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  • A question regarding foreign exchange.?

    I want to take part in an exchange program before I graduate high school, to meet people, and have the experience, but I need to know this. My parents probably wouldn't be open to being a host family, so, my question is, if I go, would my family have to be a host family?

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  • Could this be a way to be barefoot at school?

    I love walking around barefoot, and I have all my life. I don’t mean some cutesy Pinterest version of it, either. I mean I walk barefoot so often that my one pair of shoes were the last thing I unpacked from the car after a camping trip. I didn’t finish unpacking until a week after the trip, and they were unpacked specifically for a trip to the grocery store, to avoid being kicked out. I walked barefoot at my town’s yearly festival-thing. And no, I did not step in dropped food or beer bottles when barefoot. A feat I cannot say I accomplished in my shoes.

    And so my question is this: do you think it would be possible to make a pair of barefoot sandals with enough decoration on the top that they look like regular flip-flops, but not enough decoration to attract a lot of attention? I’d keep my regular shoes on hand in case of a lab in chemistry, I was caught, or if there was some accident where it would be dangerous to walk barefoot. (broken glass, or other dangerous stuff. I can walk on hot asphalt and run on gravel, though, and yesterday I went for a bike ride barefoot. (Well, I had my sister's flip-flops with me, but I almost fell off the bike three times, and gave up, so I took them off mid-pedal.)

    I have a few reasons for wanting to do this, besides my love of being barefoot in general- I broke my toe over the summer, and it bothers me less when my shoe doesn't constantly bump it, and my ankles are weak, or "loose", and tend to randomly collapse, and being barefoot allows me to hold onto the ground, or in really annoying cases, the edge of the stair, so that I don't fall. So what do you think? Could it work? Is it worth a shot? Also, please don't answer preaching about how gross and horrible it is to be barefooted. It's actually really good for your feet, back, and neck, and I rarely get sick, as opposed to my friends, who are constantly wearing shoes, and who are out of school sick at least five days a year. I don't step in poop, and I rarely get splinters, since years of going barefoot have taught me to look where I step. I also walk on tip-toe, like the werewolves in those old movies. ^__^

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  • School counselor not so impartial. Help?

    Okay, so there's a girl in our lunch who thinks she's the best because her mom says so. No joke. The teachers give her the answers, and she thinks she's a part of our friend group. I'd be fine with her, if she hadn't acted bratty to us all year, blamed my friend for breaking a wii and calling the police as a false alarm at her house. My friend was nowhere near the wii or phone at those times. Anyways, she puts her bags on the lunch table's bench, which mean our actual friends have to be squashed up against the side and falling off the bench. So on Friday, all my friends and I brought all our bags and stuff to lunch and took up our half of the lunch table. She went to sit by the other group on the other side, and gave us all dirty looks. She told her mom, who said we can't be friends with her (may I say thank god??) but the girl then continues to sit with us. We're all -just a bit- peeved that she can't take a hint. Then on Tuesday, she tells the counselor, who, without hearing our side, yells at us and threatens that if it happens again, we'll get detentions. So what, are we supposed to let the world's biggest brat win this, just because the teacher's too dumb to do her job correctly?? (they're supposed to hear both sides before making judgements like this) And on Friday, my friends planned to bring in treats for each other. Are we obligated to bring in something for her, even though we're celebrating something that happened to a friend, and has nothing to do with her?? Note: in 6th grade, another friend of mine and I were bullied. We talked to the counselor and the principal, but the only person who punished the bullies was a teacher who caught them harassing me outside before school. So what can I do about this misinformed counselor, and how can we bring in treats for ourselves without her whining about not getting any of OUR treats to our FRIENDS, and us getting a detention?

  • How can I deal with a teacher like this?

    Okay, so I've had this teacher for six years. She teaches me for advanced reading, and used to also teach me in math. When I was little I liked her a lot, until I started noticing little things, like how she would talk to me like I was too slow to understand, and how she would look at me the same.. Last year, when I still had her for math, the kids she favorites (yes, she also favorites, and acts like they're geniuses.. dad says it's politics, but I won't get too far into that unless I need to) were solving a problem at the board, some other kids, (including me) were solving on little whiteboards at the table. So I finish the problem, then they finish at the board. The teacher walks up to me and asks if I understood, and if I saw where I went wrong... I had the correct answer the whole time... Then this year she corrected my paper that said "..with the fences not yet up, 50,000 people..." she corrected that to this: "with the fences were not yet up, 50,000 people..." I confronted her, and told her that the correction (THAT I GOT DOWNGRADED FOR) didn't make sense, she said a lot of what I wrote didn't make sense. There's another kid that she treats the same way. Now, I have to deal with her for two more years, even though I won't be going to that school, because I know she'll treat my sisters the same way, and I'll hear about it. If I say the wrong thing, my mom (works in district) and my sisters will pay.. I wrote a poem for her class that clearly hinted to what she had done to me for all those years, but she loved it, and never even took that hint... (And she tells ME to read for understanding!) I think I might just get my fun out of the things she's too dumb to realize about me Until I'm free, but I'm so SICK of her walking all over me, even if I try to fight back. Any ideas on how to deal with her?

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  • I'm so fed up with my church and my mom right now. What can I do?

    Okay, so for church, we have a family mass, then the next day another one, and right after that I have to go to the six hour rally for confirmation. THEN, my teacher decides I should be an altar server, which I don't want to be AT ALL. I didn't want to do it in second grade, I haven't changed since then. I told my mom this, after she goes all "Grandma will be so proud!" on me, and she gives me this look like I'm the worst person on Earth. Is it so wrong to not want to do something, especially when you know that you didn't enjoy it before? f so, why is it so wrong?

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  • Question about public schools?

    My sisters and I go to a public school where the sixth grade teachers have banned the use of bags to carry books to class in on the grounds that "boys cant use bags." Right before this happened a boy had been using a bag, as well as many of the girls in the grade. After the ban was put into effect, a girl in my sister's class was yelled at for using a bag. The teacher asked, "Can boys use bags!?" at this, a boy in the class stood up to defend the girl by saying that in fact, boys CAN use bags. the teacher then asked him if he would use a bag, and he said no. But One kid not wanting to use a bag doesn't mean that all boys won't use bags. It's all a matter of personal choice. It's like banning lunches brought from home because not every single person likes to bring a lunch. I think this is totally sexist and based on stereotypes, but I want to know if teachers can make decisions based on gender stereotypes in public schools, as well as how to remove the ban. I can live with the teacher's stupid decisions, but my sisters have two more years of this school, and if these teachers convince the other teachers to do the same, and i didn't do anything.....

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  • I have a Pokemon question?

    What is the theme song for Pokemon where part of it shows the characters jumping on pillars while the pillars behind them fall? I think it was the one right before this one

    Youtube thumbnail

    , but I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure it was right before Diamond and Pearl though.

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  • Why haven't they done anything?

    Last year my friend's house was robbed, right before she came home from school. The police were called (obviously) and they spent a little while figuring out who did it. They found the guy, but it's been a while, almost a year at least, and they've never done anything about it. My friend thinks it's because they blame her brother for other things, which weren't his fault at all. Are they ever going to do anything or are they biased against my friend's family?

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  • Is my finger just jammed or did I break it?

    On the eighth of December I was playing basketball at school and I reached up for the ball. It hit the tip of my middle finger and it hurt really bad. At the end of gym it was showing a little bit of bruising, like pale red and a little purple. (this is where it's different than any other time I've had a jammed finger. Two years ago I jammed both my pinky fingers only a few months apart. Usually it gets really puffy, white and dark purple right away on the whole finger. But not this time.) I showed the teacher and my parents. The next day I woke up and it hurt again, but there was more bruising, so I showed my parents and the teacher. It's a week later and I've been pretty careful with it, and the bruising changed from purple to green, to pretty much gone, then I got these weird bruise spots on the side of the finger, and today it's still puffy and it kind of hurts to bend it, but if I grab something or bump it the finger hurts. Is it broken or just jammed??

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  • Will bubble bath hurt a whirlpool tub if you don't turn the thing on?

    My parents won't let me use bubble bath because it will hurt the whirlpool tub (I hate that thing so much for that) but the thing is, I don't use the jets. Ever. Actually, no one uses them unless they're in pain (last time it was used a family member had been in an accident. That was years ago) So, will bubble bath or bath salts etc. hurt a whirlpool tub if it's not turned on??

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  • I have a question about

    Ok, so, I'm planning a project that involves spandex, and since it's cheaper to get it from than to get it from Joann's since this project involves fabric for 4 people. There's only one problem. I can't use a credit card to buy anything. So, I was wondering- does spandex world .com accept visa debit cards?

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  • I need help with aTransformice issue?

    Ok, so when I try to play transformice I can't see the top part of the screen (the time left etc.) and the bottom of chat doesn't load, meaning I can't change rooms or talk. Why is this happening?? D:

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  • Is this a seizure or something else?

    I know I should be asking my doctor, but I don't know how to contact her (mom does that since I'm 13) Okay, so yesterday I started having a headache in gym class, then everything went fuzzy and blurry and I couldn't make out voices very well. I guess I got hit (I was playing dodge-ball) and the teacher asked me if I was okay. I don't remember what I said to anyone, but she left me alone after my answer. Then I remember tasting something bad and feeling like I was going to throw up. After that passed I tried to play, but ended up handing the ball to another kid. Then I started pacing along the stage, which runs parallel to the line in between the teams. My friend asked me something, which I don't remember at all, but I felt better by the time we went to change, although I missed the door handle and had to try and grab it again. This happened before and when I told mom about it ( a little too long after) she said it probably was a fever, but when she checked yesterday, no fever. Then I fell asleep and ended up sleeping somewhere between 14 and 17 hours. I have had two seizures that I know of where similar things happen (I don't remember the first, which was two years ago, but I remember one on super bowl Sunday this year.) I remembered parts of it, and was very confused, and had no balance, nor could I speak, and I looked spaced out (information I got from mom when she told me and the doctors). I have three questions: one, was this a seizure or something else? and two, if what happened in gym happened in the shower like on super bowl sunday (like, if I tried to start pacing) would I end up probably slipping because I wouldn't be able to hold myself up as easily? And three: is it easy for people to tell if someone's having a seizure if they still walk around like I did?

    2 AnswersOther - Health9 years ago
  • Chances of this happening?

    Bringing home a pair of female rats and one being pregnant? I mean, because the Petsmart by us only sells females, but I've heard that even then some people end up with a litter... So, what are the chances of this happening? No rude answers please!!

    5 AnswersRodents9 years ago
  • Our neighbor's dog is terrorizing our block. Can we do anything if...?

    So here's the deal. Our neighbors have a big dog, (pit-bull-something mix) named Maggie. Well, Maggie gets out,and chases our dog. Dad ends up with dog, returning her to neighbor (who he had been talking to) Again, Maggie is out, almost attacks my neighbor across the street. Then, later, almost attacks the neighbor's new puppy. Halloween last year. Trick or treating across the street from where Maggie lives, we hear a yelp, and Maggie's owner yells "Maggie!" when we cross to trick or treat at the "spook house" a woman is holding a scared looking chihuahua. Another time, mom is walking our dog near the dog's house (this is toward when we got her from grandma, for reasons I don't want to talk about, so about two years ago) Maggie gets out, runs at mom and our dog. Mom, not wanting to get between them, hoists our dogin the air by the leash and runs home, probably not comfortable for our dog, but she's to light to be of any harm to herself, and she was fine. Again, the dog is out, and we're preparing the car for a firewood pickup, and our dog is with us. Dad all of a sudden orders me to hold our dog, and he closes the truck doors. being dog boy, he gets the dog to leave. Our neighbor kiddie corner to us in the back planned to get a puppy. the little girl was very excited about it, but they can't because Maggie jumps chain-link fences. The owners are real snobs about it too. Only one good thing came of Maggie's reign of terror. We let our dog in the back to relieve herself, because she loves dad too much to leave home. But for some reason, she decided to venture away, two doors down across the street, in their backyard. This house happens to be directly in front of Maggie's house. Maggie was inside, and barked. Our dog, having been chased twice and taunted many times by Maggie, got scared and came home. Is there anything we can do to assure that the dogs on our block are safe? Can we force them to put up higher fences, and a stronger gate that she can't get through in the driveway? I have a big stick in the playhouse if that dog ever gets out while I'm with our dog in the backyard, run up the stairs, close the door, jab dog in eyes with stick. I'm about ready to call animal control and get the monster sent to the pound next time she gets out. Help?? Our Neighborhood is in your hands. :P (accounts of the dog encounters are not in correct order)

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  • Is this a good deal with my mom?

    Ok, so I don't feel that I need braces, not because I would be embarrassed, but because I like myself the way I am. I also want to get pet rats. My mom doesn't want rats, but she wants me to stop complaining about having to get braces. She also wants more help around the house. So, would it be a smart or dumb idea to make my mom a deal about that? That I get rats and she gets more help around the house with no complaint and she gets my to not threaten to bite off the orthodontist's finger. I also would take care of the rats and do my homework, and I'm trying to earn money from that I could use to buy food and bedding and toys and vet check ups and a good cage and supplies for them, as well as treats. I've researched owning pet rats time and time again for over a year, I've babysat three rats on various occasions, and I have a friend who could watch them if we go on trips. So I just need my parents to agree basically.

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  • Is there any good reason why?

    Ok, so my dentist and mom say I need braces. I don't agree at all because, although my teeth are crooked, I don't want to have to give up eating my favorite foods and chewing gum AGAIN. I had a spacer for a pulled tooth in second grade and now I can't stand metal touching my teeth. I hated having a spacer because I love gum, and I cut my tongue a lot trying to get it off. Also, my teeth don't cause me discomfort or pain or anything of the sort, so I don't see why I need to have braces. I don't take care of my teeth good enough as it is, I'll admit, so this will just worsen the problem as food will get stuck and won't go away as easy. So this will basically wreck my teeth just to make them straighter for no other reason than vanity. My question is, why can they make this decision for me? I've repeated this many times, but I don't care about having picture perfect Barbie doll teeth, and I'm not being caused pain by my teeth. No matter what they do, I'll still have a small mouth. actually, it's better with my two sideways teeth because is saves room.

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  • I have a question about cake and rats.?

    I'm making a Betty Crocker Moist White Cake with homemade cream cheese frosting (butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar) My question, my friend and I were joking around because I'm watching her rat, and she asked me to put some of the mix aside and make a separate tiny cake for her rat. So is it safe for the little angel to eat??

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  • What do you think would happen if..?

    My friend knows that I want to get pet rats. She also knows my sister wants pet mice. My parents will not agree until we get the house fixed up. What do you think would happen if my friend got us these animals for our birthdays?? (honest opinion, we realize that it is not all fun and games to take care of another life, you have to make sure they are happy, that they are cared for when sick, and taken care of every day, and to make sure there will always be someone to feed them, and they need food and bedding and love and their teeth keep growing so the need stuff to chew and scratch and since they are very intelligent, they need mind stimulation, and love to run, play and climb. I know that 10 minutes of play per day is a horrible life for a rat, they need to spend time with people and other rats. I MUST GET TWO RATS. solid floors only, no grates, aquariums are bad, coated wires are good because exposed metal will react with urine. bedding must not be cedar or pine, dusty bedding is a big no no.) Okay, I've made my point, I've been researching for a year now, so, um, yeah (It would take forever to type everything I've learned, and you probably aren't tolerating this long question anyway. READ ON! XD. ) I realize what I would be in for. But what do you think would be my parents' reaction to the rats???

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  • I spilled water on my net-book keyboard. Should I worry if..?

    It's still working, all the wet keys still work right now, i dried it up right away and all, but should I worry about the water causing something that isn't going wrong right now?

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago