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  • My dog barks at strangers, how can I stop this?

    I've got a beautiful german shepherd mix and she gets all psycho whenever a strange car drives up. Everyone in my family is quite short, so she goes nuts when a tall person approaches, but this isn't limited to tall people. She's a few years old, and I took her to dog training classes for a while. She graduated as a CGC, but she just won't settle down!

    We like to have parties in the summer, and that will come pretty quickly. She looks pretty scary and I'm worried that she'll hurt someone or their child.

    Please help!!!

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  • Teen fiction book recommendations?

    I loved the following series:

    -The Lunar Chronicles

    -The Hunger Games

    -The Sky Chasers

    -Uglies, Pretties, Specials

    Books like that. Please help, I desperately need something to read!!

    Thank you everyone!

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  • How do you make a character lovable?

    I like to write, but I just feel like my characters aren't as lovable and realistic as they could be. Can someone help? I (think) I have good plots, but my characters seem 2 dimensional. Please help!?

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