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  • Are there any Betty White memes?

    That describe her in 3 words Q got me to thinking. She is actually funny. And bad@ss. It'd be awesome if there was a meme about her. Like Chuck Norris...

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  • Do you think God thinks we have real minds? Like intellect, personal philosophies, etc?

    Of course I most likely won't find any sufficient answers. Theists will say, "Of course. But we aren't able to comprehend him". And atheists will say "No gods exist". So, hooray for me.

    But, if *you* are that one single person willing to entertain this thought, please answer.

    There was a philosopher (ancient Greek) who said something like "It is the mark of a wise man (or woman) to entertain a thought without accepting it".

    I'm just wondering. Pretty much I'm asking if we are dummies to God, in the sense that we are basically the way humans see flies; or if God created minds with the ability to really *think*...

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  • I know there are runners who smoke; but how long should I wait til after giving up should I run?

    I've run on days I smoke. It works, sure...but I am thinking about quitting for good. I'm a heavy smoker. A carton in a week. (Cheyenne cigars, not regular cigaretters) So, I figured I should just stop altogether. Should I wait just a day? A few days? A week? And I really wanna start off doing about 75% of a sprint for several sets, or sprints to the point I'm winded, and do 2 or 3 sets like that. My legs are in shape enough to move fast, but not far. And weight loss is a pretty big goal as well. So should I start slow? Like a 6 mph jog til im winded? And then start sprint as when im capable of jogging a good distance?

    What would you recommend? Thank you. 10 points within 3 days. 

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  • When is the best time to *think* about or plan a workout?

    I've noticed my creative juices start flowing at night, too late to workout. But when I'm visualizing what I want to do, I get excited and ready to go. But, when it's earlier in the day, it's never the right time to workout.

    I have a very haphazard workout schedule (if one at all); sometimes I will exercise a day late, or right after a cigarette (yes, I know, a no no) bc I might not have time later.

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  • What kind of jobs can a burglar get?

    2 counts of Burglary 3rd.

    I know I can't deal with money (so I cant become a bank teller, a manager anywhere..., and cant be a cashier); but what else could I do? I live in Alabama, just to let you know. And i should mention i dont have much experience. (Usually worked under the table. Not bc it's tax-free money; just all i could find.)

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  • Please read full: could a psychopath ever get PTSD?

    I read on a site where a test was conducted, by the govt, to see if fearless people could learn fear. They pushed a button, and sometimes it would zap em. After a few times, the psychopaths would hesitate a bit (and fidget).

    So, what if a fearless person got hit by shrapnel from a grenade? He'd fear grenades, right? And the same with bullets flying around him.

    So, if a P went to war, could he possibly develope PTSD? 

    2 AnswersPsychology9 months ago
  • Do you think being a musician or vocalist is more a mentality than anything else?

    I used to wonder how people wrote music and came up with good melodies for the lyrics. Do musicians play music in their head? Do they just write what they *think* might sound good onto paper, then play it? What do they do?

    The original Drift Away just played and there was a line saying something like "when my mind is free a good melody can move me". That made me think maybe music and melody is an intellectual and creative process the same way a cosmologist ponders about the universe, and the way a philosopher thinks about society and morality, foundations of knowledge, and what is reality?

    So, basically, I'm asking if musicians just think musically most of the time? Or, is there some other way they come up with it?

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  • Marvel fans, what if someone with super-strength exercised?

    I never see any of em work out, except for Captain America (but he has *peak human strength*, not super-strength - but he did lift Thor's hammer...).

    SpiderMan has super-strength... what if he decided to lift heavy? Like what if he found an object that he could only lift 3 to 5 reps with? (Like Mr. Incredible using train cars) Could Thor, Spidey, the Hulk, etc. get stronger? I've only read a *few* actual comics. But I've seen probably 20+ Marvel movies. Do the comic books mention anywhere where someone actually worked out?

    (By the way, not too interested in DC. Just Marvel)

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  • What makes one arrogant? And what motivates pathological lying?

    I know someone "personally". He is a tyrannical, manipulative, violent, arrogant person. I have seen through some of him, and have deduced some of his nature by thinking about him a lot and picking through his lies. (I won't know that this or that was a lie at the time, but I have written a lot and and have committed a bit to memory and have been able to recognize what was a lie - *after* the fact.) Anyway, I believe he is ultimately a violent person. One who knows he can be as violent as his heart desires. And that has caused him to become arrogant. And his arrogance has bred manipulativeness.

    I just wonder, why is he so arrogant and tyrannically manipulative? Os it really because no one can stop him?

    He is a very smart person, I should add.

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  • Is this normal, or is my immune system weak?

    Earlier I went outside to smoke a cig. It was 43 degrees and a bit windy. By the time I smoked the first half, I felt a bit of a scratchy throat and runny nose.

    I thought it had to be very cold, or stay out in the cold for a good while before you got sick. And I was completely dry. So, is that normal? To get sick over the course of 3 minutes?

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  • Is it normal to feel pain at the top of your stomach (abs) when you cough?

    I think I have a hernia because of the way there is a ridge that pokes out of my gut when I do pushups and situps. Doesn't hurt the time tho. Anyway, I haven't been coughing too hard, nor have I gagged or vomited. And no, it isn't delayed onset muscle soreness.

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness10 months ago
  • Why did Trey Parker and Matt Stone say Towelie was the worst character?

    Remember when they broke the 4th wall just to claim that?

    I thought he was funny as hell. Funnier than Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo. I'd love to see him in a series of episodes with him and the Woodland Christmas Critters.

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  • Why does Deadpool's skin look the way it does if has accelerated healing powers?

    Is his fvcked up skin that is incurable just a plot device for chasing after Francis? Why couldn't he skin himself just to grow back normal skin?

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  • Which exercise should I focus on so i can complete more push ups?

    I'm 5'7 and weight around 260lbs. Im going to start doing cardio.

    Anyway, when I do pushups my back begins to sag, and feel weak. I know I need to do more situps; and superman's (I think they're called). But I want to do a bit more of one of them than the other. I do plan to start doing planks, etc

    I cant deadlift, do kettlebells swings nor good mornings. I'm in a group home and cant buy fitness equipment - seen as a weapon.... so my only choices are situps and superman's. Which should I do more of to prevent a sagging back?

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  • Psych Question concerning smoking and exercise: why do I smoke more than usual after a good workout?

    If I exercise to the point my cardio feels an improvement, I feel the urge to light up a cig right away. And I feel the need to smoke extra that day...just to bring my cardio back down to where it was. Or, even lower than that.

    My cardio is to the point that a simple calisthenics workout, or a light jog ("light" by other people's standards), improves it noticeably. I can do just 50 pushups and feel a bit of an improvement. I can do 40 squats in a row and feel an improvement.

    BUT! I *always* feel the urge to destroy my cardio later on. It's like I want to be constantly out of breath!

    Hell, if I wanna be out of breath all the time, I could spend my time exercising!

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  • An I not a loyal Marilyn Manson fan because I dont own his entire discography?

    I've owned Portrait of an Am Family, Smells Like Children, Antichrist Svperstar, Mechanical Animals, The Last Tour On Earth, Holy Wood, the Guns/God/Gov't tour DVD, Golden Age of Grotesque and Lest We Forget. The majority of which I enjoyed. (Not so much Mechanical Animals - but I liked a bit.) And I've owned The High End of Low (and only liked a few songs).

    I've listened to Born Villian...but can't remember my opinion of it. Also, I want to give the songs of his I've never heard a chance, but don't know where to begin.

    Btw, I bought his book Long Hard Road...

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