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  • In President Obamas' Prepared Remarks?

    Can some one tell me where we at least acknowledge that it was just another Islamic brain dead terrorist? Not once is the term Muslim, Islam, Mo hammered etc mentioned. These accurately descriptive terms are absent from the whole "prepared" remarks and reading it could indict just about any "faith". Can we at least point out the fact as a Christian nation, that once again, Islam as an ideology, is again at the center of another hate filled violent episode and that this specific "faith" obviously contains large amounts of people that simply want to kill any westerner or non-believer they manage to come into contact with.

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  • Next Stop 11% or will we "save" even more?

    Give me a couple billion and I will "save" some jobs too.

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  • Is this Delusional or what?

    Lets see election returns don't matter.

    1.8 Million people on 9-12 wha???? Didn't see them.

    Is this anything but delusional?

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  • How many jobs could you have saved?

    Like 350 billion to "save" 1,000,000 jobs.

    Really I think I can do better than saving 1,000,000 jobs with that mush cashola, I could save another 100,000 easily with that much cash. How do I get involved in disbursing the next 400 billion?

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  • If Iran has 10s of thousands protesting...?

    Does that code word into a couple million also or can the Iranians simply count better?

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  • How many of the bogus 45 million uninsured number...?

    actually make enough to "afford it" and have it available and yet they just personal elect not to pay for it?

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  • If Health care is a basic human right?.....?

    When can we expect to expand the new US health care single payer system to other countries around the world? Wouldn't this be fair? We could fly them in for care or just let them walk in from Mexico, Central and South America. Health care cruises from Africa and the Mid-East, now that would be a significant contribution toward basic human rights and maybe more countries would "like us". We can give away pharmaceuticals to any and all who "need it", world wide. We should not morally deny treatment if there is a need somewhere in the world simply for a lack of filthy money and dirty profiteers.

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  • Obama in Disarray or is it all planned confusion?

    Yes, on public option, No, on public option, No way no, Yes on public option...... No on tax increases accept for.........

    Does this lend substance to anything the man says?

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  • Obama in Disarray or is it all planned confusion?

    Yes, on public option, No, on public option, No way no, Yes on public option...... No on tax increases accept for.........

    Does this lend substance to anything the man says?

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  • What is the Body Count in Iraq lately?

    I mean since the new leave in a hurry progressive policy has been put in play. How many innocent women and children have been killed?

    What's the number, aren't the press keepin score anymore?

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  • How is health care a right?

    I have heard this a number of times that somehow health care is a right? What is that, something new in the Constitution or something? You have a right to afford it as an American and are given an even playing field to achieve this goal of affording health care so why do those that demand it, as a "right", want it for free and for me to pay for their health care? What is it, they can't "afford it"? Why is that now my issue to solve with my wages?

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  • When will you turn in your neighbor for suspicious activity?

    Is that really the new program? Starting to look like Cuba and the old Soviet Union of yesterday. Who is my block party leader?

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  • When Your Congressman is Afraid to Have a Town Hall Meeting?

    Aren't they just a coward? They refuse to answer for their treason. They refuse to answer for the unending violations of the US Constitution. The refuse to answer for the enslavement of our children with debt and refuse to answer for their own votes.

    Isn't this a cowards path? To hide from their decisions on our behalf?

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  • How Much Will Congress Allow me to Pay Myself?

    Now that they have regulated salaries I wonder how much I can take out of my businesses. If they don't allow the rich fat cats the salaries to pay for Health Care who will end up paying?

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  • I thought it was Global Warming?

    Apparently people are starting to wonder about this global warming mania since temperatures appear to not be co-operating and the liberals now have changed the message to "climate change" which to me is synonymous with "weather" and the House just passed the worlds largest tax increase for changes in weather? Is that right?

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  • Iraq listing into anarchy again?

    Is the liberal policy of disengagement from Iraq working and where do the liberals stand on that old body count dealy. At what quantity of bodies do they admit thier retreat policy in Iraq is a failed policy.

    I'd ask this of old Hilley, but she seems to be in charge of nuthin anymore. Maybe Bermuda or Barbados or something.

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  • Is there really gonna be an extra tax in lawn mowers?

    and weed whackers, chain saws and snowblowers? I can't believe what I am hearing on the internet.

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  • Will Libs embrace the carnage in Iraq?

    Since the liberals have pushed and pushed to get the troops home at all cost, will they now accept, as thiers, the increase in bloodshed as the regional powers move to fill the vacuum as US troops are "drawn down". Do such feckless political decisions plan on continuing. Can it be possible to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory so as to enforce the conviction we never should have been there in the first place? Kind of like being a little bit pregnant, but then we all know what you do about pregnancies now don't we?

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  • Obama said "may", where do you stand?

    Do You Agree with This?

    "This is essential," Obama said. "For this crisis may have started on Wall Street. But its impacts have been felt by ordinary Americans who rely on credit cards, home loans and other financial instruments."

    In a rebuttal, from an opposing viewpoint, who is correct?

    In my opinion, this all started with the government laws, rules, regulations and social policy. I did not say "may" I said, did. It has spanned many administrations and many Congresses. It certainly has and is impacting all Americans.

    We have lost a massive amount of money and now we want better government. And we want to know how this happened. We have many questions. We do want to affix blame.

    Where do you stand?

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