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  • How to get faster and more stamina.?

    I have 4 months to train for two tryouts for football⚽️ In two weeks in a row( A football club and my high school team) I don’t want to get tired easily since I’ll be doing a whole 2 week of none stop running. I can run 7 minutes a mile so am average I guess, but I want 5 minutes. How many miles should I run everyday and how to build stamina.

    2 AnswersRunning1 year ago
  • Would you hate on purpose own goals in football( soccer)?

    Like if an attacker comes dribbles past few defenders and has another defender in the way and the goal post is close, if he shoots and deflects off the defender and goes in, would u hate it if the players main contribut was doing this.

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  • Anybody els VERY HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE game of thrones ending episode today!!! WARING MAJORRRRR SPOILERS AHEAD?

    Jon kills Danny( I was soo happy but suddenly had a memorable back lash,) because she was sooo good at the beginning and was killing slave masters to killing an entire city just because of one annoying stupid ancest queen. Btw I wouldv gave the seven kingdoms to Jon( if he didn’t kill Danny, she wouldv took control of the all the kingdoms like she said) btw why was grey worm acting like he needed to murder someone. He was my favorite until the episode 5 when he started killing Lannister man who surrendered!!( he’s being a coward, I mean I feel he really loved Missandei, but he started acting mad) but am glad he’s going away with his unssuild to Missandeis home island.

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  • What to expect on first day of karate lessons.?

    I am triathlete but recently got into martial arts just because of self defense and to be honest, I know this one kid whose 17 and in my grade (9th), he has a fake age on but is actually 17, and is pretty strong compared to me and my friends, me and him had a problem in 8th grade but I surrendered the fight and gave up before we started because he was sure to win. And I don’t want to get revenge after I learn karate really good but I want to use it only if he has problems with him. Anyways how long did it take you to get you purple belt?

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  • I am 15 years old and I want to make pro?

    I know the odds aren’t real but I’ve been playing since 8 years old but if I at least go all out for the usl division 3, which is not even close to pro in the mls but considering how confident I am in myself I could make division three, q: would u think that aiming to make this standard is failing, or being a failure after all those years of playing and my parents spending money on me

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  • How to ask for my crush’s Snapchat that sits right next to me in science class?

    We are both freshmen in HS and second trimester of the year just about to end , and she might move to a different hour, before that I wana learn her and know each other pretty well before I ask her Snapchat so we can talk more, but am usually shy aroun someone I find attractive especiallyllllllllyyyyyyy the person I like, she is an athlete so do am I, but I don’t anything to talk to her about, she would usually ask me do I need anything like pencils or stuff like that when I didn’t ask and sometimes just freez, but it would be weird to start asking her questions like what’s your name when the trismester is about to end!!!

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  • My ex just told me, she dosnt want a relationship with her current boyfriend and she knows I kinda still like her.?

    I want her to break up with him, but I can’t straight tell her to dump him otherwise I would look like a ********,

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  • I wana change my position in Soccer?? Suggest anything and I will try it out this coming summer season , (might even keep it to reach pro)?

    Am 9th grader and I am a striker (was a striker in 8th grade) but I did totally horrible like DAMN I assisted 8 goals and scored ZERO goals, in 7th grade I played midfield and I scored 3 goals assisted 4 goals (IN TOTAL OF 11 games both year)

    But in 9th grade I wana chose a position to do amazing and make varsity next year, so here is my stats I am ver fast(scale to 1/10 I am a 7.5) and shooting is average, I have a good stamina which means I can run up down the field, I always like to assist and score, am a little bit bad at defending but I don’t give up I keep marking my person given in a match, sooooo suggest people lol

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  • ATHLETSSSS anyone have habit going to the losing side to help them win lol?

    like i play soccer a and u14 for local club but when i am playing with friends like 5v5 i tend to play with the side i know is gonna lose or the side that is losing just to help them lol, like in real game ofccc i cant do that or the whole team/ club coachs would be mad and kick me out, but i feel like kinda sad if we are destorying the other team but if we are losing, I dont WANA LOSE BUT I feel lowkey sad for the other team lol

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