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  • Which product irritated my sensitive skin?

    Hello. Which of these do you think caused my sensitive skin to be irritated? I used exfoliating gloves, Jason lavender soap and unrefined coconut oil for the first time in my regime and broke out in red bumps .

    Back story : black soap , exfoliating pads and face moisturizer caused me to break out in acne before .

    Skin Conditions2 months ago
  • Please help me understand radians , pi, and pi radians?

    Hello . Please tell me if my understanding of the aforementioned topics are correct.

    Radian - it’s a unit of measure that has no numerical value . It’s like centimeter , liter?

    Pi- is a general term to represent 3.14. It’s like how a decade reps 10

    If this is the case , why does pi radian equal 180?

    3 AnswersMathematics2 months ago
  • Why can't I upload an image in yahoo answer s?

    Hi. When I try to upload a screenshot to Yahoo answers , get an error that "something went wrong, please try again". I've been getting this error for days now , so how to resolve the issue?

    1 AnswerNotices and Errors3 months ago
  • Why do you think she isolated herself?

    Hi. This person use to socialize plenty and date different guys and all of a sudden she has become somewhat of a hermit. She no longer seems interested in dating or socializing with others . She also seems very uneasy when asked about her sudden change in demeanor. Why do you think it is ?

    Singles & Dating3 months ago
  • Why do you think she is so isolated all of a sudden?

     Hi,this person used to date different affluent men ( men that were good looking with good careers)  and socialize quite frequently with plenty friends . For some reason, she suddenly seems turned off from people and is celibate . She no longer has any friends nor seem to be able too keep any.  She is also a bit more outspoken, sensitive and strong minded , and that has rubbed others wrong . She had really isolated herself and has no interest in really connecting with people on a closer level. She is also very tight lipped about her sudden change in demeanor . Why do you think the sudden change ? 

    Singles & Dating3 months ago
  • Please help me understand how to add binary numbers ?

    The sum of 111 +10 = 1001. I don’t quite understand how that answer was calculated. I got 101 as an answer , because the answer is 121 and wherever there was an even number I put 0 and odd number I put 1, so 121 became 101. I don’t understand why there is an extra 0 .

    Side note: I understand how to convert a decimal to binary , so anyway to build on that to solve answer ?

    18 AnswersMathematics3 months ago
  • What model of samsung/IPhone do you recommend?

    Hi. I'm looking for a smartphone that takes really nice photos. I'm aware that the latest models of each, takes great photos however I'm looking for other less obvious and less expensive options. Thanks.

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    Please tell me what the phase shift is?

    Hi, what is the phase shift and how can you tell by looking at this graph ? From my understanding, a standard sine graph starts at (0,0) but where does this graph start ? How can I calculate the phase shift on this graph if I can't determine a starting point? Thanks.

    2 AnswersEngineering4 months ago
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    Please help me solve this probability questionable?

    Tell. I'm referring to #43. I don't understand how the answer was found. The correct answer is C, and I'm so confused as to how that formulated. Probability,amount desired / total possible outcomes. Thanks

    1 AnswerMathematics4 months ago
  • How to make a green smoothie more filling?

    Hello. I'm advised to increase my iron intake so my method to do so is to drink green smoothies. My only issue is, I follow weight watchers e so smoothies carry ridiculously high points and the smoothies are not filling enough. Amy protein powder I add has a flavor that overshadows the taste of the smoothie. Chia seeds did not fill me up either. Any suggestions?

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness4 months ago
  • Why is the detox drink not working?

    Hello. I used to take 2 shots of Apple cider vinegar, On an empty stomach and that would send me to the bathroom. Ever since I started Intermittent fasting, have not been taking on an empty stomach, instead I mix it with lemon and take in between meals . I also drink lemon detox water however it's no longer effective. I'm constipated once again and don't know why.

    My attempts to lose weight are hindered by this, and it actually depresses me to the point that I eat more. It's disappointing to put in an effort and not lose the weight.

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness6 months ago
  • Please tell me why do we find the sine/cosine/and tangent of degrees?

    Is it to convert degrees to real numbers? what is the purpose of finding the sine/cosine/tangent of a degree? Thanks.

    2 AnswersMathematics7 months ago
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    Please help me understand how to use combination to solve probability.?

    In the attached problem it asked what was the probability of choosing 3 soup entrees, which is 20/126. My answer was wrong because in addition to finding the probability of 3 soups, it also calculated the probability of how many non soups. Why? The original question did not ask anything about non soups?

    1 AnswerMathematics7 months ago
  • When to use combination/permutation to solve probability?

    Please help me discern when to use combination/permutation to solve for probability? The attached photo shows a problem that requires combination/ permutation to solve it, how can I know that by looking at the problem? Oppose to a question that asks what is the probability of landing on heads when you flip a coin. Thanks.

    1 AnswerMathematics7 months ago
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    How to find probability via binomial distribution?

    Hi. I don't understand the formula for finding the probability via binomial distribution. I really like to understand the formula and reason through it oppose to memorizing. Please help me.

    2 AnswersMathematics8 months ago
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    Please help me understand how to solve probability using binomial distribution?

    The answer is .0441, however I am not sure how that was calculated. To my understanding of probability I multiplied 21/100 by 20/99. The first time a card is pulled, there is a 21% chance of success ie 21/100. The second time, the total of cards is reduced to 99 and the number of cards with brother on it is 20, hence 21/00 by 20/99.

    Personal Finance8 months ago
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    Please help me understand the formula for frequency of a trigonometric function?

    Hello. The frequency is equal to the reciprocal of the period of a trig grap, but why? Frequency means the amount of times something occurrs, what does that have to do with the distance between the two curves? According to the graph, the frequency is 3 however that is incorrect.

    3 AnswersMathematics9 months ago
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    Please help me calculate the asymptotes of the hyperbola?

    The center is (-1,0) and based on the equation given , x=6 and y=8. Taken these points (the center and points from the equation) I calculated the slope to be 8/7. Since I have to write my final answer in point slope form it was y=8/7(x+1) however my answer is incorrect. The correct answer is in the screenshot, where did I mess up? Thanks.

    1 AnswerMathematics9 months ago
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    Please help me understand the formula for a foci?

    Instead of memorizing formulas I like to understand them, and having a hard time understanding how the focus is found by 1/4a. The focus is a point inside the patabola, what makes 1/4 so special. Is there a way I can look at a graph and figure out the coordinates of the focus?

    1 AnswerMathematics9 months ago