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  • Wine cannot run Cavalry on Ubuntu 20.04?

    This is my only video editing application that I will ever use because it's good and it's free. It works flawlessly on windows, but it goes haywire on linux (Ubuntu 20.04).

    I checked my wine application and found no errors, but it constantly gives me this error code:

    [13:46:03.691 info    ] Autosave is off.[45:50:20200702,134617.422:ERROR] ReadMemory at 0x7f31b0fb0000 of 6144 bytes failed: No access to memory location. (998)[45:50:20200702,134617.423:ERROR] failed to read unloaded module data[45:50:20200702,134617.664:ERROR] NtQuerySystemInformation SystemExtendedHandleInformation: <failed to retrieve error message (0x13d)> (0xc0000003)

    It only happens when I tried to sign in.

    The weirder thing is that when I'm trying to run Cavalry on another computer, it just straight up says: Wine has encountered a fatal error and will now shut down.

    Is there any ways to work around this? Or am I stuck restarting my computer switching OS's every now and then. I would not prefer virtual machines because that will make file exploring too complicated and is hard to setup anyways.

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  • How do I "lock" all of my apps in my iPhone?

    Because of my friends who always look into my apps and stuff which is kind of annoying, if there any ways I can "lock" the apps from opening? So something like it requiring the face recognition or password before it allows you to open the app? I have an Iphone 11. Thanks

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