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  • What's a good $100 skateboard for an 11 year old boy?

    My kid is turing 11 next week and wants a new skateboard. He's certainly no pro, he can ollie and that's about it. I know there's a lot to consider, such as balance, bearings, etc., but I don't know EXACTLY what to consider. Is there store I should go to (we have a Vans in our mall) or should I find a local shop that know what's up? Is there a brand to stay away from, or is there a brand I should prefer? I'm looking to spend about $100, a little less or a little more is fine. Thanks for your help!

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  • What's the history on this 1928D series $2 bill?

    Hello. I just received a 1928D series $2 bill. I know it's not worth much ($5-20), and the value isn't really what I'm after. What I'm curious about is if there is a way to tell when/it was printed via the serial number or other identifying information. I'm not a legit collector ( I have many pieces, but nothing fantastic) and my knowledge is limited, and I did the good old fashioned Google search and came up with not much information. Can you guys help me learn more about this fascinating piece of currency?

    It's a red seal $2 bill 1928D series.

    Serial number is C58690415A

    In the bottom right hand it says K 258

    Just to the right of Monticello, it has a tiny 311

    Morgenthau was the Sec of Treasury

    Julian I believe is the Treasurer.

    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated by my 9 year old son who received it from Grandma just today.

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  • How do football fans know what side of the stadium to sit on?

    While watching tonight's BCS Championship, I notice that half of the stadium is red and half is purple. How do all of the Alabama fan know to sit next to each other. One would think that it would be all mixed up, as I doubt 30,000 fans bought their tickets at the same time. Is it predetermined? Is it on the seating chart for the stadium, such as home half and visitor half?

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  • Green Anole questions...Petco or Pet Supplies Plus?

    I'm getting a green anole set for my 10 year old for his birthday. I've read a ton of literature and feel that I'm comfortable getting into the hobby. I'm going to devote $100 or so for the setup and don't plan to skimp on anything. My question is Petco or Pet Supplies Plus a better place to buy the lizards and/or equipment? Does a non-chain hobby pet store offer better products? Price isn't a huge consideration, though a penny saved is a penny earned. I'm more worried about quality and durability, not only of the equipment, but the pets themselves. Thank you for your response.

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  • What do you think of the Hendrick Nascars being in the next Transformers movie?

    I was at today and I saw the new Nascars that are going to be featured in the new Transformers Dark of the Moon movie. How sweet is the Jimmie Johnson and Dale Jr. Transformers? Take a look and tell me what you think!

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  • Do you agree with the yellow line rule at plate tracks, or do you think it should be amended?

    In my opinion, a car should be allowed to pass below the yellow line after turn 4 on the last lap. It's how EVERY SINGLE RACE ends at Talladega and Daytona, why should we prevent a battle at the line? It was enacted for safety's sake, but look at the carnage it has caused and more importantly has the potential to cause. What's your take on the rule?

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  • Are you loyal to your favorite driver's sponsors, or do you not care?

    I'm curious as to how loyal other Nascar fans are to their favorite driver. We are huge Jimmie Johnson fans, and I haven't shopped at a Home Depot in 7 years (even though their prices are usually a bit cheaper). I'm in a Lowe's at least every other week. I only buy Kobalt tools (unless it's cheap junk I can get at Harbor Freight). I even feel good when I put Sunoco gas in my minivan, though I usually buy Kroger gas because of the discount. Even driver's I don't like very much get my support when there's a choice. NOS energy drink is yummy. I was tickled pink when the Auto Zone gave me Raybestos brakes. So who is your favorite driver and are you loyal to their sponsors, or are you loyal to the general, non-driver specific Nascar sponsors?

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  • What movie does a woman think a man has a death notice telegram for her but he only asks for directions?

    We're trying hard to remember the name of a movie, made in the last few years, where a woman looks out in the street and sees the Western Union man, and she starts crying and screaming because she thinks it's a death notice for her soldier husband. The man knocks on the door and asks her for directions to another house. She starts screaming "Do you know what you've done!". Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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