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Heart Attack Jack

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  • What percentage of questions asked are truly sincere?

    I usually only answer questions in diseases and conditions specifically about heart diseases. I'm a heart attack suvivor and I have to admit that some of my answers are off the wall because I am amazed at the lack of concern with some of the symptoms people say they experience. I may have answered my own question because only about 50% of my answers are truly sincere. Oh well give me a % or take a wack, it's all in fun.

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  • I believe i have that Million Dollar Idea. Have made a Crude Working Proto Type. No PHD Here. ??Next Step??

    I,m 54 years old self employed in the HVAC Industry and also a Heart Attack Survivor!! I have been self employed for over 20 years. Have many mechanical skills. NO a Good Idea when i see one. This is a new arena for me. The fact is that's what i,m looking for. Do a Google Search and type in "The Wreck that Saved Jack Warren's Life". Need some genuine information.

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