother has a 4 year old daughter and my parents have not visited them yet.. ?

    My brother has a 4 year old daughter and my parents have not visited them yet.. He lives in the UK and they live in Australia. He is really upset its there 1st grandchild.

    So I told my parents this and now they are angry with me.... 

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  • Parents live abroad.... ?

    My parents live in Australia and haven't been to see me.. They don't even know where I live... I have been to see them 9 years ago.. I saw them at my brothers wedding 6 years ago he lives in the UK. I live in Holland now for 12 years... In the last 6 years I got married"which they asked me to prospone again 3rd time" so they were not there. Also gave up my nationality for a dutch 1 which cost a lot of time and money. And started a restaurant 5 years ago which is successful. They have been there for nothing they missed it all. I have been on my own with my husband since 16 and never been able to get an education because I had to work to support myself. I paid to get braces on minimum wage and I still need to get my driver's license. I feel like they abandoned me. They always make the effort for my older brother and do everything for my younger brother even buy him cars. Please help I don't know what to do everybody tells me they are horrible for not visiting me... 

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