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  • What’s a good example of defamation of character? ?

    I know it’s not a crime but more so a civil issue in which someone can take another to court and sue them. But I feel what can be defined as defamation can be vague; there’s a plethora of ways to ruin someone’s life and reputation. One high school girl branding another girl she hates as a slut and proceeds to spread rumors about her on and offline which result in her being harassed excessively...could this be defamation and a reason for the victim to sue? Or is it for more severe cases like someone knowingly lying about a lawyer using illegal drugs to cost him his career as well as his good name? 

    What exactly is defamation of character and what would be examples of it? What does a scenario need for there to be a green light to sue? 

    Law & Ethics5 months ago
  • Who seriously insults a baby? ?

    Just saw one of the most vicious, nastiest arguments I’ve ever come across. Someone made a post asking members of the group (online) to share pictures of their kids to pass time out of boredom with quarantine and all. So people proceeded to. A girl left a picture of her baby daughter in which some *** who clearly has bad blood with said girl replied, “Your baby is insanely beautiful....even though she has the genes of a *insert nasty insults that can’t be repeated* and a hoodlum for a dad.” Friends of this loon joined in and started insulting the baby’s looks with one onlooker going on about how said it was that this girl was even too passive to come in and defend her baby. I was like 😳😡🤬

    But seriously, who insults a baby? What do you think prompts someone to insult a persons kids in order to upset them? Do you think that’s a boundary that shouldn’t be crossed? Or am I just a pansy...which I doubt...

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  • Telling another person to kill themselves...?

    when an individual commits suicide after going through a highly emotionally stressful experience and was told to kill them selves by others consistently before doing so, do you believe those who told her to commit suicide are responsible in any way? Like did they help this end result along the way? Do you think legally these people who harass the victim as well as telling them to “just kill yourself” should be held accountable in any way, shape, or form?

    Grandmother and I (quarantined together) were having some kind of debate. My personal take is that anytime someone bullies or harasses a clearly emotionally fragile person to the point of harming themselves, let alone TELLS them or encourages them to kill themselves, plays a significant role in something tragic happening to said person and that they should be held accountable in some manner. Even legally if possible. Sorry, actions have consequences. Especially matters of how you treat other people. Don’t push someone and expect them to be perfectly fine or not have your behavior bite you hard in the ***. What’s your take? 

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  • Illegal to withhold evidence?

    Is it ever legal or not punishable to take evidence that may clear someone’s name of a crime or vice  versa (or convict them of said crime)? For instance, a friend of the victim hears of the defendant having videos acquitting them of a heinous crime so they “confiscate” (work in a facility where they’re able to take a visitors belongings as authority figures of said place) electronic devices containing this videos and hold them from the defendant and anyone who knows the defendant? 


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  • I can’t take this **** anymore ?

    For the past 2 months, I’ve been struggling with intrusive daydreams that are plaguing my head and making my life a living hell as of now. It’s gotten to the point where I’m trying to take new medication for anxiety which is normally the last thing I’d consider but it’s becoming that chaotic.

    For background info; I’ve had some ****** experiences with a group of women back when I was young, still a teen. I also have what I believe to be symptoms of severe OCD (intrusive thoughts and fears that make little sense) that I’ve actually been having a hard time with since 2016. Combine painful memories with OCD symptoms and you’ll likely get what I’m about to talk about. I don’t know.

    I keep fantasizing that I’m living in this group home with these women, and a young girl there is accusing me of being physically abusive to her. These women believe her and instantly start to persecute me. They take this contract I somehow signed where I ‘ok’ them taking extreme measures to ‘punish me’, so they basically brutally attack me till I’m injured, shave my head, and at the worst cause me to miscarry and set me up to be raped. Yeah, it’s that disturbing and scary. I keep dreaming of ways to try to help myself, like these videos I have showing that I’m innocent but I can just never get to show these women said videos. Instead I’m trapped, in every sense of the word.

    Tonight I daydreamt that I was beaten till black, blue, and bloodied and even strangers on the street wouldn’t help. 

    Any tips? 

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  • What to do when you call 911 but it’s not safe to speak? ?

    Say you’re being held at gunpoint by a teenager in the street and no one is around within earshot regarding hearing you speak or yell. Obviously they’d shoot you if you called the police in front of them but is there a way to contact an emergency line and have them come to your location right away or am I incorrect?

    Also, what ways can you defend yourself against a teen with a gun? Know any? Thank you in advance. 

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  • Can A person sue in this case? ?

    Specifically for claims like defamation of character and slander?

    To briefly summarize, I know someone who’s having a hell of a time. I had to delete and rewrite my question three times to cover everything and address this the best way I can.

    Someone I know, a young woman, was accused of physically assaulting a minor child related to a former friend of hers. This child is special needs and has violent outbursts others say she can’t easily help. One night she attacked this woman with a rock and struck her wrist with it so said woman shoved her away in defense but the girl ended up falling down. Someone saw it, seemingly thought this woman had did more than shove the girl and relayed this story to the girls mother. So the family of the minor child are angry and want justice.

    They went to the police and this woman was able to give them evidence that cleared her of most (?) or said charges. But this family continues to harass her; confront her in public and proceed to yell, scream, cuss and even attacked her to the point where there’d be blood. Even on an occasion where a two year old child under this woman’s care at the time was present. 

    The police, after speaking to the family, they seem to be more in commiseration with them and don’t do enough to curb this behavior. Now there’s neighbors of this family who are saying they’ve been blasting this woman online and spreading word that she’s a child abuser, supposedly trying to make this go viral. Please, do you have any solutions

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  • How strong is video evidence?

    Is it stronger than witness accounts in court or during a police investigation? Had a fun debate with my grandmother about this hours ago. 

    Can videos automatically free someone of charges if it portrays they didn’t do it despite witnesses claiming they had?

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  • Can you transfer files from a broken laptop to another computer? ?

    My brother threw my laptop down on the pavement and smashed it. It’s completely broken but I’m wondering if I can still get things I’ve saved on it. Like videos from my phone, pictures, things like this? Is there a way or is it basically hopeless? Thanks in advance for answering 

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  • What is needed for child to be removed from parents’ care? ?

    Can an accusation alone, specifically one simply stating that someone neglected their infant, cause CPS to investigate or even take the child or is more needed to finalize a decision to take the baby?

    It’s for a story that I’m writing. A girl was accused of a heinous crime against a child that she gave evidence that she didn’t do thus the charges were dropped. The accusers, unhappy with the outcome, decide to take her child and threaten to give false reports of neglect to make her lose custody in order to get a confession of the crime out of her. In a situation like this, what can my character do to help herself? And can this legally take place where they can convince the CPS on hearsay evidence alone to take the baby? 

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  • Is this kidnapping according to the law?

    I read a story where a woman had to fight a mob of people for her baby daughter one day. Basically, these people suspected her of abusing someone’s child but she was cleared of mostly all charges by the police and wasn’t facing jail time. Some time later she gives birth to a baby girl and is confronted by her accusers. They don’t believe the child is hers so they forcefully take the baby and are keeping her away from the child. She fought time and time again to get her child back but they physically overpower her. It was a long time until this was resolved. Would this be considered kidnapping or something different given the circumstances (the accusations)?

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  • Do you consider pushing someone to suicide being murder? ?

    Would you call these kinds of bullies murderers to ask frankly? Normally I’d say it’s circumstantial but certain experiences changed that for me, I’d say it very well may make you guilty and with blood on your hands. What’s your opinion? 

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  • How do you handle intrusive thoughts/obsessive thoughts? ?

    I keep having these reoccurring thoughts that have been kicking my *** for weeks. See, I dreamt that I was staying at this plantation (if you will) with a group of volatile women and girls. Very drama filled and chaotic, with one rule being that if someone commits a heinous act then the community can basically have the freedom to hit, slap, kick this person, damage said persons property, cut this persons hair, etc. it’s such a rare occurrence that many sign a waiver agreeing to these terms before entering this place with no worries of it at all.

    Well, long story short...I was accused of “beating up” a teenage disabled girl and this punishment ensued. Nearly every day I’m physically beat, my hairs hacked off, my things are stolen and either broken or kept by the girl I “victimized”, and taunted everyday. The kids are even attacking me. I Have videos of the incidences with the girl that show I didn’t attack her but they won’t load on my phone thus aren’t accessible to view so I can’t show them. Meanwhile the only girl who is “helping me” is calling me pathetic and going on how I need to do more. It’s right when I show these women the videos and they’re about to react that I wake up.

    Now I can’t stop thinking about it all, it never leaves me alone. I find myself daydreaming about it, trying to find small ways to help myself in the dream but it does little to help this ****. I just want to forget this dream but don’t know how. Any advice? 

    2 AnswersPsychology6 months ago
  • What gives someone the right to physically defend themselves? ?

    What do you think? I have a feeling answers will vary. Can you give a specific example along with your answer please? 

    Like for instance, someone attacking you with a rock and causing bodily harm such as a bruised wrist. 

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 months ago
  • Video evidence can acquit me?

    Say you’re accused of physically assaulting someone on multiple occasions 

    but you have video evidence proving you either haven’t been aggressive or were doing bare minimum (shoving the other individual away to the point where they fall) to defend yourself against them striking you? Could these videos have any charges of assault dropped? What if the victim was a minor, does anything change? Thank you in advance.

    I’m asking for a story I’m writing. 

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 months ago
  • Is this possible in a court case...?

    Can a victim of a crime convince the judge to not look at evidence given by the defendant and the defendants attorney? I mean, have the judge dismiss it even without checking it out first? 

    Not asking because I’m in this position btw lol

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