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  • Give it up: London suggestions, please?

    I'm a TEFL teacher, and I'm heading back to Moscow for a job this summer. I have a layover in London. I'll cut to the chase.

    1) Places to eat? I know I'm not going to starve, but where would you take a friend if they had come to visit? (I am assuming you and your friends are part of the poor unwashed masses like the rest of us.) For example, if you came to NYC, we'd go to the Halal cart on 16th E and Cortelyou (or the tamale cart, whichever was out), buy food, get liquor from the shop behind it, and go to Prospect Park if it were a fine day. If it wasn't a fine day, we'd go anyway and get wet because I assume you'd be used to it. That sort of thing.

    2) Unusual museums. Not the British Museum. I will certainly go and pay tribute to the glory of the Royal Navy, but, for example, my favorite museum in DC is the International Spy Museum though the Smithsonians are awesome. My favorite museum in Tokyo is the Yushukan because it's deliciously politically volatile (denies the Rape of Nanking, Pearl Harbor bombing was Roosevelt's idea, etc), and my favorite museum in Kyrgyzstan is the National Museum because it has a mural of Ronald Reagan riding a missile Dr. Strangelove-style. London has to have some of this. Give it to me. I'm a museum junkie.

    3) Places to drink? I will walk around and drink on the street most of the time while I'm railroading your museums. But if you have a favorite watering hole, I might have a beer. And then pour scotch into it.


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