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Hey guys thanks for visiting my page! I am a baseball fan, football fan and a wrestling fan! My Birthday is August 17th Favorite Player Ever, #4 Brett Favre ╬╔╦═╦═╦╗╔╦═╗ ║║║═╣═╣║║║═╣ ╔╝║═╬═║╚╝╠═║ ╚═╩═╩═╩══╩═╝ Wrestling Section Badges- First Top Contributor Badge was from 3/38/11 to 4/11/11 Second Top Contributor Badge 7/4/11-7/18/11 Third Top Contributor Badge 7/25/11-8/1/11 Attitude Era 4 Life! .....♥.... ...♥...♥.... ..♥.....♥... . ♥.....♥.. please put this .. ♥...♥...on your profile ... ♥.♥... if you know someone ....♥♥.... that has survived or has ..♥....♥..died from cancer If needed, email me and I will respond in time! God Bless Those of 9/11/01, never will it be forgotten <3 R.I.P. Aunt Jay I love and Miss you 12/11/11 </3 My New Profile Pic of for my aunt, Passed away of Colon Cancer -Joey

  • what do you make of D-Rose game last night?

    after his 30 point game in about 27 min, what do you make of it.

    BQ: who's your pre season pick to go to the finals?

    5 AnswersBasketball6 years ago
  • Review for the iphone 6?

    Ok so tomorrow I am going to be getting a new phone I currently have the 4s, I would like to stick with apple and get either the 5s or the 6. Can anyone give me some honest opinion about the phone, what you like, what you do not like about it.

    And if you think I should get another phone other than an iPhone, let me know what you think I should get and why

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans6 years ago
  • Is 40 dollars for a 2nd gen iPod touch a good deal?

    Okay so my moms birthday is coming up and she always said she wanted an iPod so I was considering buying one for her. A buddy of mine is selling his 2nd gen iPod touch for 40 dollars. Is that a good price? She won't use it for anything else really just music and maybe an app or

    Two. What do yiu think?

    3 AnswersMusic & Music Players8 years ago
  • In reality, couldn't obama renew the bush tax cut's another 2 years to avoid the fiscal cliff?

    If no new deal in Washington isn't made, can't obama sign the bush tax cuts like he did in '10? I

    11 AnswersGovernment8 years ago
  • My xbox won't connect to my Xfinity wireless connection any help?

    Ok so, I have Xfinity from Comcast, and ever since I got it, it would not connect to my wireless wifi. My brothers computer connects, mine connects, my dad's connection and all our phones connect to it but for some reason the Xbox won't. Any help to get this to work would be great thanks!

    1 AnswerXbox8 years ago
  • I work at McDonalds and I am not getting any kind of hours help?

    Okay so I have a job at McDonalds. Fairly new and all, and was told I would be working 5 day weeks for about 4 hours each day when I was hired.

    Well I haven't worked in a week, I have called and asked the manager what is going on and he said "it's normal". What do I do? The last time I worked I got 8 hours in 2 days

    2 AnswersCorporations8 years ago
  • When I get my drivers license, what are some forms of ID I could use?

    Okay so what could I use? I know the permit does not work but what else

    2 AnswersInsurance & Registration8 years ago
  • If you voted Obama in 08 will you do so again?

    ? I didn't vote for him in 08 and Personally I still don't like him and will not vote for him in 12 again

    11 AnswersPolitics8 years ago
  • How does Mitt Romney hate women and women rights?

    Lol I'm sorry I keep hearing about Romney Hates women and women's right. But no one puts any facts or when he said anything about it can anyone please explain to me?

    17 AnswersPolitics8 years ago
  • What do I say to a friend who is very judgmental on everything I am?

    Okay so I got a very good friend of mine who me and him I guess you could say were best friends alright but I am getting very tired of him.

    So I am a proud Religious Catholic and a proud republican. And I am not one to go around and say "believe in this" or "if you don't believe in religion, then fu** you" I do not do that. Or I do not go around and say "Obama sucks", "Fu** Democrats" or anything like that I don't really care what other people believe in or what their views are.

    But my friend is an atheist and a Democrat. And whenever were hanging out and are with our group of friends tells me that "I Believe in a talking Snake" because I am religious and that it's all just a fairy tale and that I'm stupid for believing in a fake book. And I just look at him and tell him if that's what you think.

    Then next he brings up Politics who no one except for us two really talk about and I don't like talking about it with him but he brings it up every chance he gets. He looks at me and calls him a "Dumb, selfish, women hating redneck"

    What do I say? I mean I don't care that he has no believes or that he is a democrat. Should I just say screw it and not be friends any help please?

    3 AnswersFriends8 years ago
  • Kasper Anti-Virus 2011 Problem, please help, very afraid I Will get a virus?

    So I have Kasper Anti Virus it should't be out of days left but it tells me, Your System is out of date.

    I get a message saying "KAsper Anti-Virus is out of date" and I click update now but nothing happens what should I do?

    I have heard about the "Run" "Date" and change the date thing but I never know what date to change it to. Can anyone help me? Because this computer was expensive and I Don't want to screw myself over thanks!

    2 AnswersSecurity8 years ago
  • Why do MLB fans think Yu Darvish is better than Jake Peavy?

    How in the hell is it that people would take a guy with a 3.59 era compared to a guy with a 2.96 era. Then Yu has a 1.36 WHIP compared to Peavys 0.99 WHIP. I understand that Yu has more wins but when your team is

    Number 1 in Runs

    Number 1 in Batting Average

    Number 1 in On base Percentage

    Number 1 in Slugging Percentage

    Your going to give your pitchers a better chance to win

    Compared to the White Sox

    Number 7 in Runs

    Number 15 in Batting Average

    Number 16 in On Base Percentage

    Number 11 in Slugging

    Sorry but face facts, Peavy is a better pitcher this year than Yu

    (Facts based on <<White Sox Link << Rangers Link

    10 AnswersBaseball8 years ago
  • I feel like my life is falling apart, what do I do?

    I don't know. A month ago I was happy, I smiled, I laughed, I was having a. Great time with my friends and couldn't wait for summer to happen and enjoy a nice time with my friends

    Threw the first two weeks of summer everything was great and I enjoyed everything. Now I'm sitting at home, not happy, frowning all the time, always feel upset.

    I talked to my friends on a regularly and saw them and never had time for anything. Now I rarely go out and I don't know I feel like they don't like me now I dont know what happened.

    I don't do drugs or anything (unless you think weed is a drug).

    What happened....

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture8 years ago
  • Is minecraft worth buying on the xbox?

    I was wondering because I have Friends that play it but idk of its worth 20 bucks

    5 AnswersXbox8 years ago
  • When I was young I had a weird experience with ghost help?

    My story is that when I was really young I saw my dead great grandparent and I explained to my mom exactly how they look and I was to young to remember my great grandma and I never met my great grandfather. I explained to them what happened. Because I would always have a dream where I would be stuck in my room From some weird force that would never let me leave my room and I

    woulddhave it almost every night. I would explain to my mom and I don't remember this but she said I was helped by a two people who I explained to look like my great grandparents.

    Can anyone help explain this a little

    1 AnswerParanormal Phenomena8 years ago
  • It's been 6 months since my aunt died and I still think of her everyday help?

    What do I do it's crazy how much I still think of her help?

    4 AnswersFamily8 years ago
  • Is Tai Cuando something worth learning? Would it help if needed in a situations?

    A friend of mine wanted me to go with her to learn Tai Cuando, Is it something that helps? Would it help me as well?

    2 AnswersMartial Arts8 years ago
  • Ice Cube or Tupac......?

    ? I love both but I don't know. Tupac was a better poet but ICe Cube was the better Rapper

    9 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop8 years ago
  • What the hell is the Illuminati?

    people were talking about Rappers who sold their soul to become a great rapper? wtf is that someone help?

    2 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop8 years ago