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  • Can sony tx10 battery can be charge while its connecting to computer?

    just bought the new cam and eager to know if it can be charge while attached to computer via USB cable

    2 AnswersCameras9 years ago
  • Is there any cheapest direct(non-stop)flight from Hongkong to Mumbai?

    I will be flying from Philippines to Hongkong & Hongkong to Mumbai. i already have multiple budget airlines to choose from to travel from Philippines to Hongkong. Now, the questions is, Is there any cheapest or budget airlines or direct flight to Mumbai from Hongkong. I had already made some research but somehow they required VISA for INDIAN national to enter in their respective country that's why I'm avoiding any booking via Singapore(Visa Required), Malaysia(Visa Required), Bangkok(Visa on arrival) as they require visa in any case eventhough if its connecting flight.

    Thats why I'm looking for promo/cheaper air fare by Kingfisher, jet airways, airindia & Cathy pacific (these are the direct flights to Mumbai from HKG). I'm thinking travelling via HKG to BOM would be the best option for me.

    If you guys have any info regarding this then kindly share with me.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    3 AnswersAir Travel9 years ago
  • Philippines to Mumbai via Bangkok, Do i need to take visa on arrival at Bangkok?

    I'm planning to book a one way ticket from Philippines to Mumbai via Bangkok. This is the route[CEBU to Manila, Manila to Bangkok by Cebu Pacific airlines, Bangkok to Mumbai by Kingfisher or Airindia] So do i need visa on arrival at Bangkok? also i am wondering can my baggage will through check-in from Philippines to Mumbai so i don't need to collect my baggage and again go through with check-in process.

    If anybody have any idea then kindly advise.

    Thanks in advance.

    2 AnswersThailand9 years ago
  • Suggest a baby girl and baby boy name with the combination of parents name?

    Kindly suggest baby girl and baby boy name with the combination of CHETAN & JUNALINE or CHETAN & JUNAI.

    Thanks in advance.

    9 AnswersBaby Names10 years ago
  • What are the procedure for Hindu baptism or Namkaran in Philippines?

    Hi folks,

    I'm an Hindu Indian currently living in CEBU Philippines and married to a filipina. My wife is pregnant and we're expecting delivery in few months. I would like to know what would be the process to give my baby a hindu name according to hindu rituals in Philippines or should i go with Christian baptism. I'm lil bit confuse here coz if i will pursue christian baptism then the baby religion will be Roman Catholic in birth certificate but i wanted the baby religion should be HINDU in birth certificate. I would like to clarify all this queries so there wont be any issue when i will apply for INDIAN passport for my baby in Indian embassy in manila.

    Please give me suggestion or idea in this matter.

    Thanks in Advance.

    4 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • Can Filipina Wife Stay In India Permanently?


    I'm a filipina currently living with my husband(Indian National) at CEBU Philippines. We are planning to come to India in 2010 & to settle in Mumbai itself. So i just would like to know what are the procedure to get an Indian visa which allows me to stay there permanently. If Indian Embassy require any document i can provide the following documents.

    1. NSO Copy of Marriage Certificate

    2. Birth Certificate

    3. Passport Copy

    4. Husband's Passport Copy

    If I will get Tourist Visa then what will be the procedure in India to apply for permanent residence VISA to stay in India.

    Also, I have following questions in my mind...

    * Do i have to marry again with my husband and register my marriage in Mumbai ?

    * On the basis of my NSO copy of marriage certificate, is there any provision which will register my marriage in marriage registrar in Mumbai?

    * What wil be the cost for VISA ?

    Please provide your valuable advice on this matter

    3 AnswersImmigration1 decade ago
  • Time Zone Differance ?

    Can anybody will give me the accurate information about the time zone difference of PST/ MST/ CST/ EST. Since i am living in Philippines. So what will be time as per these time zone, For an instance if time is 5pm in Philippines then what will be time for respective time zones.

    Thanks in advance.

    1 AnswerPhilippines1 decade ago
  • Kindly suggest best calling card or VOIP to calling india from philippines?

    hello folks,

    i have been searching for cheap good quality calling card or voip service through which i can make calls to india from philippines..Kindly provide ur valuable views.

    Thanks in Advance.

    3 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • How can i find my marriage is filed with NSO ?

    Hello folks,

    I got married to my filipina GF this month and i have done the special endorsement of marriage contract to NSO which ususally takes 2 weeks to one month. Is there any website or any Govt office from where i can find out wheather my marriage is filed with the NSO or not.

    I wanted to apply for NSO copy of marriage contract ASAP.

    Kindly provide your valuable suggestion....

    Thanks in Advance.

    2 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • How to get an International Driving License in Mumbai?


    I wanted to apply for International driving lincense as next month ill b visiting philippines for tour. Since i am already holding the driving license from andheri RTO, I wud like to know what are the requirements, Fees & Procedure to get the International license at the earilest. Also wud like to know International license will valid for how many countries.

    Thanking you..

    6 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • I am looking for SAMSUNG 120GB(SP1213C) SATA Hardisk !!?

    I am looking for SAMSUNG 120GB(SP1213C) SATA Hardisk in mumbai, If anybody have any idea from where i can get it or if anyone want to sell the hard drive of above mention model pls get in touch with me. I stay at Andheri/Mumbai/India

    Its urgent..

    1 AnswerDesktops1 decade ago
  • From where can i get the "LEGAL CAPACITY TO CONTRACT MARRIAGE" in mumbai ?

    I will be getting marry to fillipina in philippines itself, as per the govt authority i wud require to get the "Legal Capacity to contract marriage"

    Will anybody tell me from where i can get the "Legal Capacity to contract marriage" in mumbai?

    Right now i am in Mumai/India,

    Help needed urgently...

    Thank You

    3 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • How many days I can stay in philippines on Tourist Visa of 3 months?


    I am from INDIA/Mumbai, I am planning to apply for 3 months tourist visa for philippines . I wanted to know, For how many days i am eligible to stay in philippines by holding 3 months tourist visa ?

    Also i wud like to know if i want to extend the visa what is the procedure?

    8 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • Philippines Visa Convert to Employment Visa?


    As per my friend he require me to visit on tourist Visa at philippines & get passport duly stamped by the philippines then i can apply for employment visa, I have also got the Company who is ready to recruit me there but as per my friend told me AEP (Alien Employment Permit) require my passport as stamp by philippines then only i can apply for Work Visa, Which will convert to employment visa.

    Now, My question is ? Is it possible to apply for such visa?

    If NO, What are the things i have to do to acquire non-imigration Visa.

    I am from MUMBAI / INDIA

    1 AnswerPhilippines1 decade ago