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  • Law surrounding threats questions.?

    So if someone makes a threat, they can go to jail or get a fine. But if they threatened to kill someone, will they not just get more mad while they are in jail, and after a few years of jail time, will they not then proceed to kill/attack the person they threatened?

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 year ago
  • Boss asks another employee to ask you to do things.?

    What is the purpose of this? For something that the boss can simply email you and say "ABC, 123, do XYZ", why would the boss email another employee, telling them "Can you get (me) to ABC, 123, do XYZ"?

    The employee just forwards me the boss's email...

    3 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment2 years ago
  • Is this bad to do during an internship/co-op job?

    If you had an intern/co-op that halfway through the internship registered in classes (they take place during the business day, and he makes up the hours by working in the evenings), what would you think?

    Would you think negatively of this action?

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  • Is this a good internship or not?

    If during the internship, the company assigns you to work with a junior employee (graduated 3-4 years ago) rather than the senior manager from your offer letter. That means that all of your dealings, including receiving assignments, receiving feedback, etc. is with that junior employee that you sit beside.

    Is this a good system or a bad system? Should you be reporting to the official manager or that junior employee?

    3 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment2 years ago
  • Flexible hours at work without informing your boss?

    My work structure is that I report to a junior person called a "team lead", then officially have a supervisor and a manager. I never actually interact on a day to day basis with the supervisor or manager.

    If I were to start taking classes while working and doing flexible hours, how bad would it be if I did so without consulting the supervisor and manager and only getting the team lead's approval?

    7 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment2 years ago
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    Exergy positive or negative?

    One shaft is doing work in (600) and one is doing work out (588). What is the sign of each of these in terms of exergy?

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • Thermodynamics question?

    Two insulated tanks are connected by a valve with the air at the following conditions:

    Tank 1: 0.5 kg, 80 C, 1 bar

    Tank 2: 1 kg, 50 C, 2 bar

    The valve is opened and the system is allowed to reach equilibrium. Find the final temperature?

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • How to do this fluids problem?

    A large tank contains SAE 10 lube oil at a temperature of 60 F and a pressure of 2

    psig. The oil is 2 ft deep in the tank and drains out through a vertical tube in the bottom. The tube

    is 10 ft long and discharges the oil at atmospheric pressure. Assuming the oil to be Newtonian and

    neglecting the friction loss from the tank to the tube, how fast will it drain through the tube?

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • How to do this thermodynamics question?

    A refrigeration system uses an expansion valve to reduce the pressure of R134a refrigerant from

    1.2 MPa to a 0.24 MPa saturated mixture with a quality of 0.3. Assuming the expansion valve can

    be treated as an adiabatic steady flow throttle valve.

    (a) What is the temperature and phase of the refrigerant entering the throttle?

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • How to find work done in isothermal process?

    R-410a starts at 2 MPA and 50 C, and goes through an isothermal process to a saturated vapor. How can I find the work done and heat transferred to the system?

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
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    Can the Bernoulli equation be used here?

    And if so, what is hA?

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
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    How to solve this fluids question?

    Water at 20 degrees C flows through a reducing section that is held together

    by a flange, as shown in the sketch. The inflow pipe diameter is D1, the outflow diameter

    is D2, and the outflow pressure is atmospheric. If the inflow velocity is V1, estimate the

    total force on the flange bolts.

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • What affects the wavelength of radiation?

    For a greenhouse, they install glass: it lets in short wavelength from the sun, but does not let out long wavelength escape. So what determined that the wavelength coming from the sun is a short wavelength, and how did it become long wavelength that is emitted from the greenhouse?

    3 AnswersPhysics3 years ago
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    How to find the force in each member?

    Do the pins give a horizontal force as well or just P/2 in the y direction?

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • Fourier series question?

    How does one determine how many derivatives of a periodic extension is continuous?

    For example, how many derivatives of x^3 are continuous for the extension are continuous?

    2 AnswersMathematics3 years ago
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    How to solve this 2nd order homogeneous ODE?

    Normally you'd let G = exp(alpha * x), but that doesn't work here.

    2 AnswersMathematics3 years ago
  • Heat transfer question?

    One end of a rod is held at constant temperature To, while the other end is insulated. Is it correct that after a very long time, the entire rod is To? Mathematically, dT/dx = C, where C is a constant, so C is zero if you know that dT/dx is zero at x = L?

    1 AnswerPhysics3 years ago
  • Why no viscous force in a rotating cup of water?

    Say a cup is being rotated at a constant rate. The water inside is turning with the cup. Why is there no viscous force, even though there is a gradient of velocity in the radial direction of the cup?

    2 AnswersPhysics3 years ago
  • Probability question?

    Traffic engineers install 10 light bulbs. The probability that a bulb fails in 10000 hours is 0.25. Each bulb fails independently.

    a) What is the probability that fewer than 2 of the original bulbs fail within 10000 hours?

    b) What is the probability that more than 4 of the original bulbs will need replacing after 10 000 hours?

    1 AnswerMathematics4 years ago
  • How to use Newton's method to solve implicit Euler method?

    In implicit schemes, Y1 = Y0 + f(Y1,T1)*(deltaT). And you can solve for Y1 using Newton's method: how?

    2 AnswersMathematics4 years ago