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  • Humor me... What would George Carlin say about...?

    What would George Carlin have to say about Obama wanting to bomb Syria ? Humor Me !

    Personally, I think he would say... " This is Bullshit with a Capital B, folks" !

    2 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago
  • "Why".. were chemical weapons used ?

    A very simple (and revealing )question is waiting for an answer. WHY.. were chemical weapons used

    in Syria ? What was the motivation ? Did Syria run out of guns ? Ammo ? Grenades ? Short on tanks ? Short on soldiers ? WHO benefits from chemical weapons being brought into the picture ?

    3 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago
  • Please ask Black Entertainers WHY they are not...?

    Can we get Stevie Wonder and J-Z to open up about WHY they are not "having kittens"

    about the "Black-on-Black killings" going on in Chicago ??? I'll even give them time

    if that is a tough question for them to answer.... It is a simple and straight-forward question.

    3 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago
  • I know 2 prosecutors who can't sleep tonite.... !?

    Zimmermans' Lawyer wants the contents of Trayvon Martins' cell phone revealed

    to the public ... where they will find:

    1. Nude photos of under-age girls ( can ya spell "child pornography") ?

    2. Photos of clumps of jewelry on his bed ( anyone missing anything) ?

    3. A hand holding a semi-automatic pistol ( got a permit for that ? No ?

    then whose is it and where did it come from) ?

    So... we having fun yet !

    5 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago
  • Perfectly rational explanation !!?

    I'm sure there is a perfectly rational explanation for finding, on Trayvon Martin's cell phone...

    1. photos of clumps of jewelry

    2. photos of nude under-age females

    3. marijuana plants

    4. and a hand holding a semi-automatic pistol

    Zimmerman's Attorney is charging 2 prosecutors with (withholding evidence).

    So... let's shine the light on all this and bring it out of the closet and into

    the open ! Immediately !

    3 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago
  • Prosecution witheld evidence ! (check-mate)..?

    It seems we have dear old Trayvons' cell phone that has photos of "clumps of jewelry on

    a of under-age females...marijuana plants..and a hand holding a seni-automatic

    pistol"... hmmm - Any burglary victims want to claim their jewelry? Oh.. and Mr. President:

    would you like to retract your statement now ?

    4 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago
  • Can Zimmerman's Lawyer file...?

    Can Zimmerman's lawyer file a Civil Lawsuit of his own on behalf of Zimmerman,

    and charge the state of Florida with "Unlawful Prosecution" ? (and I would add

    Persecution, if I could) !!

    6 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago
  • Zimmerman is lucky to be alive for god sakes !?

    And to think everything is revealed by listening to Trayvon Martin having that conversation

    on his cell phone with a girl about a "white-***-cracker" who was following him. That cell

    phone conversation took place (BEFORE) Martin ever encountered Zimmerman.... which

    reveals that Trayvon Martin was racist against white people ! ( Even those he had NEVER

    MET, like Zimmerman) ! So.. we have established that Martin had a dangerous "Mindset"

    towards whites. And you can paint the rest of this picture for yourself..... Yes- Zimmerman

    was very fortunate he was armed....

    5 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago
  • Civil Rights Charges filed... NO Case and it is easy to prove...?

    BEFORE...I repeat, BEFORE..... any altercation took place between Mr. Zimmerman and

    Mr. Marten; Mr. Marten was heard by The Whole Wide World in a cell phone conversation

    talking about a "Weird White Cracker" nearby. This clearly shows Mr. Marten's Racist Mindset

    BEFORE any encounter with Zimmerman. I'd say Mr. Zimmerman is lucky to be alive !

    Still want to file "Civil Rights" charges ?

    7 AnswersCurrent Events7 years ago
  • Question for the under 25 music listeners...?

    Do any of you younger folks like the country music from, say; the 60's and 70's ?

    If so, name me a few singers and songs that you like. Just curious. Thanks !

    3 AnswersCountry7 years ago
  • Has Diversity killed "Likemindedness" ?

    Diversity brings 1,000 questions...with no hope of Agreement reguarding the answers.

    Has the public smartened up, as they realize the futility of Diversity in

    "real life" action ?? Likemindedness always brings more progress-

    1 AnswerSociology8 years ago
  • What is your favorite song by Gene Pitney ?

    Anyone remember Gene Pitney? What is your favorite song of his ?

    Mine is "The man who shot liberty valance"...

    3 AnswersCountry8 years ago
  • Would you support Tigers' Lie ?

    Oh what a tangled web we weave.... Would an honest person ( a Marshal on the golf course),

    support Tigers' Lie ? Of course not. Are you ready to hear Tigers' explanation this time ??

    1 AnswerCurrent Events8 years ago
  • maybe I need to ask again...?

    FROM WHERE and HOW, did the "space originate", so that the

    Universe could expand into it ?

    4 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago
  • An "Un-answerable question" reguarding Space...?

    As the Universe is continually Expanding, WHERE DID ALL THE SPACE

    COME FROM, That the Universe is expanding into ?

    7 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago
  • Exposure to Violent Culture....?

    Does anyone agree that "Exposure to the Violent Culture", that

    is SPOON-FED from childhood... to adulthood is an

    important "root cause" of the Violent BEHAVIOR in our

    Society ? (Behavior is a "learned" process, ya know).....

    3 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago
  • Is Chucky Schumer at the fire scene yet ?

    Has Chucky Schumer, the NY Senator (attention-seeker)

    been to the Fire/shooting scene yet ? He will get it all

    figured out for us. He is "God-like".. just ask him, he'll agree....

    2 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago
  • Firefighters lured into a trap...?

    Do we need to ban matches and lighters so that (Copycat attention-seeking nuts)

    cannot lure firefighters , to a fire ? No fire = no firemen there-

    4 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago
  • The worst tweet...imaginable?

    Could the worst Tweet on December 22 be, " The Mayan Calendar

    was wrong, it's December 26th, 2012" ! Retailer will PANIC ! Ha

    1 AnswerCurrent Events8 years ago

    Looks like we have 2 generations of "ungrateful, lazy people"...

    ( and in an economic climate like we have today) ???

    I smell "A Union" attempt.... CLOSE that store.

    Customer comes FIRST ! Non-union = LOWER PRICES...

    9 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago