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  • How can I learn how to dance (well) with a woman in a typical club situation?

    I've tried. A lot. I thought I was doing okay for myself, but my girlfriend made fun of me when we went out last night.

    It seems that any time someone asks this question, there are six responses. "Feel the music" and "just have rhythm" aren't working... I'm a musician. I feel the music and have rhythm. Really. That didn't keep my girlfriend from making fun of my dancing. Also, "just do what feels right" doesn't work either. I did that, and I, like lots of other people, got mocked for it.

    "Watch what other people do" doesn't work... I spent years doing that. All I learned was that guys either look around and bounce slightly, or try to dry-hump women without permission. "Take a class" doesn't work either, as I have an unpredictable schedule. And finally, all the instructional videos I've found online tend to be one-person, look-at-me performance hip-hop.

    I just want to know what to do when a girl drags me onto the dance floor. Ideally, I'd like them to say I'm a good dancer.


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