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  • Are there any peer reviewed, empirical studies that dispute or disprove the Theory of Evolution?

    First off, I do not want to see anyone trying to convince me on one side or the other. This is a specific question and I am asking only for a relevant answer with whatever detail you can provide.

    I have been raised in a household of medical doctors and scientists, so the Theory of Evolution is something that I am very familiar with, though I have also studied many faiths and I have been raised to investigate every perspective.

    I have been sent to look at Dr. Walter Brown (Hydroplate Theory literally made me laugh) and a lot of the works of Dr. Jay Wile. These two honestly have made so many fundamental mistakes and frankly put their feet in their mouths too many times to be seen as completely credible to me.

    My concern is that I may have been sent to weak links in the argument against evolution and therefor have not thoroughly investigated the opposing viewpoint. I have decided to drop the biblical creation side of the debate and go for the raw facts that these men (and several others I have looked into) claim exist and are accurate.

    I have looked very hard for a peer reviewed, empirical study that yielded accurate and reproducible results that definitively either dispute or disprove the Theory of Evolution as it stands today. If anyone is aware of one and can steer me towards it, I would love to read it and expand my angle of perspective on this debate. If you can post a link as well I would appreciate it, otherwise the name of the publisher, a date, and generally where to find it would be great.

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  • Should I be in a relationship at this point?

    The title is a bit odd, so let me explain. I am training to become a SEAL hopefully (after about a half million hoops to jump through) but that is at least two years down the road before enlistment (college). My training takes up roughly 10 hours a day, I work some days teaching tactical self defense or making knives, and I have classes the rest of the time (Sleep is roughly 4 hours every other day and 8 on weekends). Working with mentors from special forces and they like to test my priorities a lot.

    The thing is that the moment I took myself off of the shelf suddenly there are girls approaching me. Friends confessing crushes, waitresses making physical contact and leaving phone numbers, and classmates hinting none too subtly that they are interested. Now I am incredibly confused. I have never gotten this kind of attention before, and I am certainly no Brad Pitt.

    My last girlfriend I was instructed to leave as a test (If you are not prepared to give up everything, you have already failed). It was explained to me that if I do succeed in my dream, I have two months out of the year for family and friends. I know that if things got serious, I would not abandon my goal for the sake of the relationship.

    I have honestly not made up my mind here, so I am really looking for advice. Do I just stay where I am, or do I leave it up to the girl to decide if this is what she wants. I have been on the receiving end of a heart breaker, and I really don't want to deal that out if I can help it.

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  • How do you meet people?

    Basically I have not been really meeting many people in my current position though I am certainly exposed to them a fair bit.

    I am no Swedish model but I am a good enough looking guy. I carry myself confidently, study hard, work hard towards my goals, and was raised to be a fully self sufficient gentleman. Issue is that I never really get the opportunity to show this before I get "friend zoned" and hence any ladies I take an interest in tend to lean on me for emotional support their new boyfriends don't offer and never reciprocate my intentions (I do not do this for very long before moving on).

    The thing I personally believe is that being raised as a gentleman, I was taught to always respect a woman's boundaries and never to cross them. Sadly I cannot identify boundaries very well, so I become that guy that never kissed the girl. Rejection I can handle, thinking I may have violated a woman's trust I cannot.

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  • Could use some advice in locking this down. Sleep issue.?

    Normally I answer questions, but this has been something I cannot handle well by my own means,

    Currently looking at having to get several conditions either undiagnosed if possible or waived for service two years from now. In the meantime double-timing it to a bachelor's degree. Training for hours a day and studying for more.

    Before anything else, I am going to shoot down any kind of doctor's involvement. I haven't slept for two days and it is starting to effect my training and classwork. What are some basic solutions?

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  • Am I rusty or just over-thinking?

    Those who may have seen my previous questions or answers may know a bit about me. Studying and training for a chance to join the SEALs. The past two years has been literally nothing but personal training at my own expense, seeking mentors in all branches, and double-timing it through college getting trained for Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire Service, allowing for sleep every third day. I have not socialized hardly at all in two years.

    In my EMS course, I met a very interesting girl. Has the same interests, well educated, good personality, easy on the eyes, and understands what I am trying to do.

    I figured I would be an idiot not to at least give it a shot and ask her if she wanted to get together sometime and grab dinner. That all went very well, went on for about 3 hours and while I have no problem being myself, I found myself having trouble towards the end. She gave me a hug which made me freeze (took me by complete surprise), then laughed and told me that I looked pathetic. I could tell she was teasing, but that sent a jolt. Have a second date planned, but still set off an alarm that I evidently sent the wrong message.

    Like I said, my level of intimacy these last two years has been practicing hand to hand combat and hugging my mother on the holidays. Needless to say I have been out of the game for awhile. I am no fool and by no means expect a direct answer, rather asking for opinions as to what exactly I should take from this. I am not panicked, just a bit confused.

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  • How do I repair a worn patch on a vinyl couch?

    I have had this couch for over ten years, during which time it has been kept in great repair but used an awful lot, especially since I moved it to my apartment (Needless to say it beats the crumby cot that I call a bed) and it has served as a spot for basically everything. the outer layer of vinyl is beginning to wear away on the seats which leave cracks and bare patches of just the fabric material for the cushions. I would like to get at least another two years out of this couch (That's how much school I have left about). Any ideas to either replace that layer or another material I can use to protect the cushion material?

  • Is a pulmonary function test alone sufficient to undo a diagnosis of Reactive Airway Disease?

    I am hoping to become a US Navy SEAL someday. I am 20 years old, a PADI certified rescue diver, advanced level marksman, knife fighting assistant instructor, First Responder (going in to EMT Basic this spring) and I run the PST competitively in all events. I take roughly 3-4 breaths per minute in a relaxed state and can run 10 miles with a 100 pound vest on.

    In 2009 I was diagnosed with having "Viral Induced Reactive Airway Disease.

    I am planning to get that diagnosis overturned in order to knock at least one obstacle off of my path, and I have heard about two tests often used.

    I have yet to see my pulmonary specialist, but I am aware of the Pulmonary Function Test and the Methacholine Challenge. Are BOTH necessary to overturn a three year old diagnosis with no symptoms within that time?

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  • I am concerned about a potential misdiagnosis of Reactive Airway Disease. What could I have been sick with?

    This was three years ago and has already been committed to my medical record, but I want to challenge it as best I can.

    Over a week long period I had gone from just having a sore throat to feeling horrendous and having difficulty breathing. I had not had a case of any difficulty breathing or shortness of breath prior and no other member of my family has Reactive Airway Disease, and nothing has ever happened since. I recall this event vividly as it was probably the sickest I ever recall being.

    During the first day I remember that I had extreme sensitivity in the areas right below and behind my eye and there was this clear-yellow liquid draining down the back of my throat which I figured resulted in it being raw and sore. The next day I started coughing up phlegm balls that were a pale ten-yellow color, held their shape, and stuck to whatever they hit. It was almost like coughing up hair balls as it became suddenly awkward to breathe and there was an obvious blockage that I had to cough under my head throbbed to get it out. I do not recall specifically if it was the same day or later on, but I checked my throat in the mirror and saw what looked like white spots all up and down my throat and completely covered my uvula which had swollen to the point where it rested on the back of my tongue. The liquid was still draining and my breathing became difficult whenever I had one of these phlegm balls. I felt extreme fatigue and even climbing the stairs was exhausting. I stayed home sick while my mom was out of state. When she got back, I was running a fever and had a constant headache from coughing up phlegm and a dense liquid. She took me to a pediatrician who decided that my cough and shortness of breath was viral induced Reactive Airway Disease and had me undergo a nebulizer treatment while I was there, which resulted in my being light headed, jittery and otherwise still coughing up liquid. This wasn't the first time that I had problems with draining sinuses, so my mom (a general dentist) put my on amoxicillin and within 24 hours my sinuses stopped draining, and after a few days my throat had cleared up, but it was sore and red for a week after. For about few weeks after it cleared up, I was still coughing up phlegm balls once in awhile.

    As I said before, I have since been doing extreme physical activity and gotten sick several times (good old college freshman mononucleosis and the occasional flu) and had an allergic reaction to a rabbit, but no shortness of breath and no coughing or wheezing.

    As gross as this is (apologies) it is very important to me to figure out whether this was a decent diagnosis or not and if not, what can I do to disprove that diagnosis. I made the decision to enlist in the Navy after graduating college and this is something that could very well disqualify me. If I had ANY doubt in my mind about not having Reactive Airway Disease, I would not risk putting other soldiers in danger if I had an attack.

    It has been two years since I have seen any doctor aside from the dentist (my mom) and I am just now scheduling my appointments with my new physician and possibly a pulmonary specialist. What can I do and what tests can I take to have this diagnosis changed, omitted from, or disproven on my record?

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