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  • Smoked bones vs Raw bones for dogs?

    I can't find a straight answer where anyone compare and contrasts them.

    Is there anything during the smoking process that may not be quite good for your dog.

    I pup-sit a puppy(obviously) and he gets raw knuckle bones. I asked his owner why he doesn't try smoked, and he had heard something about them not being good for your dog.

    I could really use a pro and con list for the 2

    Thank you so much

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  • Mermaid Wedding Gown?

    Is it actually possible to walk in a mermaid gown, or are you supposed to just move 2 inches at a time?

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  • Financial Assistance for finishing High School?

    If you aren't on EI, is there any way to get financial help if I was completing high school or getting training, such as a grooming school, so I can have a better chnce at getting a job. I was on EI for the past year, and now it's done. I need to do something.

    I know, I know, I had a year. But finish reading. If you're only answer is, you should have done it while on EI, then I don't know if it's allowed, but I will report you. If you tell me there is no way unless you're on EI, that's different.

    I have depression problems, no self-esteem, low confidence, and no job. A year ago I was forced to leave my job because of the above listed problems because of a verbally abusive employer who did a terrific job at breaking me completely. I worked alone over nigh 12 hour shifts, and I saw them before and after my shift. This was my only contact. Things got so bad from the harrassment that one night I was sitting there thinking about how absolutely worthless I was, that I was good for nothing (direct result from convo with boss that day) and was thinking about how if I disappeared right now, it would only truely affect my parents. None of my friends or the rest of my family would be inpacted at all. Or if it did, it woudld only be for the better. The only thing stopping me was the fact that I was watching 25 dogs (doggie daycare) and if I died then, there might be a fight I won't be there to stop and they could get hurt.

    I quit that morning. Things got worse, I went on EI, but looked for jobs. Had an interview, I had a major anxiety attack and spiralled deeper into depression. What if that boss was like the last one?

    Anyway, a year went by on EI. and now it's done. I need to do something for me, something to make me feel worthwhile. I know that completeing my High School will help my pride and my ability to find a job, but I have no income, and can't get a job because one, no one is hiring, and two, I have to handle my depresion and full out fear of dealing with other people.

    If I am taking high school courses through correspondance, or somehow going full time, is there a way to get some sort of EI insurance, and or help in paying for the traininig?

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  • If someone from a visa-exempt country wants to move to Canada?

    What exactly would the process be? And could he be here before he looks for a job and gets a worker permit? Or does he have to find someone to hire him before he even applies to come here? I live in Canada and we can sponser him or whatever we do, and he can stay with us until he finds a job and a place to live.

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  • Warhammer fiction & role playing?

    Ok, first of all, please avoid all the nerd/geek/dweeb comments. I accepted my weirdness back when I was 10 years old and preferred to read the book, rather than watch the movie, so I don't really care if you think the game is stupid, but I'm sure I'll hear from you anyway.

    I play a witch elf in the Warhamer Age of Reckconing game. I always thought it was neat the way some people get right into character when they play these types of games, and I was wondering if there was anywhere that you could get the supposed history of your character race, if there was any fiction, either written by the people at Warhammer, or just fan fiction, that would show by example maybe how the war was started and how everything came together. Like how did the high elves suddenly have a group branch off that worships Khaine and gets off being covered in blood.

    Just stuff to give ideas if you wanted to get in character, or were just interested in the background story. It's amazing how they can actually create an entire world for their game to be based in. Not just "there's a war, go fight" but a history behind the war

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  • Dogs at Pearson Airport?

    I am picking someone up at the Airport, and I will have my dog with me. He has to be with me because of personal anxiety issues of mine. But he isn't a trained therapy dog, he is just 5 months old.

    Is there an area in the airport where I could meet my friend where I would be ok with my dog?

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  • Town newspaper article from 1998?

    There was a murder in the town I lived in in 1998. Does anyone know if there would be an online archive of the newspaper articles? It was in Marmora Ontario

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  • Downloaded game not working?

    I just downloaded a game, and I have to use the compatibility thing. I had all the settings on what it needed, it installed, and that screen came up, but then it goes black and a black square goes to the top left corner.

    How can I fix this?

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  • Public transit to Haliburton Forest or Algonquin Park?

    Is there any way to get to either of these parks if you don't have a car? If you get to Haliburton, is there a shuttle or something that will go to them?

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  • The immortal fleas? Help!?

    We have a MAJOR flea problem. We have tried everything we can to get the fleas out of the house and off of the animals. My poor nephew is just one huge flea bite. He is the only one affected so seriously, but we all suffer from the problem.

    The infestation is coming from the upstairs apartment where my sister lives. Their cat got fleas, so we treated her and my sister sprayed down her house. Then I treated my dog who had some fleas and got the preventative stuff for my cat, just because she's old and I don't want her to go through a flea attack.

    None of it worked. So ok, maybe the flea stuff we used was no good. Got a good flea shampoo, tried on my dog again in about a week. Left it on the right amount of time, and then a few minutes because I still saw the suckers crawling around. When I didn't see anymore I rinsed him off. THE NEXT DAY I found 13 fleas crawling around on his stomach.

    The little bloodsuckers won't die!!!

    I told my sister to take her cat to the vet and have them treat it, because nothing is going to get better until we fix the source of the problem. We have the most animals who can carry fleas down here, but we don't have flea bites, we don't have fleas everywhere, and it's only the dog, who travels up stairs and down (we stopped that now by the way) who has caught the fleas. So we need to do upstairs, and then my apartment.

    But how can we kill them? And how can I treat the house? And I heard something about roaches, about how the poison that will kill them won't kill any eggs they have, so if you don't remove the body, a month later you'll have 30 more roaches. Is it the same with fleas??? What can I do to kill fleas and larvae in the house, and can I use anything to repel them? Would tea tree oil work the same as with lice? I was told too that a sulfer bath is good to kill fleas that are resistant to other treatments. But I can't find it in the pet store. Can I buy it anywhere? Would vets carry it? My dog is a chicken s**t, and I'd prefer to bath him myself because he's calmer that way, so I want to pick up the right shampoo that will actually do some good. And, how long after the treatments that failed is it safe to use the strong treatments? It's as if we did absolutely nothing, but I don't want to poison the dog trying to kill the fleas.

    One more thing. My sister has a snake that they feed live mice and rats too. Is there anyway that the fleas could have come in on them, or be breeding in the snake bedding? I don't really think they could, but I just want to be sure.

    The total animals in both apartments combined are 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 ferret, 1 snake, and 1 mouse. The only ones with fleas are the dog and the upstairs cat. And the person most effected is the boy whose room the cat sleeps in. The dog sleeps with me and I'm completely fine.

    Any help anyone could give would be great.

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  • Spore Registration for PC?

    Before I start, I'd like to say that if you are just gonna give me ****, then don't bother answering. I've been on this computer for 3 hours now, trying to retrieve my code, but I can't. I am waiting for an email back from EA Games, but I paid 50 bucks, and I don't feel I should have to wait for them to answer. So only actual answers please and thank you.

    I too have the apparently unbelievable problem with the fact that I just don't keep instruction books. I take them out to read them, put them on a table, and that's the last they are ever seen from. The codes should be on the disks themselves, or at least on the case, then maybe there wouldn't be all of these people trying to get new codes because they lost the book.

    I have no clue what account I registered my game with, because during the installation was the one and only time I used it. I bought the game over a year ago, and have since then changed emails. I still have the old addresses, and I've tried everything I can to get into my EA account, but so far no luck. I have emailed tech support hoping they can figure it out, but I don't really expect a timely answer, just because I can just give them my name and 6 email addresses, and hope that they can help.

    Can anyone give me a hand, let me know what code I could use to be able to play the game now? All of the ones that are already on the internet are either invalid or have their limit used up. I've heard that there is either 3 or 5 limits per code, with I think is BS unless you are going to play online, which I'm not.

    Also, is there possibly a way that I can get a trial of it or something, so I can play the game until EA gets back to me? I know some online games give a free trial, and you can only get to a certain part, but once you get a code you can continue the game.

    It wouldn't be such a big deal except I bought the game when it was near new, I paid money I really shouldn't have, but I was depressed and just wanted to splurge and buy a new game, and I don't accept the fact that because I lost a little pamphlet, I should pay another 30 dollars for the privilege of playing a game, or my 50 was wasted. Spore isn't worth 80 bucks, especially when I'm having issues finding grocery money.

    P.S. I know I'm bitchy, I'm sorry, but I've read other answers to questions similar to this, and it pissed me off when people are just told that they are flat out lying, stealing, or just full of ****. Yes, there will be alot of people who are just trying to get a free game, but I have first hand proof that if you don't keep that book you're screwed.

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  • What kind of dog is this?

    Take a look at the picture there, if you can see it.

    What do you think he's mixed with? It's possible that there was a mix further back in the family line. I've had dogs that take on characteristics of the grandparents before. It's pretty much the spots and the shape of the ears that are in question. Any ideas? My first impression was cattle dog, because his ears were huge bat ears when I got him, but they now somewhat resemble husky ears, at least more than they did.

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  • Severe Chronic Headaches?

    I've suffered from severe, nearly constant headaches since I was 11 years old. I've gone through all the tests, they don't know the cause. There are a few abnormalities that might be the reason, but they can't do anything about it. I'm having problems with my doctor, who has just decided that it's chronic pain, I can't cure it so learn to live with it. I've lived with it for 11 years.

    I am also being treated for depression, as a result of the pain and the fact that I have not been able to live a normal life as a result, haven't finished school, can't maintain friendships, ect. My counsellor, and staff at the hospital have recommended that I find a new doctor. I haven't had any luck yet.

    I am on 2 medications for my depression and an anti-inflammatory that puts a slight dent in the pain. The last trip to the ER, a doctor prescribed me a pain medication and referred me to a neurologist. It felt like a miracle. The pain was completely gone with this new med. I would take one when I woke up, and the pain would come back around 3, so I'd take another, and it would be gone until the next morning. I went back to my doctor as the ER doc told me to, and she started ranting about how ER docs don't care where you'll be in a month, they just want you off their case, so they'll give you anything. She tried to tell me to just deal with the pain, when I was less than agreeable, she gave me a script for 2 weeks worth, but told me to stop all other medications. I have been on antidepressants for over a year, and I was told to suddenly stop. Trusting my doctor, I did, and promptly spiralled down into depression so much I was considering suicide again. So I started my meds again and contacted my counsellor. That is when I was told to get a new doc. But I'm back with the pain, only it's worse now, because I had 3 weeks with no pain, 3 weeks for the first time since I was a child, I was able to get out and do stuff with my family, I could talk on the phone, I could go outside in the sun and not be confined to darkness. I feel like a frickin vampire.

    The medication that the ER doc gave me was dilaudid, 2 mg twice a day. I have the appointment for the neurologist in about a week, so I'll talk to her, but I want to know if there are maybe any herbal remedies that work in the same way? I know it's a narcotic, but I was able to keep it at such a low dose I was able to function fully for the first time in a long time. I want a bunch of different options to talk to a new doctor about.

    I'd appreciate any advice from anyone, but if there is anyone with medical background, I could really use your help. If not about this medication, then about other things I could try, maybe a way to get a doctor to help me even if I can't get a family doc?

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • Husky Pup, pure or not?

    I have a 10 week old husky puppy. His parents are supposedly both pure breds, but I didn't see the father, and I know that some traits can skip a generation, so if a grandparent was a mix, some of their traits may show up in later litters.

    He is black, white, with some brown markings on his cheeks and legs. I was told that his mother was black and white and his father was brown/red and white. He has gorgeous blue eyes. The only thing is his ears, although they do stand up, aren't short and pointy. They are a bit larger and somewhat rounded. He also has some spots, a few on his nose, and some fading on the back of his neck. He also has some black spots on his belly where the fur hasn't filled in yet.

    When I first got him and he wasn't quite sure of us, the way he held his ears out, and how big they looked on his face, he almost looked like he was part cattle dog. They have gotten a bit more pointy, and they suit his face, so I don't know, could he be pure husky? He's supposed to be Siberian. Do Alaskan or American huskys have different feature traits?

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  • Haunted places in Ontario Canada?

    What are some good haunted places to go to in Ontario, where the public is welcome to visit. My sister and I are interested in planning a trip for next summer, and we thought it would be neat to try to find some ghosts.

    I'd like to find at least two places where you could spend the night, and the rest where you could visit during the day.

    I'd hope to find some places that have high activity, so there would be more chance of us actually experiencing something.

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  • Attn: Siberian Husky Owners?

    I have a 10 week old husky pup. I'd like to train him to pull a small sled and wagon when he gets older. At what age should I start his training and how do I actually begin? I haven't researched it yet, but where would I get the contraption and harness?

    And for the record, in case anyone is gonna give stupid answers, assuming I plan on making my dog pull my weight, all he would be pulling would be a few bags. If I walked to the grocery store, or just going for a long walk and wanted to bring stuff for him and me to use while we're at the park, plus I think it would provide some variety to his walks. Even in the summer, maybe I can hook him up in his harness and I'll wear roller blades.

    If anyone has any advice, or knows a good site for instructions, I'd really appreciate it.


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  • Puppies first vaccination shots?

    In Ontario, on average, how much does it cost to get a puppy his first shots, and how long after them does he get his second? I have a 10 week old puppy, his mother's owners didn't get any of the pups their shots, so I'm going by scratch. I'm figuring out how to do this properly. I don't know if it would be like with a kid. I know that if they miss their first shots of some vaccines, they just start with what would have been their second shot, and go from there.

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  • Clinical Trial for Headache Medication?

    If I wanted to participate in a clinical trial for headache medication, how would I go about finding the doctors conductin the study, and also all the different medications they are going to be trying?

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  • Anything to help Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    My mom suffers from this typr of arthritus. She is seeing the proper doctors and everything, we've been dealing with this for years now. I want to know if there is anything that we can do to help her. My dad wanted to know if there was anything like the special socks that they have for people with diabetis. Does anyone have any ideas that may help that we can do at home? Some times she's hurt so bad that she can barely walk

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