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  • going to japan for 20 days in september.?

    What are the best places to go off the tourist path in your opinion. I am a food and beverage director and my girlfriend is a hairstylist. We also love anime. Thank you for your comments.

    3 AnswersJapan9 years ago
  • best places to live in chicago?

    will be working in the downtown area. looking for a 1 bedroom apartment and to spend less than $1100 per month. what areas should i be looking for the best deals?

    1 AnswerChicago1 decade ago
  • what's the coolest bar for a tourist to go to in downtown chicago tonight?

    8 people ages 25-35. everyone loves tatoos, drinking, rooftop bars.

    1 AnswerChicago1 decade ago
  • for the food loving people of Santa Fe NM?

    I will be there in May and would like to know the "must haves" of Santa Fe. There is info online, but I want to know what the true people of Santa Fe go for. Kind of like what Anthony Bourdain gets when he travels.

    Thanks for helping me out.

    2 AnswersOther - US Dining Out1 decade ago
  • Cherry experts? Maraschino Cherries

    trying to make a high quality "maraschino" cherry for a party. I have the maraschino liquor, cherri pitter, but how do I make them round and tight in appearance. Do I use salt? I have soaked some in the liquor already, but they look a it wrinkly and or flat. What kind of cherries should I use and what method, brining/ pickling, should I use?

    1 AnswerBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • how do you keep pitted olives bright green?

    what can i add to the pickling juice to keep them bright green? I have mason jars, cryo-vac machine, etc. any ideas will be helpful.


    2 AnswersOther - Food & Drink1 decade ago
  • To All The Mixologists and Bar Flies!?

    need recomendations for a new type of cherry besides maraschino and a new type of olive for martinis. any ideas and comments wil be appreciated.

    thank you

    4 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • looking for a wine cooler?

    anybody familiar with the beer can 6 pack cooler. the plastic one that fits in between the 6 pack and can be refrozen. i've tried searching, but no luck. i am actaully looking for that item, but for wine bottles. a cheap, neat (no ice) way to keep wines chilled for at least 5 - 6 hrs.


    2 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • gracies providence ri?

    has anyone been there, or heard about gracies restaurant in providence ri

    1 AnswerOther - US Dining Out1 decade ago
  • to the foodies in india?

    what are some the best restaurants and drinking places in delhi and surrounding area?

    4 AnswersOther - India1 decade ago
  • help from anyone in providence ri?

    looking for somewhere to go on christmas night. my girlfriend and i would like it to be low key and have a few drinks. any suggestions will be appreciated.

    2 AnswersOther - US Dining Out1 decade ago
  • help from the fashion police?

    is wearing the collars out and keeping my shirt untucked still fashionable when wearing a v neck sweater?

    20 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • Party Planners- please help?

    i am having a surprise 50th birthday party for my sister. there will be about 40 people there, start around 2pm. i will be supplying the food and booze. the items on the menu will be meatballs and sausage, chicken, shrimp and chorizo, pork loin, hot dogs and burgers (for the kids) and a few different sides. sangria will be the main drink, but of course i will have beer, wine and liquor (there will be a good drinking crowd). we are on a tight budget, so what is the best way to figure out how much of each item i need? any input, ideas will be appreciated.


    3 AnswersEntertaining1 decade ago
  • does anyone know the best way to use "" ?

    What programs do i need to download first and the safest way to use it. anything will help.


    1 AnswerInternet1 decade ago
  • To all the golf entusiasts?

    Trying to find out the best way to hold a golf outing in RI. the players are mostly in the high 90's, afew in the 80's, a few in the 100's. this is only for company spirit and a fun day. I am trying to really make it worth while, so i here are my questions: what courses are good for this type of outing if you are from here (RI)? can i get a discount for for 40 or more people? What are normally the best days to go during the week for a better price? are there any sponsors out there that would donate in exchange for promotions? what is the best way to go about a raffle? Any suggestions, ideas etc would be appreciated. I play quite a bit, but i have never done anything like this. i would ask people in my company if they have done this before, but i am trying to impress the boss a little.

    thanks, in advance, for your responses.

    1 AnswerGolf1 decade ago
  • going to NY city for the day any suggestions?

    To all the ny natives; i am going to the city with my wife and 9 yr old boy. FAO schwartz is on the itinerary and the field museum. any ideas on what else to do in this vicinity? i will get there before noon and will leave around 8. any suggestions will be appreciated. thanks

    2 AnswersNew York City1 decade ago
  • To all the Miami natives, re-superbowl weekend?

    i am in miami right now trying to score some tix and have a good time. i have a hotel in bal harbour and would like to know a few things: is Little havanna the best "deal" in Miami for food and drink? if so where should i go for the best cuban sand and a great watering hole? what do you think are my chances are for getting tix right before or during the 1 qtr of the game? any spots i should hit before leaving, so i can get the "true" Miami experience? thanks for your input.

    5 AnswersMiami1 decade ago