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  • How much is a close ballpark figure for a workers compensation, 80% rotator cuff tear worth?See additional .?

    Almost a year ago I had a severe rotator cuff tear (almost 80%). It is a workers comp. case. I had a pre-exisiting condition that was fine before the tear (an acromio-clavicular rebuild at 16 years old, now mid forties) and that has been exacerbated with burning pain and diminished power. I have reached MMI with a 25% decrease in ROM, which should translate into a 17-19% whole body impairment rating. I am looking to settle this case with the company I work for. I know they will ask me to resign which is fine with me, however, they are liable for negligence. You cannot sue for pain and suffering, but most personal injury cases are around 120K with the repairs and surgeries performed before settling. I have dimished grip and shooting pains, cannot sleep a full night and stay up with pain. What I am asking is if someone else has ever gone through something simliar and how did you settle. I will need 2 future surgeries and all the hosp. costs, anastheia, therapy, drugs, With a real figure, even if you are a lawyer, what is a ballpark figure to settle on? (I already have the cost for the surgery and all other costs).

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