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I'm married with two children (boys) and believe in Jesus with all my heart, soul, and mind. I love to read and watch movies, and spend my free time with my kids or by playing any of a number of sports from basketball to golf. I recently found out I'm a Type II diabetic so I've spent the last year getting back into shape and excercising regularly.

  • For those who wish to employ logic?

    What then is your logic to the inception of life? No theory known to man defies all logic, so answering "at least I don't resolve myself to 'god did it'" is only making my point for me. Abiogenesis? Big Bang? What logical theory is there? So stop preaching about "logic".... logically we shouldn't be here....

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  • Wouldn't most agree...?

    the over optimistic people on both sides of the aisle notwithstanding, the most likely scenario is that by tonight we probably won't know who our next president will be, it may be as long as a couple of weeks before we know?

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  • How, in any way is saying you don't support gay marriage, perpetrating hate?

    According to those that support it, any opinion different from their opinion, means we "hate" homosexuals. What a ridiculous step in logic. I believe in civil unions and same sex benefits, I just think marriage as an institution doesn't need to change to satisfy one group. Doesn't claiming that makes me a "hater of homosexuals" dumb down your argument?

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  • Seriously how can we take the atheist viewpoint seriously when ridiculous things like this are asked?

    If a Christian’s butt was on fire but it said in the bile, “Your butt is not on fire,” would they deny it?

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    Wow... I thought atheists were masters of logic and common sense.

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  • Doesn't our existence contradict all human logic and scientific theory?

    Not to criticize science at all, but our own existence isn't something that can pass the scientific method or our natural sense of logic. Logic doesn't seem to jibe with the spontaneous creation or appearance of life. Whether you believe in creation or abiogenesis, or the Big Bang... none of this is logical or acceptable in science. So, given that we exist... doesn't it seem more fitting that something far more advanced and knowledgable than us, is at work?

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  • Is this an example of responsible spending in these economic times?

    Our current administration allows a $6400.00 tax credit for the purchase of an electric car. According to John Stossel, a golf cart is considered an "electric car". The cost of a golf cart? One can be purchased on-line and even shipped for around $5500.00. My "tax credit" would yield me a handsome $900.00 profit. Wow... is this how democrats deal with problems?

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  • So let me get this straight about global warming...?

    Deb: Keep drinking their kool aid. No, they aren't any more than they ever have been.

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  • You want our "government" to be in charge of our health care?

    The same government that chose to approve an economic stimulus bill that lead to people trading their cars in, getting up to $4500.00 for their "gas guzzling" vehicle and buying a new car. Right now it's reported that the 1 billion earmarked has dried up and their is still a back log of people applying for the program of some 20,000. Why in the world would I want the same government to be in charge of my healthcare?

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  • How about global cooling?

    Professor Walter E. Williams of George Mason U. cites how last March more than 700 international scientists went on record dissenting over manmade global warming claims. About 31,50 American scientists (9,029 with Ph.D's who signed a petition on the matter). Is this the starting point for the end of the biggest hoax perpetrated by the extreme leftist alarmists who claim "no reputable scientist disagrees with manmade global warming"? Or in the last 10 years the Earth has actually been cooling?

    Cinci. Enquirer

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  • For the atheists who believe man created God...?

    Ok, fine... but do you have a better solution as to how life originated from nothing. Even the Big Bang theory begs the same question as to what caused it? Obviously, in all the time scientists have been on Earth, none have been able to come up with the answer as to how all things came to exist, yet here we are. Logically, wouldn't it be true then, that something far greater than we understand is at the root of it all? Then why do you dismiss me, when I name that something: "God"? Yes, I've heard the Flying Spaghetti monster argument, but that doesn't negate the possibility of God, so wouldn't even an atheist have to consider God a possibility?

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  • So who are the aggressors on this forum, the Christians or the Atheists?

    I welcome debate, but when posts get ugly, who is responsible? Do more atheists or Christians tend to bring the debate down? I'm a Christian but know I've used sarcasm to make a point, so I'm not giving myself a pass. But, I assumed atheists would be more passive towards Christianity, even more apathetic. What I see on this forum however, is a desire to "teach us a lesson" about our beliefs. But, Christians tend to want to lecture instead of show the love we are supposed to, so who instigates the most?

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  • How is murder justification for anything?!?!?

    Please tell me no Christians are advocating Tiller's death... I am a Christian and I sincerely hope no one claiming to follow Christ, would ever condone a murder of ANY kind...

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  • Let me get this straight, atheist....?

    Some (not all) of you claim because God can't be "scientifically" proven using the man made concepts of logic and reason, then He must not exist. Yet science, logic, or reason, has never been able to demonstrate how life came to be, so by that "logic", life must not really exist. Yet... here we are. Please edify me...

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  • For atheists... again I'm curious...?

    Many atheists in this forum would agree that if my answer to the problem as to how life started is simply, "God," then they would tell me I'm far too naive and have no proof. Fair enough. But is your answer to the same question a better one in your opinion, or is just another alternative, no better or worse? Honest question, just trying to guage what theory your own faith is beholding to. After all, we are here, we are alive, something has to be at work that science can't prove.

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  • Wouldn't it stand to reason that the possibility of God has to be considered?

    Many atheists here love to claim their intellectual superiority over believers and Christians. Not once will they provide proof. Doesn't it even occur to an atheist that to not consider God even a possibility, goes against all empirical thought? No atheist employing any scientific foundation, has discovered an answer which explains how all things came to be. Therefore, it must be something we can't prove or science can't explain. Therefore, the possibility that God exists must be considered just as likely as any other. Now I know that you'll come back with the "flying spaghetti monster" and "polka-dot unicorns" being as possible. But, at least you would have to admit the possibility of God, unless your just stubborn, which would contradict your level of intelligence.

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  • We'll try this again...Even atheists must concede that...?

    Whatever is at the orgin of all things, it's something beyond our ability to prove or disprove. Science has not gotten to the bottom of it, yet the questioin has plagued scientists for centuries. Can't we just start with this small concession... you don't have to believe in the God that I and many Christians have come to know personally. I get the "why can't it be a pink unicorn or spaghetti monster?" defense. But there must be something beyond our understanding, do you agree at least to that?

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  • For those claiming bias with Yahoo, here is the corresponding link for DNC fact checking...?

    If it doesn't get you there it's on the front page right now. What do libs have to say in response to their candidates' blatant lies? It's only fair... did you expect them to be above reproach?

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