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  • TCNJ students, coed guests?

    On the TCNJ website it said they allow overnight guests for up to three consecutive nights. Do they allow coed guests? Like, as long as I get my roommates permission, can I sign my bf in to sleep over for a night or do they expect girls to only have girls over and boys to only have boys over? Is it permitted for me to sign my boyfriend in to sleep over?

  • Can I perform in musicals if I'm not a Theatre or Musical Theatre major at Ithaca College?

    I'm a senior in high school, and Ithaca is one of my top choices to apply to this year. I really, really, REALLY love performing in musicals above almost anything in my life, but I just don't have the talent or skill to major in theatre or musical theatre. If I don't major or minor in theatre, is there a way I can still perform in musicals, like a theatre club or something? Or is there a musical theatre minor at Ithaca College? If anyone could help me out ASAP it would be much appreciated (:

  • What kind of song can I play for a coffeehouse-type event at a church?

    I play guitar (not very well) and my friend is going to sing at a coffeehouse-like event at her church. I can play Blackbird by the Beatles, but other than that, I'm not sure what we can sing/play. They don't have to be religious songs, but it is being hosted at a church, so it can't really be anything with explicit content or swear words. She is a soprano 2, if that helps; I'm an alto but probably won't really be singing. I'd prefer to stay away from Taylor Swift if possible. Are there any sort of simple songs I can play guitar too while she sings? Thank you so much.

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  • Help! I need ideas for a Rocky Horror costume?

    I'm going to a Rocky Horror Show tonight at midnight. What should I dress up as? (I'm a RHPS virgin lol). What should I wear? I don't have to dress as a particular character. Thanks!

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  • What should I wear to a college play?

    I'm going with my friends to see another friend perform in a play at Rutgers, but I'm in high school, so I don't really know what to wear! Are college plays something I should dress up for? And what do college kids wear? Lol I know I sound pathetic but I really like this guy and we're hanging out with him afterwards, so I don't want to look over dressed or underdressed or like some freakish high school loser. Any help is appreciated lol thanks so much.

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  • Guitar chord progression question?

    I would really, really appreciate some help. Could someone please give me some chord progressions that sound good? Like, I've never had guitar lessons or anything and I mostly just learn by ear, not necessarily by learning the chords, so when I try to write songs they are mostly all D, A, Em, G.

    I would really, really appreciate if someone could give me some chord progressions or patterns that sound nice. I'd really appreciate one that sounds good for a sad song, one that's more pop-ish (kind of like Taylor Swift's Better than Revenge), and one that's kind of pretty like Landslide. If you could give me some progressions that use bar chords, that would be great too.

    Sorry if this is kind of a confusing question but I'd appreciate any help I can get, thank you so much!

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  • Favorite "pretty" acoustic song to sing/play guitar to?

    I really love Fast Car, Landslide, Remembering Sunday, Iris, Last Kiss (Taylor Swift), Hallelujah, songs like that. Preferably songs that girls sing. Are there any more acoustic guitar songs like that? What are your favorites? Please no more Taylor Swift, I can already play all of her songs lol. Give me your favorite songs like these, thank you!

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  • Can dogs possibly be gay?

    Because I really want to get two gay dogs and name them Sirius and Lupin. If dogs can't be gay, whatever, I'll just get two brothers or whatever, two random male dogs, but I was just wondering if dogs can in fact be gay.

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  • What Broadway performers should I know?

    I'm kind of new to the world of theater, and when all my friends talk about their Broadway heroes and their favorite Broadway stars, I get a little awkward because I don't know many stars. I love Kristin and Idina because I saw them in Wicked, and I know Adam Pascal, Aaron Tveit, Gavin Creel, and most of the Mimi's from Rent, but who else should I know? Who are some good Broadway stars I should know, who have been in a lot of productions or are on Broadway now? Who are your favorite Broadway stars?

    Educate me in the ways of theater! Lol any help is appreciated, thanks! (:

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  • Best thing to mix Malibu Rum with?

    What's your favorite thing to mix Malibu with, like some kind of soft drink or juice or something, not something you have to blend in a blender like a pina colada. Thanks!

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  • Is Roger from the musical Rent abusive?

    I've never seen the musical but just from what I've seen in the song "Another Day" (like I've watched that scene from the movie and the musical) he seems like angry and he's kind of grabbing her and pushing her around, can someone just explain why he's angry in that scene lol? Just kind of explain that scene to me, don't worry about spoilers because I'm probably never going to see the movie.

    I know he's not like full-on abusive to Mimi, but why is he so angry/pushing her around in that scene? Just kind of summarize that scene for me lol and explain it, thanks so much!

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  • What's a pretty word?

    This is a strange question but I have to do a survey for creative writing, and I was just wondering, what is the prettiest word for you (do you think)? Like, as far as words you hear in songs or see in poetry? Like, I think the words "enchanted" or "enchanting", as well as the word "dazzling," are the prettiest words to see/hear in a poem/song.

    So, help me out in my survey for class - what is a "pretty" word that you either like to see or hear in poetry or music? Thanks!

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  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder question?

    I have a question that maybe people on here with OCD can help me with. I don't know if I'm OCD or not, I'm probably not but I do know that I'm not exactly functioning the way a typical person should be functioning, and I don't know what is wrong with me. I think I have social anxiety disorder as well but for OCD, I was reading online and it said one common symptom could be fear of making a mistake, which I have, and there are certain rituals or things that people do to try and combat these fears.

    I have horrible fear of making a mistake. When I had a job last year, if I made a mistake, whatever outfit I was wearing that day and however my hair was, I would never wear that again hoping that it would prevent me from making a mistake. I would wear the same socks, undergarments, shorts, and sneakers repeatedly if I had a day where I didn't make a mistake, in hopes that I would continue to not make a mistake.

    Similarly, when I went to complete my 6 hours of driving to get my permit, I had one day that was fairly good, so the next day I wore the exact same outfit and had to have four bobby pins in my hair, because I had four in my hair the first day. I did well that day driving, so for the last day I wore the exact same outfit with my hair the same way.

    Could this be indicative of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or am I just weird? Do I have something else wrong with me? Please, any kind of help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.

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  • Please help me with a drinking question!?

    Yes I am a teenager. Please don't tell me about how bad and illegal it is to drink, because I know that, but I'm going to a party where there will be a ton of alcohol and I'd rather know how to safely drink so I don't get sick or pass out. There's going to be vodka, rum, beer, probably wine coolers...what do I do with this stuff!? And I know there's something about not mixing drinks...please help me because I'd rather have the information to drink a little and drink safely than mix drinks or do something wrong and get sick or hurt.

    Thank you so much in advance!

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  • Nine Inch Nails song?

    I'm pretty sure it's by Nine Inch Nails. It's like kind of slow, a little creepy, and I only know part of the lyrics but it says "hey babyy" and i think at one point it says "hey big baby" and there's one line that says "black and blue and I'm coming for you"

    I know it's not a lot of info but does anyone know what I'm talking about? I would really appreciate it haha thanks!

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  • What are some good acoustic/love songs?

    I like songs like Drops of Jupiter by Train, or She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5, or Parachutes by Trevor Hall, songs like that. I know Train and Maroon 5 are popular, but I normally like songs that aren't on the radio much, like Parachutes or songs by Jason Castro.

    What are your favorite slow/sad/love acoustic songs? Thanks so much in advance for the help!

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  • What weight looks good in a bikini!?

    Awkward question haha. I'm trying to lose weight (I'm 16 years old and 5'8") and I'm just wondering, so I know how much weight to lose by summer, what weight looks good in a bikini on someone who's 5'8"?

    Sorry if this is an awkward question haha. Thanks!

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  • What Broadway character should I dress as !?

    I'm going to a party tomorrow night at my friend's house - it's her older brother's party, so it's a drinking party with mostly college kids. I won't be drinking, but the theme is Broadway plays and I'm supposed to dress as a character. Any suggestions? I'm 16, so I don't want anything too old or too revealing or anything. Everyone is basically being characters from Rent, but I haven't seen the play and I've only seen parts of the movie so I don't want to do that.

    Who's your favorite Broadway female character? Please help! (Nothing too elaborate either, like Elphaba or Glinda or anything). Thanks so much1

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  • Secret Santa gift help please !?

    I don't really know the girl too well. Like, I like her a lot, she's an awesome friend, but we're not super close. I know she's a beast at the drums and guitar, sort of sporty, like the beatles and paramore, loves music, and loves perfume lol. I don't know what to get her!

    We have a limit of 20 dollars for the gift. Any ideas for me, please? Thanks so much!

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  • Curvy Girls - Where do you buy skinny jeans!?

    I can't buy skinny jeans. I just have a terrible time finding a pair that fits and is comfortable. I'm kind of fat, not fat but I'm curvy, with a big stomach and a big butt and fat thighs and huge calves. Is it just not possible for me to wear skinny jeans? Curvy girls, where do you buy skinny jeans?

    Tell me where you buy them and what brand they are, it would really help me a lot. Or where you get good jeggings lol! Thanks so much. (I'm either a size 9 or 11, depending on the store, or for even numbers, either an 8 or a 10.) Thanks so much in advance!!!!!!

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