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  • Trump claims ‘no racism’ in this country?

    Trump Supporters Yell 'White Power,' 'F*** Black Lives,' During Rally in North Carolina:  How can Trump and his supporters claim ‘no racism’ when things like this happen? When will they realize that if they want the BLM demonstrations to STOP, all they have to do is to STOP disenfranchising black people? If you want people NOT to fight you, stop poking and hitting them. Simple as that.

    Polls & Surveys1 month ago
  • How will Trump defend this?

    Just read that Trump supporters tried to obstruct early voters at a polling site in Fairfax County, Virginia. How do you think Trump will spin that, and claim such events don’t affect voter turnout and the results of the election?

    7 AnswersPolitics1 month ago
  • "By accident" or "on accident"?

    When did people start using the phrase "on accident"? Does this annoy anyone else? In this case the "by" is synonymous with "via" or "because of" as in "he died by drowning." One would never say "he died on drowning" or "he died on asphyxiation"

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  • Tenor 2's or Bass 1's?

    I'm a 2nd tenor (Tenor 2) and we're singing a piece in which the male voices are divided into a triad. How does one discern who—Tenor 2's or Bass 1's—take the middle note of that triad? I was taught that the stem direction dictates which part is responsible: stem up = Tenor 2; stem down = Bass 1. Am I correct in assuming that, or is the split entirely up to the discretion of the director, regardless of what is printed?

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  • Fray Check in bulk?

    I'm planning on making a lot of permanent, fabric streamers (as opposed to buying the crepe paper kind) that can be re-used. While I don't plan on washing them (I don't foresee them getting overly dirty), they will need to withstand repeated installations and excessive handling. I'm not planning to finish the edges with sewing because I have about 2,300 yards of edge to finish. So... Fray Check would be the easier solution but at 3/4 oz. per bottle, that's a lot of little bottles. Does anybody have or know of a recipe or source for bulk quantities of Fray Check?

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  • Eating/brushing while bluetoothing?

    I have a friend who uses a bluetooth earpiece and insists on "multi-tasking" by holding conversations while either eating or brushing her teeth (brush [while talking], spit, rinse, swish, and spit again). It's like my ear is right next to her mouth as she's doing all this. Am I being overly sensitive or is anyone else turned off by listening to someone else's mouth sounds as they eat or manage their dental hygiene?

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  • Has anyone used silicone ice cube molds for baking?

    I have a brain ice cube mold from Fred & Friends ( and wondered if I could make brain cake pops from it? It is silicone so it's very resistant to heat and cold.

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes6 years ago
  • ARGH! Carnivorous Fitted Sheets!?

    I have fitted sheets for an extra tall mattress which makes their elastic pockets rather large. Every time I wash/dry them with other members of their sheet family, the pockets end up "eating" all the other pieces which then remain all bunched up in the pockets, don't get to circulate through the water/air and don't get properly washed/dried. How do you persuade your fitted sheets to play nicely with other pieces of bedding in the washer/dryer?

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  • Piping chocolate ganache?

    When I make chocolate ganache, let it cool and then whip it for frosting, it DOES pipe but it's a tad too soft for my liking. I'd like it to be more of a piping buttercream consistency. Like on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 = toothpaste and 10 = drywall spackle, ganache lands at a 3-4.; I'm looking to make it 4-6. Does anyone have any tips to firm up ganache slightly (short of refrigeration)?

    1 AnswerCooking & Recipes7 years ago
  • Soft cupcake topper?

    So I'm going to be making some chocolate cupcakes filled with Bavarian cream and topped with a swirl of chocolate ganache, a pinch of coarse salt and rainbow sprinkles. BUT... I want a nice little finishing touch on top about the size of a jawbreaker but I want it to be SOFT, unlike a jawbreaker. A Maraschino cherry would be too big but about the right texture. I've thought about a mini marshmallow, a single Crunchberry (from Cap'n Crunch), an M&M but none of those really "does it for me." Any ideas?

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  • What random acts of kindness do you engage in?

    Have you ever hung around to see the reaction of the person? Have you ever been the beneficiary of an act of random kindness?

    I brought in breakfast for five of my co-workers who all pitched in on one of my accounts while I was away from my job on a family matter.

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  • A Murder of Crows...?

    ...a Herd of Cattle, a Gaggle of Geese.

    A ____________ of Tornadoes. (please fill in)

    I heard a news story this morning where the reported used a certain term that simply did not sound right so I'm interested in what the Y!A community can come up with. Thanks :-)

    4 AnswersWords & Wordplay8 years ago
  • 4 pics 1 word - what is it?

    I keep seeing this reference which is then followed by a description of the what I'm assuming are the four images and then some random letters. Is this a game in which you use the given letters to form the word that is common to all four images? Sorry if this ? seems dumb but I was just wondering...

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay8 years ago
  • "Inactive" vs. "closed" account?

    When checking my credit score a while back, I noticed a retailer (Kohl's) on my credit reports that I hadn't shopped at for 4-5 years (I signed up for their card to take advantage of an initial % off purchase price and never shopped there again. This was my intent.) So when I called them and requested they close my account I was told that company policy dictates they do not "close" accounts but "inactivate" them. I told them I did not want it inactivated but CLOSED because it was coming up on my credit report (and continues to do so.) I was told "we can't do that. Besides what if you want to re-activate the account again?" If I ask a company to PERMANENTLY CLOSE my account, are they obligated to do so? If not, is there some law I can invoke to FORCE them to close it?

    2 AnswersCredit8 years ago
  • How to clean 30" tall, narrow Eiffel Tower vases?

    I ordered these ( and they need to be cleaned inside. There's some kind of film on the inside from the manufacturing process so a simple shot of hot water and soap won't do it. I think scrubbing is in order. Any ideas?

    3 AnswersCleaning & Laundry8 years ago
  • "Paranorman" surprise?

    Thumbs up to "Mitch" and the surprise ending of "Paranorman." Did anyone else see this yet? I laughed out loud in the theatre; I was the only one. What did YOU think of the reveal?

  • I'm hot. I mean: I'm REALLY hot...?

    ...and not in the sexy way. I'm in Chicago and we have no air conditioning at work. Who else is sweating it out today?

  • Bike for metro suburb commuting?

    I live 16 miles from work and enjoy biking to and fro, mostly surface streets and sidewalks; it's a pretty decent workout. The bike I have, however, is over 15 years old and is a heavy mountain bike (Diamondback). I'm in the market for a new bike but there are so many different kinds now! Any suggestions for a bike that can handle road commuting and fine gravel path? I'm not looking to conquer insanely rocky/mountainous terrain.

    2 AnswersCycling9 years ago
  • Fitted sheets AAARRRGGGHHHH!?

    I have extra deep queen size fitted sheets. Whenever I wash/dry them, they gobble up all the other sheets and pillowcases in the load and hold them hostage in their little elasticized pockets until the cycle is over, effectively preventing my OTHER bedding from frolicking in the suds and hot air and getting clean. I've had to resort to checking them/untangling them in the dryer EVERY 10-15 MINUTES to make sure I don't end up with a partially dried wad of bedding. What do YOU do to prevent your cannibalistic fitted sheets from holding all your other bedding captive?

    2 AnswersCleaning & Laundry9 years ago
  • Biscuit pre-prep for crowd?

    I'm making a 3x to 4x batch of biscuits for a large crowd. Is it OK to cut in the butter/shortening into the dry flour mixture and then store it in the fridge (for no more than 6 hours) before adding the wet ingredients and baking it? My biscuits always seem to come out more like brickbats rather than light, flaky pastries. I know keeping the fat cold until baking is a key goal but I'm wondering if the extended contact between the fat and flour in the fridge will cause some kind of undesired outcome.

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes9 years ago