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22 years old that loves fishing, anime and computers. worked a little in construction and car wash and also a u.s soldier. have good commen sense and if a problem occurs i do my best to fix it. non drinker or smoker. i am 5'2 with 145lb look like a child that is why people never treat me like an adult.

  • Why I attract gay guys but no females?

    My personality is very adult like when it comes to responsibilities. But my behavior is that of an angry person in the open and very childlike when no one is around. My looks are that of a teen even if I am 30 and I am short..... 5-2. All my female freands the very few I have are all freandzone. Guys just love to get me angry and even go to the point of touching even if they got wives. They were not like that at the start but it's getting a bit out of hand they are coworkers. I just seem to be able to make guy freands very easy even without trying. Even my first freand was actually gay and used me we were kids. During my military time a sergeant told me that I was invited to live with him. The only physical encounter with a female was my teen babysitter use me for pleasure when a was a little boy. Other females decided to go with a different guy.

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  • What is carbonated and smart?

    This is a funny question as of yet no one has gotten it right. My original and first it just poped out of my mind when watching an anime. Its something that has been around for a while.

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  • girls do you think i am an ok guy or need to change a little?

    all my life i always had relationship problem. I have attracted older woman that forced me physical stuff on me. another that sat in my lap in school but i felt like it was a beat because she did it in front of the class multiple times so i ignored her besides she was not good looking at all. another girl that said she liked me i dated and all that but a few months later I saw that she became a mother I know it wasn't mine with a man in her mother's house. also had some bad luck of attracting gay people like 3 times it happen to me.

    my personality is a i don't care what you think of me attitude, don't bother me and i will not bother you attitude(it means i don't care what you are who you are as long as you don't bother me), a money savor, not so fun to be around, act a bit too mature for a 22 year old that looks like a kid, don't smoke or drink or anything like that. like video games, anime, fishing, computers, animal, kids(but they just cry and run away like they felt i was an evil person) sound like a nerd don't I. I am a shy person that never felt that passion of love(emotional love). so desperate to find someone that I will try online dating once i get back to the miami,fl in a few days.

    looks 5 ft 2in 150lb(look a little fat but not too much) with a face of a kid when i shave and I am of latin blood. growing my hair long to change my look a little bit having short hair made me look like a street person. A bit hairy in my legs and stomach with bad toenails and a few almost unseen scars in my face and my hair looks a bit hippy.

    sorry i got no pics other than facebook to show but trust me i am not bad to look at many people said so.

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  • need the recipe of a food i ate in south korea?

    i was deployed to south korea for a year they had the best dam food i have ever tasted. the camp is called camp casey in the Tongduchon area there was a all you can eat buffet there.directions to the buffet leave casey from the front gate cross the street to the train station take a left walking side to side of the train station walk like 5 blocks then take a right go under the trail rails walk a block and you will see a buffet there. they had great food. my friends called it beaf and leaf.

    the food there had three meats cow pig and chicken you sat in a small table with a fire grill in the middle put the meat in the grill then eat it. for me it was the most delicious food i ever taste in my life. the taste was a little sour the sauce used made the meat red before cooking. got a letuce leaf some rice and the meat made a taco like food.

    need to know the recipe to that food i ate that day it driving me nuts. also want to know the names of the side dishes that come with korean food like kimchi. the pickled potatoes cucumbers and all that. I want to make them eat them and enjoy them at my home with my family. last thing it was 3 years ago i dont know if its still there.

    thanks to all people that help me with this problem

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  • what anime music do you recommend?

    ever since I stated watching ah! my goddess i became addicted too anime and music. but i need new songs to listen. I prefer songs with a girl singing do listen to, boys singing but not much. what i care is the rhythm of the song the vocals not to fast not too slow unless if its a song like in death note. animes i already checked are amagami ss,chobits,clannad,fullmetal alchemist(both of them),rosario vampier,the world god only knows,zero no tsu(something i forgot),akikan,battle programmer shirase,chokotto sister,dears,death note,doki doki school hour,elemental gelade,elfen lied,fight ippatsu juuden chan, FLCL,hitmanreborn,inukami,kanamemo,kanokon,karin,maburaho,MM!,nagasarete airantou,welcome to the nhk,sekirei,seto no hanayome,the melancholy of haruhi,to love ru,vandread,air,kanon,shuffle.

    these animes had at least one song that i gave at least a 7 the first few animes had more than 3 songs. if i like the songs then i might watch the anime. please dont say bleach or naruto they are not finished and way to long got bored of them.

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  • why do girls do this?

    I have seen so many bad examples with relationships in my life but why and is it really worth it.

    a girl latin american with a guy american he has a great future ahead of him he gave her presents and took her out to eat, dates and all that. If she marries him she will get the u.s passport and have a better life she said to him that she loves him and he said to her the he loves her. the guy had to go back to the u.s he was a soldier. then when he came back he went to visit her again a year later after finishing his tour in Iraq but to his surprise she had a little girl in her hands he talk and said bie with not saying anything about there past relationship left with a broken heart. her current status lives with her boyfriend and kid in her mothers house guy make a small or not at all living. he still goes and visit her and every time the mother asks him to marry her. who was the soldier? Do i really have to say it.

    there are other things i wanted to post but it might insult the female population so i took it off


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  • my cat died need to know why?

    The cat died by a medical reason but from what? The cat one day came back home but he was only walking on his front legs. He meow a lot so I but him in a box and kept it warm since it was a rainy day. He had white foam coming from his mouth did not want to move or even eat nothing also no purrring. Next day he started walking but not so well but the next day he was normal. But a month later like last time with the rain it happend again. But this time he started moving strangly like he is having a child. Sometimes moves like he is having a bad dream and streaching his body in different ways. Later after like an hour and a half he stooped moving. I checked but he was already dead.

    Here are details of the were I live in central america Honduras, trujillo near the beach and the mountains in between. This happend two moths ago in the begging of the rainy season after the dry season. I thought the first time it was because it was a toad the secound time I thought it was rat poison since there are rats in the neighborhood. Forgot to mention the cat threw up a lot before dieing.

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  • how to play video files from my computer files into a cannon digital camera?

    i used the vlc converter to convert my video files to play in my cannon powershot a560 tried many ties no luck please HELP!!!!!!

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