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a fish can love a bird but where will they live?

  • Meaning of this name in the book "Funny Boy"?

    Funny Boy is a book written by Sri Lankan author Shyam Selvadurai.

    The main character is a little boy named Arjie.

    Does anybody know what this name means?

    If you have read the book or understand the cultural references can you tell me what the other names mean as well? (eg. Sonali)


    will give you points

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  • can anybody tell me who is this model?

    Can anybody tell me who this model is? (I don't know if she's famous or not, I doubt it). This is from a Chloe runway:

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  • Ideas for a new invention ?

    Help us come up with a new invention! =)

    It must be realistic and we actually have to MAKE IT (limited resources)

    This a project for our Marketing Class

    thanks a lot!

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  • Has anyone heard of Zazo Hair Studio? ?

    I'm planning to get my hair cut there next week, on the recommendation of my cousin and aunt (they always have perfect hair). Has anyone heard of the place, and have a review of it? (positive or negative, I would like to know more about the place)

    thank you! =)

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  • Tipping a hairdresser (first cut) ?


    I am switching my hairdresser. I realize that some salons/studios offer a free first cut, but I don't know if the studio I'm going to has the same policy. Should I feel obligated to tip the hairdresser on my first visit? (I'm just going for a wash and cut). Also, how should I tip the person who washes my hair? I don't feel comfortable giving people their tips directly.

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