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  • As an Independent, do you lean more towards the Democrat or Republican party? Do those who lean rarely vote in opposition? ?

    Curiosity. :) 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • White House embraces herd immunity: Why do Democrats want proactive decisions, while Republicans want the fastest "solution" possible? ?

    "Herd Immunity" works by infecting a large enough population to create a buffer between those who would die and those who wouldn't by immunity; however, masks artificially create that buffer without infecting many people who could die. Why are Republicans so impulsive and never tend to a problem until it's overblown; after it's overblown, they tend to it in the worse imaginable way...?

    "Herd Immunity" only encourages people to not respect mask mandates; it's probably the real reason behind it. How else will people infect each other? Ironically, if masks didn't work like Republicans believe, "Herd Immunity" should already have been taking place, lol. Since there is no way to know who would develop severe conditions and who wouldn't outside known diseases/age, purposefully infecting everyone is the worse possible "solution", especially when people can re-catch it and die.

    Republicans impede all progress for decades, while democrats push towards growth: Then, they selectively decide which areas they want to "include" into their philosophy after they have been tested by society.  They truly think, "Today's Conservative is yesterday's progressive, just with all the good ideas." SMH. 

    This mentality must bleed into a problem needing to escalate beyond imagination and proving itself to be a problem before they will do something; an intelligent response would foresee the problem & develop solutions before it gets worse. 

    Take care, With Love Through God & Jesus & The Holy Ghost, 

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  • Why do Democrats treat Republican's dialog like they aren't disingenuous while Republicans treat all Democrat's communication as it is? ?

    I've noticed that Democrats will treat obviously disingenuous language meant to promote ulterior reasons as legitimate; Democrats will follow Republicans down the rabbit hole, which Republicans designed, and debate endlessly about disingenuous reasons that cover up their true motivations. Why treat Republican's outrage like it's built on a reasonable foundation?

    However, Republicans mock, ridicule, name call (great with creating derogatory labels at an instant's notice), etc., but they consider nothing outside their party-line messages; they won't take in any of the perspectives of the Democrats arguing since they already wrote them off as "fake" in their minds. There is like a one-way street, and Democrats don't seem to realize it. 

    If you disagree as a Democrat, what am I perceiving incorrectly? Two-way communication is the only way to resolve problems; democrats could be more intellectual, so they endlessly try to get through to Republicans, but in doing so, they legitimize all their irrational, ulterior language. 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • Democrats, why do Republicans have an imagination thinking that "less government" resolves all problems in a complex, integrated system? ?

    Have you noticed that Republicans have no problem with regulation when something negatively affects them? Do you agree "less government" is the answer to everything? That life will gravitate towards a stable and sustainable system without rules meant to weed out corruption and manipulation?

    The law system has so many laws since people exploit, especially Republicans, IMO. Thus, without the laws, how bad will it be if people are already going around the rules to do nefarious activities? 

    Republican policies might work better in small rural areas ruled by social justice, but Republican policies wouldn't work outside their bubble-communities and idealistic imaginings. 

    What do you think? Am I wrong? Do you agree with Republicans that less government, too little of government, would lead to more growth and sustainability? I am for a balanced government. When Republicans say "less government", they mean "too little". 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • Democrats, have you ever had a profitable conversation with a Republican where you found common ground? If so, what was the experience?" ?

    I'm curious if any Democrats ever had a constructive conversation with Republicans that produced good fruits? If so, how often does it happen? Almost every conversation I have with Republicans ends the same way: Toxicity, finger-pointing, and no common ground; Republicans I've met have no room for any view outside their own. 

    With all the political debate, everyone is firm in their own viewpoints and won't change; it's pointless to discuss when there is no progress. Why even have conversations with Republicans outside of understanding them, which, at times, I wish I didn't. 

    The perpetual disagreements accomplish nothing, so why do people continue to think they do like a mouse caught in a maze? Am I wrong? Do other Democrats have friendly conversations that lead somewhere? 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • Democrats, which Republican policies are the most detrimental to the growth of the US for you? ?

    I'm curious which policies have negatively affected you and which ones will negatively affect you?

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • Democratic Christians, how do you manage all the toxicity Republicans spill into politics and your emotional reaction to harmful policies ?

    As Christians, we should love everyone and forgive them, yet Republicans, often Christian, inject so much hatred and toxicity into the world as a majority; they actively harm by opposing beneficial programs through their collective. It's hard not instantly to lose all respect for a person when they reveal they are Republicans. 

    Do any other Republican Christians have problems reconciling love with emotions of anger whenever they see Republicans behaving appallingly, consistently as a majority? I cannot be the only one that has to compartmentalize ambivalent emotions of love and anger. 

    It truly is hard to not instantly lose respect for all Republicans when there could be Republicans that are against the party's majority party line. Politics corrupt character, and Republicans are more political than the average Democrat, IMO; most Democrats wouldn't be as political if not for Trump and his detrimental policies, while Republicans would remain just as political. 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • If Republicans through their judicial machinations got ACA overturned, the medical industry would layoff what percentage of medical jobs?

    The medical industry expanded to meet the demand of new insurance members who could no longer afford medical, or they could get forced onto throwaway plans: How many job losses do you think will come from an ACA overturn? How many job creations were from ACA? 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • If Republicans through their judicial machinations got ACA overturned, how many people would lose coverage and not get medications they need?

    Are you on medications that you cannot just come off of? Can you afford the medications you are on? I imagine this will really affect those who need insulin and those who need anti-psychotics. If you just come off anti-psychotics cold turkey, you can become suicidal. 

    Do you know anyone on medications they cannot come off of? What about upcoming critical surgeries that could need to be canceled? 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • Republicans, what rationalizations do you use to legitimize taking away healthcare from people who would die without it like before ACA? ?

    Do you not feel complicit in supporting politicians that will remove the ACA and allow people to have less functioning lives or die? 

    It's ironic since Republicans will outwardly display support for medical Gofundme drives and community fundraising for critically ill people, yet they don't want a system that will equally help everyone, even the ones they support; they want selectively to decide who lives and who dies. 

    Am I too harsh? What legitimizations did you conjure up to excuse yourself from the complicity? You write it off like they made poor choices, didn't work hard, and it's not your responsibility? Is that how you view your personal crusades that you support on Gofundme and local charity drives for your friends? They were just lazy bums who should have afforded medical, but you will offer them your handouts and charity, right? 

    What am I missing? You think Republicans who resist the ACA will suddenly include everything in the ACA, like preexisting conditions and medicaid expansion? Lol. You think they even have a proper plan beyond throwaway plans? You don't really care, do you? As long as you have better health care on the backs of others paying more, you couldn't care less, could you? 

    It feels good to feel you have power over everyone again, doesn't it? Lol. 

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  • Republicans, do you think your outlooks correlate with judging a person's worth by how much money they have? ?

    I've noticed that a lot of Republican's thought processes correlate with how much money a person has: If they have more money, they made better decisions in life; if they need money, they are lazy bums who didn't work hard. There are a lot of correlations with the Republican party's party-line messages and love of money. How do they differentiate their pursuit of wealth and outlooks towards the poor with abhorring a love of money, which is the root of all evil? 

    I constantly run into dialog that correlates a lack of wealth with a person's worth; do they not notice this as a party? Whenever they are against helping people, they use derogatory language like they are stealing their money and wanting "handouts", while they are hardworking people who deserve what they have. They derogatorily talk about the poor and how they made bad choices they need to live with since they lack wealth, but they made excellent choices since they have it. If you work at a low-income job, they call you lazy, or you would have a job that pays more money. 

    The linking attribute is "more money makes you a better person" in their psychology. Do they realize they are doing this or rationalize it away with justifications and alternate perspectives?

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • Republicans, if you lose the Senate and Presidency, would forcing a Supreme Nominee and supporting Trump all of these years be worth it? ?

    Curious if you've considered the pros and cons of supporting Trump and operating contrarily to your word. 

    Would it be worth it? If you are hardcore and cannot imagine a world where Trump would lose, suspend your belief for this question :) 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • Republicans, what do you consider "reform" outside of reversing progress that you don't agree with? What would you change, not reverse?

    I'm interested to know which areas in life would you add to, not reverse to a previous, less regulated state? Beyond reversing progress that Democrats add to the world, what do you consider progress? 

    I would be interested to know what areas you would change, not deregulate. What would you add to the world that didn't exist before?

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 


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  • How can the stock market keep jumping and remain high based on information that never happens? ?

    I don't get how the stock market remains high on info that doesn't pan out, nor how the stock market could fair so well when society is having a hard time. 

    I understand that businesses could layoff and that the tax cuts helped, but I am surprised that the stock market isn't crashing hard. I know people invest in select areas that are doing good, but can the stock market stay so high during touch times for so long? If people aren't buying as they used to, how can it remain high? 

    When people say the stock market is rallying under [blank], are they really investing because of [black], or are they just investing in the stock market since it's climbing and they need money?

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • As a Republican, do you think you have a higher calling to rid the system of Democrats, so the end justify the means? ?

    I keep running into this philosophy within the Republican party: They have a higher calling to weed out Democratic corruption from the government system; thus, they can play dirty and use any means to justify that end. Do they really believe that on conscious level? 

    Like with the Supreme Court nominee: Republicans throw out excuses to justify it, but they know it's false justifications to cover up operating against one's own rules; however, deep down, they must believe that going against their rules is better than operating by them. They think it's a greater evil to not violent the Lame Duck rule on this occasion. 

    I can logically comprehend their dilemma: They are against LGBTQ marriage and sex; they are against abortion. Thus, conservative majority in the justice system and supreme court would enforce their principles onto US society. They justify the means by stating its more abhorrent to allow it to continue.

    However, prescribing to a philosophy where you can throw away all values you have to justify an end isn't good; it's very destructive. Do you think Republicans consciously consider the ramifications? Do Republicans truly believe they are doing no wrong since they are opposing a greater evil? 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,  

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  • As a Republican, do you look for faults in Democrats to legitimize your own party's? If so, do you justify two wrongs as right in your life?

    I'm curious if Republicans support the activity of finger-pointing and fault-finding to justify destructive courses within their own party. Does this activity extend to their personal lives? If they find faults on another side, do they think it gives them the right to do it, too? 

    Do they typically look for errors in others to alter their own course? If they found a problem with the other side, do they think it means they don't have to obey their own values and rules? From my vantage point, it looks like a majority of Republicans do it in debate, so I am curious if the activity is strongly supported or not within their party; when you see others doing it, do you support them? 

    It doesn't matter if Democrats do it or not, it's your morality/ethicality and behavior that I am curious about as a group. 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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  • As a Republican, do you support your party's rushing a Supreme Court Justice through less than a month before election? Find it hypocritical?

    I'm curious how many Republicans support their party's Lame Duck rule since they developed it, yet going against it when it benefits them? How do you reconcile the hypocrisy? Do you care about the hypocrisy? 

    There is the failed reason to justify an ulterior motive going around that Lame Duck doesn't apply with your party rules the White House and Senate; however, we know that is a BS reason. Passing through a Supreme Court nomination is always easiest when your party's a majority in the White House and Senate, regardless of election year, lol; an election year doesn't matter. 

    Do you think Republicans should throwaway their values and play dirty to "win"? Do you think there is a higher calling that allows you to not honor your ethics and morals when you would enforce them on your opposition? I would be curious to know the reasoning behind the justification. Do you really buy the qualifiers that appeared out of the blue to justify the Republicans pushing the Justice through? 

    Long-term, this can't create a suitable environment for the future, but it could further create an environment similar to civil War. Do you really want to support your party's involvement towards that end? If you think Trump is going to win, what is there to gain by throwing away your own rules? 

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, 

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