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  • Does my 8 year old have ADHD or is it just stress?

    Ok so I got a note from my 8 year old daughters teacher that he wants to have a conference, already. I spoke to him on the phone briefly and his main concern is my daughters ability to focus, he says he catches her talking or fidgeting during class and he would like to discuss testing her. I can only assume for ADHD. My concern is that she has tested for GATE and is currently in the GATE class (that is her teacher) She received all A’s last year. How can this just come up like this? I think she is stressed about the transition into GATE. I think she is overwhelmed because she now thinks she needs to be “perfect” this is what she said to me when I talked to her about it. I asked her if she wanted to be moved to another class, she says she doesn’t so I gave her some options. Of course I explained that no one especially her father and I expect her to be perfect but we do expect her to try her best. Has anyone else had similar experiences with their kids?

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  • What happens when you are charged with misdemeanor child endangerment, and its your first offense?

    My husband has been charges with misdemeanor child endangerment. It is his first offense. He was driving home with our 4 kids after work, he had just picked them up from the sitter. My Infant daughter started screaming and my oldest daughter screamed "Oh my God" He freaked out and started screaming at our daughters 7yrs and 9 yrs old. "What the hell is going on" I mean he can't see she is in the back and he is driving. Then he reached back and started smacking the girls and socked one of them because they were not answering. He scared them obviously, and my oldest had a bruise. She went to school the next day and then CPS was called and a report was filed. Now 4 months later the DA has charged my husband with 2 counts of misdemeanor child endangerment, one for my oldest the other for my youngest. Will they take the kids away and put my husband in jail for a mistake. He is attending anger management classes to help him deal with stress, and he has apologized. He is not violent

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