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  • Java Error, cannot find symbol?... I'm a beginner. Help please?

    I'm a total novice when it comes to java and programming. I'm not 100% done with this code but when i compile it, i only get 1 error that's really stressing me out. that error is error: cannot find symbol



    symbol: variable scoreSAT

    location: class Admittest

    1 error

    I spent 1 hour trying to figure this out but i just don't understand why...

    Any help would be beyond fantastic thanks. Also, it'd be great if the code could stay in this format somewhat because I'm planning to add more.

    Here's my code:

    import java.util.*;

    public class Admittest {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    Scanner console = new Scanner(;


    int chooseSATorACT = chooseSATorACT(console);

    examScore(scoreSAT); //this is where the error is at!


    public static void applicantInformation1() {

    System.out.println("Information for applicant #1:");


    public static int chooseSATorACT(Scanner console) {

    System.out.print("do you have 1) SAT scores or 2) ACT scores?");

    int choose = console.nextInt();

    return choose;


    public static double enterSATorACT(Scanner console, int choose) {

    if (choose == 1) {


    } else {

    System.out.println("ACT score. Finish this code later");



    public static double useSATscore(Scanner console){

    System.out.print("SAT math? ");

    double math = console.nextDouble();

    System.out.print("SAT critical reading? ");

    double reading = console.nextDouble();

    System.out.print("SAT writing? ");

    double writing = console.nextDouble();

    double scoreSAT = scoreCalcSAT(math, reading, writing);

    return scoreSAT;


    public static double examScore(double scoreSAT) {

    System.out.println("exam score= "+ scoreSAT);


    public static double scoreCalcSAT(double math, double reading, double writing) {

    return (2 * math + reading + writing) /32;

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    Alright here's the story, I've recently bought 2 goldfish and placed them into a mediocre sized bowl with some rocks, and a live plant on a tray. The goldfish are gulping on the surface, yes I know it's trying to get oxygen but the thing is when I explain this to my mom, she says that it's fine and I'm worrying too much and it's natural for them to do this and refuses to buy an aquarium. So what can I do for my goldfish? Can an air pump/airstone fit in my mediocre sized fishbowl? My fishbowl are about 3-4 times bigger than your normal fishbowl. Also, how can I persuade my mom to buy an aquarium for my goldfish?

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