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  • What goes in a ******* salad y'all?

    So I'm sitting outside, minding my own beeswax when my ******* neighbor yells "PUT IT IN THE ******* SALAD RIGHT NOW." First off, I never really saw him as a salad guy. Second of all, what the hell does he want in the salad so bad? Come on guys, what do you really need in there y'all? I thought I had all the answers, but I guess not.

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  • Should I get rid of my haunted doll?

    Here's the deal. I like my doll. It helps me sleep at night. Like Benadryl. It was given to me by my Native American great grandfather. Problem is, it's in a different room every time I wake up, and it never blinks. It's definitely haunted. Your advice is welcome! I thought I knew all the answers but I guess not.

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