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David in Kenai

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I'm an environmental engineer living in Alaska. Occupationally, I specialize in groundwater and soil contamination by fuel hydrocarbons, but I also do investigations and clean-ups of solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, asbestos and lead-based paint. My education was in chemical engineering at UC Berkeley. My professional registration is as a civil engineer. During my "seven-year itinerant bum phase" I built, sold and programmed computers, worked in a ski shop, lead backpacking trips, taught first aid and installed solar systems (hot water, not planets!). I read a ton of non-fiction including my wife's medical journals lying around the house, although my favorite for a concise summary of recent advances is the weekly "Science News". Recreationally, I canoe, X-C ski, travel domestically and internationally, and hike A LOT. I believe I should be able to "hike my age" so this summer, I'll do a 45-mile dayhike. If you want to reach me, post a question with "Alaska" in it.

  • San Diego Hotel very near beach for young family?

    We'll be a week in San Diego in March and would love something within easy walking distance to sand and water. We'll drive to the Zoo, Wild Animal Park, etc, but everyday the kids will want to play in the water.

    Yes, I know, the water isn't as "warm" as in the summer, but coming from Alaska, any liquid water seems warm to us. A playground or kid attractions very close (ages 2 and 6) would be a plus, too.

    Thanks. I always pick a best answer.

    4 AnswersSan Diego1 decade ago
  • What hotel is very close to Las Vegas/McCarran Airport?

    I've got a 7 am flight out of LAS next month so I'd like a hotel that is really close - like walking distance. I'd prefer something decent/nice, but don't need a casino or shows.

    I realize everyone has shuttlebus service, but that is another 30 minutes and getting up at 5 am PDT is 4 am, my time, back home.

    8 AnswersLas Vegas1 decade ago