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  • Why do I keep hearing the wrong words?

    I keep hearing words I’m thinking of, like genuinely hearing them, rather than what is actually said. For example (this is stupid I know) I heard that song that’s like “am I man or am I a muppet” in a gay tiktok my friend showed me and I had forgot the lyrics of the song bc I hadn’t heard it in a while. I thought it was gonna say “am I man or am I a woman” and that’s what I GENUINELY HEARD. The volume was high, i wasn’t filling in for something I barely heard. I looked up the tiktok later and was shocked to find that it said muppet and not woman. This has happened multiple times over the last few months. Idk if this has anything to do with it but I’m a on the autism spectrum (“high functioning”), I’ve done psychedelics (my vision gets weird sometimes bc of it), and I dissociate a lot

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  • how to tell my parents i need to go to a mental hospital?

    i've been depressed and self harming since i was 9, but it never got super bad and didn't happen often so i never told anyone. now i'm a 13 girl who is depressed, self harming, always thinks about suicide, and last week i started drinking. today, for the first time i got so drunk i threw up. my family (parents and older sister) have no clue. i truly feel i need to go to a mental hospital or else i will commit suicide within the next year. i know exactly what i need, but i'm really disconnected from reality at this point, so it will be really complicated to talk with my family. i also have hereditary social anxiety from my dad, so that makes it even more difficult (i have trouble talking to strangers at all, and my friends joke that i'm socially awkward-but they don't even know). please help. i need tips for telling my parents. thank you.

    fyi-i don't have a school councilor or anything, but i'm considering going to a teacher that i'm close to, if you have any tips for telling teachers

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  • how to tell my parents i need to go to a mental hospital?

    i am a 13 year old girl who cuts, has depression, drinks, and is constantly debating suicide. and my parents have no clue. i desperately want to be gone from this world but i don't want to hurt anyone or make anyone else depressed or suicidal. i used to see a psychologist for just being a weird kid, but i got out of it after a couple years. i hated it and it made my depression worse, and i couldn't even tell her my deepest feelings because i didn't like her at all. i feel like i need to get serious help, but in a mental hospital instead of a stupid, once-a-week treatment from an old lady. no one in my family likes me that much, and i haven't ever told anyone about my cutting, suicidal ideation, alcoholism, or depression. i also have a hard time connecting with reality because i'm too caught up with my thoughts. i hate my life and i just want to stop.

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  • how to tell my parents i need mental help?

    i am a 13 girl and i began having depression when i was 9, but it was very minor (though i cut myself once or twice). it has taken over my life, and i looked up signs of it online and i definitely have it. i self harm a lot now, but it is not because i need to make physical pain out of mental pain. it is because the pain wakes me up for a few seconds (my vision becomes clear and i can't focus on any sad thoughts). i also cut words into my thighs, which i see as almost poetic, like a one-word diary for each day i cut. i recently began drinking (mostly vodka and rum), and i love it. it makes the world a little hazy and i don't have to think as much. i also have a small bit of hereditary anxiety. the thing parents have no idea. i only drink when i know they won't find out, i only cry when i'm alone, and i only cut on my stomach and the tops of my thighs. they sometimes notice i'm sad, but i either just say i'm tired or i'm fine. i've been contemplating suicide a lot recently. i don't want to make anyone sad though, i just want to be gone from this world. i think i need to go to a mental hospital. i have no idea how to tell my parents and older sister. thanks if you read all this i desperately need help.

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  • a guy with a girlfriend seems to like me?

    i'm in eighth grade, and i go to a really small school. The most popular guy seemed to like me (he would tease me, steal my things in a cute way, stare at me, and always sit/stand close to me). after a couple of weeks of him flirting, i completely fell for him. just when i was getting really sure he liked me, he asked out his ex (who had been begging to get back together with him), the most popular girl in school. i never see them talking. in p.e. he switched places with someone to be next to me. i think he's only dating her because they're both popular and it gets him more attention among the guys. i still like him and i think he likes me. it is really confusing to me and i don't know what to do. i don't feel bad for his girlfriend because i know almost every guy in the school likes her and she is really rood and superficial.

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  • how to let him know i like him?

    There is a REALLY nice guy that I like, and I'm almost completely sure he likes me back (today I looked at him a few times during class, and all of them I caught him looking at me. He quickly looked away. He also has this little inside joke thing with me where we have a thing we always say to the other). The only problem is that he seems intimidated and hasn't directly said he liked me or asked me out. I can see why he would be intimidated-I'm taller, a few months older, and we're only in 8th grade, so he's never asked a girl out before. I've been trying my best to let him know I like him back, so i need some tips on that. Also, I'd really like him to feel confident enough to tell me. Thanks for any advice!

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  • how to prod a guy to admit he likes you?

    there is a guy and i'm pretty sure he likes me. he's really outgoing. i want to ask him if he likes me, but i'm too scared. is there a way i can ask him if he likes me without saying those words?

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  • how to kiss for the first time?

    i'm 13 8th grade girl. i like a guy and i think he might kiss me at some point. it would be my first kiss. i know a lot of people say that it will come naturally, but i was hoping someone could give me tips?

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  • attention boys:what things do guys find attractive in a girl?

    i'm in middle school and i like a guy. i think he likes me too, but he hasn't told me yet. i was wondering if there were any ways to flirt that guys find especially attractive. thx!

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  • does anyone know this song?

    on august 10, 2011 i went to forever21 and heard a really cool song the only problem being now i want to listen to the song again and i don't know the title or who it's by.

    the song is a dance/electronic/club music, kind of song that goes "na na na na na na na na poison, how many? poison, how many how many". i dont know if "how many" is what it says but it sounds like that.

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  • my bffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff is in love with a guy i hate help me!!!?

    she says she likes him but he made the most emmbarasing thing in MY life happen HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • i have a crush on a guy but cant stop dreaming about him help!!!!!?

    as soon as i saw him it was love at first sight help!!

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